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Reid Mullins Reports: Randy Brogdon Discusses GOP Chairman’s Race

reidmFor The McCarville Report, this is Reid Mullins reporting.

Former State Senator and former gubernatorial and senatorial candidate Randy Brogdon discusses Republican politics and today’s issues. Senator Brogdon is seeking the Chairmanship of the OK GOP. He talks with TMR about the recent GOP gains, what still needs to be done, and where he would steer the OK GOP as chairman.
He also addresses SB 233 which would change the timeline of party voting for 2016 which could move the convention until AFTER Super Tuesday, and its ramifications.

And he also talks about the seeming schism between “establishment Republicans” and Tea Party conservatives.

Social Media: What Pam Pollard Wrote On Facebook…

pollardVICTORY for the grassroots!!

Sources say the joint committee meeting of the Credentials and Rules committee has agreed that State Convention Registration will NOT be limited to online registrants only. This is a major change from the previously advertised policy sent from the State Party.

I strongly encourage everyone to register online so that the process moves much faster the morning of the convention. We have had early registration for almost 10 years now and it works well.

If you cannot register online you WILL NOW be able to register the morning of the convention without going through the laborious process of the Credentials committee hearing each case.

I am glad the Chairman listened to the grassroots about restrictions placed on the delegates under the previous rules and agreed to the change.

See you April 11 and PRE-REGISTER!!!

Reid Mullins Reports: Ginger Tinney Discusses Education Issues

reidmFor the McCarville Report, this is Reid Mullins reporting. Today, we’re speaking with Ginger Tinney, Executive Director of Professional Oklahoma Educators. There is a bill that has worked its way through the OK Legislature, HB 1749, which would halt automatic payroll deductions by state agencies for employee dues in any “public employee association or organization or professional organization that…collectively bargains on behalf of its membership.” Additionally, there is a rally planned for the capitol on Monday who oppose 1749.

Tinney talks about HB 1749, the PTA rally at the State Capitol, the Senator Kyle Loveless bill that would take a look at spending across the various school districts, and standardized testing in Oklahoma Schools.


Brogdon, Pollard Campaign In Tulsa

gop2Republican Party chairmen candidates Randy Brogdon and Pam Pollard campaigned today at a meeting of Tulsa’s 912 Project:


Murphey: A Powerful New Tool For Holding Government Accountable


Rep. Jason Murphey

A few weeks ago, in her State of the State speech, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin spent a considerable amount of time describing what I believe to be one of the most, if not the most, important ongoing government modernization initiatives.

Fallin described the performance.ok.gov website and the newly-created performance expectations for state government agencies.

You might recall my article of last week in which I described Oklahoma state government as the perfect multi-tentacled, big-government monster. You can only imagine the challenge facing an Oklahoma Governor who is charged by the people of Oklahoma with the mission of containing this monster and holding government accountable but who in all reality simply does not have the tools or authority to do so. State government is too big and unnecessarily siloed within far too many different agencies which are controlled by boards of unelected bureaucrats who have no natural incentive to be responsive to the people of Oklahoma.

The people can elect their Governor of choice but that person does not have the power to see that the peoples’ desire for efficient government is substantially reflected in any immediate way.

Performance.ok.gov provides the Governor of Oklahoma with a new and powerful tool. Using the system, the Governor and the Governor’s cabinet officers may set performance expectations for state agencies, publish those expectations for all to see, and chart the ongoing progress of state agencies in meeting or not meeting the expectations.

Additionally, the new modernization laws enable the Governor to measure the efficiency or inefficiency of very specific processes which are commonly shared amongst state agencies. Based on this measurement, the Governor has the authority to mitigate those processes which are inefficient and costly to the taxpayer. This puts real teeth into the Governor’s ability to make government more efficient.

Not only does this new system allow the Governor and the public to hold the agencies accountable, but it lets the taxpayers hold the Governor to account as well. For example, if you will navigate to performance.ok.gov you can see the expectations which the Governor has established and see whether those are expectations with which you agree.

The system is still in it’s infancy. It must become much more robust.

