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Candidates Use Facebook In Campaigns

Which candidates have the most followers on Facebook? Muskogee Politico’s Jamison Faught has the data:

Russell Beat Douglas In Her Home Town

Edmond Sun

Edmond voters added to former state Sen. Steve Russell’s resounding victory Tuesday to win the Republican nomination for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District over Corporation Commissioner Patrice Douglas.

Registered voters in Edmond cast 4,076 ballots for Russell and 2,867 votes for Douglas from the city’s 31 precincts, according to figures released by the Oklahoma State Election Board.

“I think one of the things that intrigued a lot of people is that I could not be put in a single category,” Russell said Friday.

His broad appeal to voters in general included constitutional conservatives and tea partiers as well as mainstream Republicans, veterans, gun owners, seniors and women, Russell said.

All of the grassroots campaign workers were good at persuading people in their individual neighborhoods to support his candidacy, Russell added.

“I think people underestimated that and so to the people of Edmond, I’m very grateful,” he said.

With all 273 of 5th District precincts reporting, Russell received 19,371 votes, or 59.3 percent of the vote to best Douglas, who received 13,315 votes for 40.7 percent of the vote.

Russell will face Democrat state Sen. Al McAffrey, of Oklahoma City, in the Nov. 4 statewide general election. Independent candidates Buddy Ray of Edmond, Tom Boggs of Thailand and Robert Murphey of Norman also will be on Nov. 4 ballot.

With all 273 precincts reporting, McAffrey received 10,411 votes, or 54.3 percent of the vote against Tom Guild, who received 7,959 votes, or 45.8 percent.

Both Douglas and Guild are Edmond residents. However, neither candidate won the Edmond vote. Edmond gave McAffrey 730 votes to Guild’s 688 vote count, according to state Election Board.

These figures do not include provisional ballots and will not be official until provisional ballots are certified, said Oklahoma County Election Board Secretary Doug Sanderson.

Voter turnout in Oklahoma County does not include all of the 5th District, Sanderson said. The total 5th District vote count for Democrats and Republicans was 46,890. Nineteen percent of Oklahoma County Republicans voters cast their ballots. Eleven percent of Democrats voted.

“I think it’s consistent with previous runoffs in Oklahoma County,” Sanderson said.

There are 55,968 registered voters living in the City of Edmond, according to Bryan Dean of the state Election Board. This number includes 33,930 Republicans, 14,154 Democrats and 7,884 Independents.

In the Democratic race for Superintendent of Public Instruction, John Cox of Hulbert defeated Freda Deskin of Edmond in the 5th District with 67,337 votes, or 62.9 percent against Deskin, who received 31,795 votes, or 37.1 percent of the electorate. Cox will face Tulsa Republican Joy Hofmeister in the Nov. 4 statewide elections.

However, Deskin managed to win the vote in Edmond with 740 votes to Cox’s 676 votes in the city, according to the state Election Board.

In the Democratic runoff for U.S. Senate, state Sen. Connie Johnson of Oklahoma City bested Jim Rogers of Midwest City. With all 1,956 precincts reporting, Johnson defeated Rogers with 54,728 votes, or 58 percent of ballots cast. Rogers received 39,649 votes, or 42 percent, according to the Oklahoma State Election Board.

Johnson will face Republican Congressman James Lankford as well as Independent candidate Mark Beard of Oklahoma City in the Nov. 4 statewide elections.

Edmond Democrats contributed to Johnson’s victory over Rogers with 1,117 votes for Johnson against 278 votes for Rogers.

Business woman Stephanie Bice of the Edmond area was elected state senator for District 22 Tuesday night. With all 27 precincts reporting, Bice defeated challenger Mark Thomas of Yukon. Registered voters gave Bice 2,693 votes, or 53.1 percent, against Thomas’s 2,381 votes, or 46.9 percent, according to the Oklahoma State Election Board.

Bice commanded a 699 lead in District 22’s six Edmond precincts against the 446 votes received by Thomas in Edmond.

‘Victory Tour’ Features Fallin, Inhofe, Lankford

Governor Fallin, Senator Jim Inhofe, and Republican nominee for U.S. Senate and current Congressman James Lankford have announced their “2014 Victory Tour” taking place this Tuesday, September 2.

Fallin, Inhofe and Lankford will be hosting rallies for supporters in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The events are free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.

“Oklahoma is a special place,” said Fallin. “We’re travelling across the state on Tuesday to let voters know that we are fighting to keep it special. Whether its standing up to the Obama Administration when it tries to force bad policy on our state, or working for lower taxes and reasonable regulations here at home, we’re doing everything we can to make Oklahoma the best possible place to live, work and raise a family. I’m looking forward to hitting the road with Jim and James and spreading that positive message.”

