The Gadfly: Collins Has No Brain-Mouth Filter

Mike McCarville

Wallace Collins seems hell-bent to prove that his mouth is hard-wired to his brain and there’s no filter involved.

The Democratic Party Chairman’s comparison of today’s Tea Party members to the mindset of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, and vice-versa, is one of those instances that demonstrates anew the chasm between Democratic leadership thinking and mainstream Oklahoma thinking.

I’ve yet to encounter anyone who finds Collins’ comment appropriate, and that includes some sober Democrats. Most I’ve encountered found his remark offensive, unfair, hatefulĀ and disrespectful.

I’ve also been asking my Democrat friends about the obvious Democrat-Republican split in the Legislature. In case you’ve missed it, the split is this: Democrats say the state doesn’t have enough money to spend and thus, taxes shouldn’t be cut, and Republicans say let’s cut some spending and reduce taxes.

The tax cut enthusiasm on the part of some Republicans is restrained; there are those who believe “core” state spending should be preserved while we nick away at reductions in some agencies.

Since becoming chairman, Collins has parroted the national Democratic Party line, supporting President Obama’s opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline in a state where the economy is driven by the energy industry, and backing other of Obama’s not-popular-in-Oklahoma positions.

And he says the reason Oklahoma Democrats don’t support Obama is because they are racist.

Given the mindset of today’s Democratic Party leadership (as in liberal), Collins likely will remain red-state chairman so long as he wishes.

For Republicans, that’s a wish come true.

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