Oklahoma Poll: Mullin Headed To Victory

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Republican Markwayne Mullin appears headed to victory in the sometimes-bitter 2nd Congressional District race with Democrat Rob Wallace.

An Oklahoma Poll of 300 likely voters, conducted Oct. 25-31, gives Mullin a 12-point plurality against Wallace and independent Michael Fulks, with 18 percent undecided or declining to answer. The poll has a 5.66 percentage point margin of error.

Although the district is majority Democrat in registration, only 43 percent of Democrats surveyed said they intend to vote for Wallace, with 20 percent undecided.

“The Democrat Party I joined years ago, they’ve kicked me out with their beliefs,” said David Boyd, one of the 34 percent of Democrats who said they intend to vote for Mullin.

Boyd and his wife, Carla Boyd, who are retired and live south of Vinita, said they respect Mullin for building up his family’s plumbing business and that there are “too many giveaways and (people who) don’t have to work.”

“Every kid on the block has a picture-taking cell phone,” David Boyd said. “It’s very annoying to see the direction we’ve gone in the past few years.”

Robert Lunsford of Atoka said he has spoken to Mullin and found him to be a straight shooter.
“What I like about him  –  if asked a question, he’ll give an upfront answer,” Lunsford said.

“Our country is in mortal danger,” Lunsford said. “We need people who will stand up for values.”
Lunsford said he is most concerned about the national debt, deficit spending and “social values.”
He cited a recent survey showing church attendance at or near an all-time low and said, “I don’t know what to make of that except just a slip in the moral fabric of our country.”

Marion and Muriel Parker of Coalgate have a completely different view.

“Back when Oklahoma was absolutely dry,” Marion Parker said, “the preachers and bootleggers would get together and made sure they kept liquor illegal. Now it appears the preachers and Republicans get together, and then as soon as the election is over the Republicans forget what they told the preachers.”

Muriel Parker said she will vote for Wallace, although she resents what she says is his implication that a lot of Democrats don’t believe in God.

“I’m just as good a Christian as anybody,” she said.

“The other man (Mullin) is a typical Republican liar,” she added. “Everything he puts out … if you fact-checked it, it’s just not possible.”

Yolanda Whitworth of Tahlequah said she and her husband, Ralph Whitworth, will be voting for Wallace because of recommendations from others who know him and because of their concern about “women’s issues.”

“Too many preachers are preaching from the pulpit, and they’re trying to influence people in a compromised situation,” she said. “We wish that would stop.”

Alisha Baggs of Westville said her concern about issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage and the size of government will cause her to vote Republican, even though she disagrees with the party on environmental policy.

“I’m a pretty strict Republican,” she said.

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  1. Cris Kurtz, 02 November, 2012

    The research I did on these candidates turned up a lawyer who resigned from his “public servant” position as District Attorney. He went full-time with his ponzi scheme. Wallace cheated many people out of no less than $41,000. each.

    Mullin is a job creator. He has employed hundreds over the years. Out of that many, you are bound to run into a few bad apples.

  2. George Jones, 05 November, 2012

    Cris…..you must be out of your mind!!!!!! Ponzi scheme? Where did you pick that bunch of bull butter up at……some conservative think tank website? Yeah, Mullin created jobs……DUE TO THE FEDERAL STIMULUS THAT HE IS SO ARDENTLY AGAINST!!! Speaks one thinig, says another. He is willing to FIGHT President Obama on every thing, which leads to continued gridlock and there is just a good chance that Obama will be re-elected and then your boy Mullin is faced with either working with the man or fighting the man…..me, I’d rather put someone in there that would be able to help the working man out!!! Yeah, Wallace has made a few bad decisions, but what politico hasn’t?

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