2014 Victory Tour Schedule

12:30pm –2:00pm
University of Central Oklahoma
Nigh University Center Heritage Room, 3rd Floor
100 North University Drive, Edmond, OK 73034

Conference and Banquet Center at the Mabee Center;
West Banquet Room
7777 S. Lewis Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74174

Hofmeister Criticizes Rush To Penalize Oklahoma As Premature

Republican schools superintendent nominee Joy Hofmeister today criticized the Obama Administration’s penalization of Oklahoma for its repeal of Common Core.

Here’s her statement:

“In revoking our ESEA Waiver before the current academic standards review
process could be completed by our State Board of Regents, the Obama
administration has rushed to penalize Oklahoma for the repeal of Common Core.

“This is an example of a punitive overreach by the federal government that shows
a lack of caring for our students, and I consider it an outrage to penalize
students and children simply because the Obama administration is angry that our
state has chosen to chart it’s own course on educational standards.

“This is a classic ‘Big Brother knows best’ approach.

“It is the right of a state to chart its own education standards.  I have
confidence in our State’s Board of Regents and their process to review our
academic standards.  It is unfortunate that the Obama administration has shown a
lack of willingness to work with Oklahoma children, their teachers and their

“I have full confidence in our teachers’ ability to navigate standards and focus
on student learning.  However, the redirecting of funds away from our school
classrooms to outside supplemental providers is a terrible waste of our taxpayer
dollars.   I witnessed this waste in the early years of No Child Left Behind.
Our children cannot afford to lose teachers and classroom funding due to this
required diversions of funds.  It’s wrong and our children deserve better.

“I will continue my work to fight the federal over-regulation of this failed
national initiative.  We must focus on what’s best for our students,” Hofmeister

Hickman, Nelson Criticize Federal No Child Left Behind Action As ‘Punitive’

House Media Division

Oklahoma House leaders expressed disappointment today after learning the federal government will pursue a punitive course of action following Oklahoma’s repeal of Common Core State Standards earlier this year.

Oklahoma officials received a letter today from the United States Department of Education stating they will not renew Oklahoma’s No Child Left Behind waiver. This heavy handed decision comes after the passage of House Bill 3399, a measure which repealed the untested Common Core State Standards and put in place a process to develop and adopt new, superior standards with the help of Oklahoma higher-education and CareerTech systems. The U.S. Department of Education has deemed Oklahoma’s pursuit of proven college and career-ready standards to be a failure to adhere to the NCLB waiver principles.

“We knew the federal government could opt to take some actions when we passed HB3399,” said House Speaker Jeff Hickman, R-Fairview. “None-the-less, this decision is troubling because it sets back the efforts of our local schools to continue improving by imposing on them unhelpful and unnecessary regulations. This situation makes it even more imperative that the State Board of Education move quickly to begin the process of creating and adopting new superior standards.”

In a letter to Oklahoma officials, Deborah Delisle, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education, explained the basis of their decision stating that “Oklahoma can no longer demonstrate that the state’s standards are college and career-ready standards.”

“I challenge the U.S. Dept. of Education to ‘demonstrate’ that Common Core is college and career ready in Oklahoma before they begin dictating how we run our state’s education system,” said Rep. Jason Nelson, R-Oklahoma City. “They can’t do it. Each state’s college remediation requirements are different and they have absolutely no idea if Common Core meets their own requirements.

“In the Obama administration’s determination to compel Oklahoma to stay with Common Core, they plan to impose onerous federal regulations on our education system that were unnecessary this morning but are now, amazingly, necessary this afternoon. It’s obvious that states like Oklahoma must not flinch in taking back control of our standards if we truly want standards that can be ‘demonstrated’ to be college and career ready. Unfortunately, this letter is the latest example of the slow death of federalism which is being replaced with flawed logic.”

Inhofe Dove Hunt Scheduled September 5

Oklahoma Energy Today

Oklahoma U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe’s preparing to pull out the shotgun again. Not to take aim and pepper some Democratic colleagues in the Senate but at dove in southwestern Oklahoma.

It’s time for his annual Oklahoma Dove Hunt Weekend held at the Quartz Mountain Lodge and Resort where he invites political friends and allies to shoot dove and also raise campaign money.

It’ll be held Saturday, September 5 and for those who’d like to take part in the hunt, it’ll cost a cool $1,000. PACs will have to fork over $2,500.

So what’s this have to do with energy? Plenty because Inhofe’s a senior member of the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and is also seeking re-election.


Educational Choice Champions Prevail

Candidates who have championed educational choice were winners in Tuesday’s elections:

Haralson Defeats Mike Reynolds

Rep Mike Reynolds was defeated in his bid to win a Cleveland County Commission seat.

Harold Haralson defeated Reynolds in their race for Cleveland County Commissioner 67-32 percent.

Russell Wins 5th District Runoff

Steve Russell defeated Patrice Douglas in the race for the Republican nomination for Congress in the 5th District.

Russell won 59-41 percent.


Cox Has Commanding Lead Over Deskin

John Cox has a commanding lead over Freda Deskin in the race for the Democratic nomination for schools superintendent.

With returns just starting to accumulate, Cox had 62 percent of the vote,


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