Frugal Congressional Delegation Saves $755,000

Congressman James Lankford kept his official office budget $252,000 below his alloted sum for 2011 and his fellow Oklahoma congressman weren’t far behind.

Reporting in today’s The Oklahoman, Chris Casteel says the five-member delegation returned almost $755,000 to the Treasury.

Even with a 5 percent cut to their office allowances for 2011, the Oklahomans  came in under budget, according to figures released recently by the clerk of the House. Lankford, R-Oklahoma  City, spent $252,000 less than he was allotted for his Oklahoma and  Washington offices, while Rep.  John Sullivan, R-Tulsa, spent $229,000 less.

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  2. Steve Dickson, 30 April, 2012

    Perhaps they could use that money to employ someone to read the legislation they are obviously NOT reading – such as CISPA – before they vote?

    I would consider that money well spent.

    If you don’t read it, vote no.
    If you don’t understand it, vote no.
    If it will remotely infringe upon our Liberty, vote no.
    If you are trading Liberty for security, find a new job.

    Any questions?


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