Step Up Oklahoma Plan Elements Scheduled for Monday House Vote

The first major test of the Step Up Oklahoma plan is expected Monday in the House of Representatives. House Speaker Charles McCall signaled Friday that members would consider the various revenue bills during the concurrent Special Session. Regular session began a week ago, and the two sessions have been running currently since. It has allowed budget related measures a fast track to a floor vote.

The measures which could be voted on Monday are, House Bill 1030XX; the $5,000 teacher pay raise, House Bill 1031XX; modifying tribal gaming to include ball and dice games, House Bill 1033XX; the tax increases on cigarettes, gasoline and diesel, gross production tax on oil and gas wells and a levy on wind energy, House Bill 1037XX; reestablishing the refundability of the state earned income tax credit, and other measures suggested by the Step Up Oklahoma plan.

The House is scheduled to convene at 1:30 p.m.

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