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Conservative confusion?

State Rep. Mike Reynolds was active in the effort to oust one of his  Republican House colleagues. Although it’s almost unprecedented for a legislator  to campaign against members of his own party, Reynolds reportedly knocked doors  for the opponent of state Rep. Marian Cooksey, R-Edmond. Cooksey has voted to  cut taxes and supported anti-abortion measures, yet Reynolds, R-Oklahoma City,  and other critics claimed she wasn’t a true conservative. Hmmm. The Oklahoma  Constitution newspaper, which describes itself as being to the right of Rush  Limbaugh, found that Cooksey voted conservative 90 percent of the time during  the 2012 session. Reynolds voted that way just 73 percent of the time.  Apparently, Reynolds believes we need more lawmakers who vote like Marian  Cooksey and fewer who vote like … well, him. Voters agreed; they re-elected  Cooksey.

Budget challenge

Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Mark Costello recently went to Wisconsin to  campaign for Gov. Scott Walker in the recall election. We’re sure many Wisconsin  natives were saying, “Mark who?” More recently, Costello cut a radio ad for  Republican candidate Paul Blair, who challenged state Sen. Clark Jolley,  R-Edmond. Although Blair fell short, we bet he won’t forget Costello’s support — but Jolley might not either, and he chairs the Senate Appropriations Committee.  Maybe Jolley is a very forgiving fellow. But if not, we recommend Costello be  happy if the Department of Labor budget pays for a single chair to sit on next  year. Costello’s focus on campaigning, even in other states, is just one more  reason to make labor commissioner appointive instead of elective. In the  meantime, Costello should keep in mind the saying: If you shoot at a king, you’d  better not miss.

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