Richardson Goes on Offensive Against Lamb Ethics Reform

Seems that Republican candidate Gary Richardson is going on the offensive and attacking Lt. Governor Todd Lamb’s ethics reform plan. Lamb also is running for the Republican nomination for governor.

Last week, Lamb presented a six-point plan to address fund raising during special session, sexual harassment, early resignations from office and other areas.

Richardson claims Lamb’s desire for ethics reform seems disingenuous.

“Todd Lamb has taken more than $5800 in gifts from lobbyists so far.  This is tantamount to a 400 lb. doctor telling a patient to lose weight,” Richardson said.  “Lobbyists have showered Lamb with everything from lavish dinners to Final Four basketball tickets.  It’s ironic Lamb wants to crack down on lobbyists while saying absolutely nothing about fixing the rampant corruption and mismanagement within his own Tourism Department.”

Richardson cites a recent Fox 25 series of reports concerning the issues within the Oklahoma Tourism Department. Here’s a link to the story.

“What’s worse?  The lobbyist who gives the gifts or the lawmaker who cheerfully accepts the gifts?” said Richardson. “Todd Lamb is the personification of everything wrong with State Government and the poster boy for Oklahoma’s current crisis.  As Governor, I will never accept gifts from lobbyists.  My only special interest is serving the people of Oklahoma with responsible and transparent government.”

The Lamb campaign said it will remain focused on issues important to the people of Oklahoma.

“Rather than dignify opponents who have already resorted to negative campaigns, Todd Lamb’s campaign will remain focused on improving Oklahoma.  We are the only campaign to offer detailed plans for reforming the budget process, restoring ethical behavior in government, diversifying Oklahoma’s economy and getting more revenue to the classroom.  Oklahomans are tired of political games, and we refuse to play them,” said Oklahomans for Lamb spokesperson John Cox.

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  1. Tom, 05 December, 2017

    I’m with Gary Richardson! We need someone who is not on the career politician path, like Lamb, who talks out of both sides of his mouth. I particularly like Gary’s audit proposals of government departments and agencies! That will create real transparency, not just political blather by the likes of Lamb and so many of his pals in government!


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