Russell Joins Effort to Expand Uses for D.O.D. Tuition Assistance

Congressman Steve Russell has joined a group of House Members who want to expand the uses for Department of Defense tuition assistance. They introduced the Credentialing, Educating, and Relevant Training Initiative For Your (CERTIFY) Heroes Act on Tuesday.

If passed, the legislation would allow individuals who are eligible for DOD tuition assistance and use that money for licensing, credentialing and certification programs offered by entities other than colleges and universities.

“The members of our armed forces deserve nothing short of the best, and we should provide them with the resources necessary for success once they return to civilian life. The CERTIFY Heroes Act, authored by Rep. Steve Womack, will allow active duty men and women who are unable to attend a four-year college to pursue more than 1,500 different licenses, certifications, and credentials using tuition assistance. This bill makes clear the House’s priority to not only equip our service members for their future, but also to give our nation’s workforce the best we have to offer,” said Russell.

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