NBC Airs Manipulated Romney Video, Refuses Apology

Fox News

Three days after one of its highest-profile news anchors played manipulated  video that made Mitt Romney appear out of touch with everyday voters, NBC  officials seem content to let the controversy die down without an apology or  explanation.

Other than issuing a terse, one-sentence statement late Tuesday afternoon,  NBC has virtually ignored what the blogosphere dubbed “Wawagate.” The  carefully-edited segment, aired on Monday’s edition of “Andrea Mitchell  Reports,” spliced together a Romney speech, making it appear that he was  expressing genuine amazement at a convenience store’s use of technology to take  sandwich orders. In reality, he was facetiously comparing the tech-savvy private  sector to the clumsy government bureaucracy.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/06/20/nbc-ignoring-call-for-explanation-in-wawagate-gaffe/#ixzz1yQTSTrpr

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