Survey Shows Voter Support for Step Up Oklahoma Plan

It appears a majority of Oklahoma voters generally support the Step Up Oklahoma Plan’s tax increases. NonDoc’s William Savage III writes while support approached 70-percent, the survey did not ask about wind energy tax increases which are being considered by the Legislature, as well as elements of the Step Up Oklahoma Plan.

Read the NonDoc story here.

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  1. sky, 08 February, 2018

    Methinks there is a skunk in the chimney…What the Step Up Plan does is gloss over the fact that there will be NO incentive to right size the government and do away with corporate welfare (if there ever was an incentive). Further, this plan will feather the nests of the Step Up folks!! Can’t anyone see this???

  2. Mark Irwin, 08 February, 2018

    Hmmm….. I wander who funded the poll?

  3. keith gibson, 09 February, 2018

    No one called me…It wouldn’t have been a vote in favor.Have already written my reps to tell step up to step down.

  4. Vernon Woods, 09 February, 2018

    I can’t ‘see this’ – please explain your claims.

  5. castor, 11 February, 2018

    There are a lot of parts in Step Up, and I don’t trust this “poll” as far as I can throw the capitol dome. I notice the Step Up people have shunted the reforms to the back and moved the big tax increases front and center.

  6. Cheryl, 11 February, 2018

    I don’t think so…. not one person I talk to is for increasing taxes. And every one of them question the mismanagement and squandering of funds at 23rd & Lincoln. Some legitimately question how it is the staff of the House and Senate received raises while others are being laid off at various agencies that gave salary increases to top management. Me thinks this is a scam poll!


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