For example, visitors to the site should be allowed to download the raw data sets which back up the metrics. This will provide credibility to the system and allow the media, policy organizations and the taxpayers to analyze government performance. The findings of these groups will provide policy makers with insights into government performance which were never before possible.

The number of metrics must also continue to grow and at some point in the not-too-distant future should include direct feedback from the taxpayers. After all, the taxpayers are the consumers of the government service and their voice should be heard in measuring the quality of service provided.

I would suggest that if this reform is completely implemented, in connection with the ongoing agency and process consolidations, the vote of the people of Oklahoma will become much more meaningful. When Oklahomans elect the governors of the future, they will do so with the knowledge that they are electing someone who will be able to truly carry out the voters’ mandate for accountability and efficiency.

Reid Mullins Reports: Todd Lamb Discusses The Importance Of GOP Leadership, Other Issues

reidmReid Mullins Reports with Lt. Governor Todd Lamb, who has recently wrapped up a tour of all 77 counties in less than 77 days. Lamb discusses what Oklahomans are communicating back to government, including water issues.


Lamb discusses the importance of having GOP leadership in state governments making a difference in the leadership of this country via state sovereignty and the 10th Amendment. Lamb also talks about GOP advances in Oklahoma state government.

Lamb is also a former Secret Service agent and identifies with law enforcement. He  just attended a Department of Pubic Safety awards ceremony and speaks to the need for first responders in the most recent severe weather event.

He also talks about how the budget is looking.

Reid Mullins Reports: Interview With Don Spencer As OK2A Announces Support For HB1749

reidmReid Mullins Reports: OK2A, pro-gun rights organization, announced that its Board of Directors has unanimously expressed its support for HB1749, which would halt automatic payroll deductions by state agencies for employee dues in any “public employee association or organization or professional organization that…collectively bargains on behalf of its membership.”

This bill would not affect an organization’s ability to collect dues from its members, it simply removes the state from the business of supporting private organizations by handling (and using tax dollars to pay for) the collection of that private organization’s membership dues.  In the case of the Oklahoma Education Association (OEA), this politically leftist organization has made clear its stance against gun owners’ rights.  Some of OEA’s dues money is then passed up the line to the National Education Association (NEA), which calls for “strict prescriptive regulations” of handguns and a total ban on “military-style semiautomatic assault weapons” (NEA resolution I-34, p.91).  It is an improper function of government to act as bookkeeper for a private organization and even more improper to support an organization that is so clearly anti-constitutional.

Reid Mullins Reports: Weston Discusses Chairman Race

reidmReid Mullins
The McCarville Report

(Note: This is the first of three interviews with the candidates for Republican Party chairman.)

State Chair of the OK GOP, Dave Weston,  talks about GOP successes and touts new members who are “fresh blood” into the party.

He talks about the political changes in “Little Dixie” and how the Democratic Party has basically left many voters in S.E. OK.

He also talks about being competitive with Texas and Kansas vis-a-vis personal tax rates.Weston also talks about plans for the party in the near-term, and about his campaign for being reelected as chairman.

Lankford Video: Cut Red Tape!

Senator James Lankford and others want to cut the federal government’s red tape:

Hofmeister Cracks Whip; Says Teacher Coercion A No-No


Department of Education

The Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) took swift action today in response to a report that a single school district had incorrectly notified teachers they would receive professional development credit for attending an education rally at the State Capitol.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister said OSDE officials contacted the Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration, the Oklahoma State School Boards Association and the school district in question to make it clear that no teacher can be coerced to attend the March 30 rally.

“As soon as we were alerted, we contacted all appropriate parties, including the school district in question, to state plainly that attendance at the rally in no way counts as professional development,” the superintendent said. “No entity should — or is lawfully able to — pressure attendance at the education rally. It is longstanding practice that attendance at such events are strictly voluntary.”

In a March 27 letter to Hofmeister, state Attorney General Scott Pruitt wrote that his office had received inquiries about a district inaccurately telling teachers that their participation in the rally was mandated professional development.


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