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Video: PAC Supports Dorman

Oklahoma Forward PAC is airing a cable news television commercial supporting Democrat Joe Dorman in the governor’s race:

Fallin, Dorman Continue Gathering Dollars

Governor Fallin and challenger Joe Dorman are raising lots of cash as election day nears: http://m.tulsaworld.com/news/2014_elections/fallin-dorman-ramp-up-fundraising-in-campaign-s-final-months/article_7c0e4a9d-81df-5d50-9828-245ecd8b4fde.html?mode=jqm#.VE_bSj2jr28.facebook

GOP Plans Tulsa Election Day Rally

votecountsThe top of the Oklahoma Republican ticket will be hosting a “get out the vote” rally and lunch at noon on Election Day in Tulsa.

Participating will be Governor Fallin, Senator Jim Inhofe and Senate candidate James Lankford.

The program will be emceed by Senator Rick Brinkley.

Direct questions to Alex Weintz at Alex@maryfallin.org, Rusty Appleton at rustyappleton@jiminhofe.com, or Holly Isch at Holly@jameslankford.com.
12:00 p.m.
LaFortune Park Community Center Reception Room
5202 S Hudson Ave
Tulsa, OK 74135

Free Lunch will be provided.

Cooper Seeks Shadid Council Seat

acooperJames Cooper, an Oklahoma City writer and university professor, announced that he is running for Oklahoma City’s Ward 2 City Council seat. Ed Shadid currently holds the seat.

“I love this city. It’s my home. And, I’m so proud of how —working together—the citizens and leaders have reinvented OKC and made it a great place to live and work,” Cooper said. “I’m running because I believe we have an even brighter future ahead of us.”

Cooper, who lives in the historic Paseo neighborhood, said it is time for “new leadership” for council Ward 2

“I believe Ward 2 has become disconnected from this city’s progress during Mr. Shadid’s time in office. He has created divisiveness and unnecessary conflict. I have a different approach.”

Cooper said he views the city council as an opportunity to foster partnership between citizens and government and that his priority will be to listen to constituents.

“I believe deeply in the value of public service,” Cooper said. “It is a very important job. And, I think the public servant’s first role is to listen to the concerns of citizens and then to bring people together to work toward a common goal.

“Over the coming weeks, my campaign will be listening to the concerns of the people who live, work, and play in OKC Ward 2. Then, our campaign is going to present real, common sense solutions to the challenges that confront our neighborhoods, our communities, and our city.”

Cooper said that, as a council member, his primary focus will be to achieve meaningful results for Oklahoma City residents. He said that the next Ward 2 Council member will play a critical role in helping shape the future of Oklahoma City. 

“During the next four-year city council term, citizens will go to the polls to determine the next MAPS vote as well as the city’s next general obligation bond,” Cooper said. “I will work directly with the citizens to ensure that Ward 2 is well represented in both and that our city continues to progress and improve.”

Cooper is an Oklahoma native who works as an adjunct professor of English at the University of Central Oklahoma and Oklahoma City University, where he also teaches Film Studies.

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from OU in Film Studies with a minor in Political Science, and he received his master’s degree in English at OSU.

He currently serves as President of the Oklahoma Film Critics Circle.

Hofmeister Endorsed By Garrett, Hudecki, Coppedge


Joy Hofmeister was endorsed today by three former state education officials, representing four recent Oklahoma governors. The three education leaders represent more than a century of experience as leaders in education, and have represented Democrat and Republican administrations.

The three include former Democrat State Superintendent Sandy Garrett, who was education secretary to both Governors Henry Bellmon and David Walters, Secretary Phyllis Hudecki, who served Governor Mary Fallin and former Secretary Floyd Coppedge who served Governor Frank Keating.
“I’m honored today to be endorsed by three experienced leaders who are among the most accomplished education experts in Oklahoma today. I believe their endorsement is about picking the right state superintendent to move education forward with a positive plan to accomplish our goals,” Hofmeister said.
Garrett, who was the first woman and longest serving state superintendent in Oklahoma history, served Republican Governor Henry Bellmon and then Democrat Governor David Walters. She was elected as the state superintendent in 1990 and garnered more votes than any other Democrat on the ticket.
“I’m supporting Joy Hofmeister because education should not be a partisan issue,” said Garrett. “We need a state superintendent who can successfully implement reform and advocate for education. That person is Joy Hofmeister. Joy has dedicated her life to education, and I have no question that she is passionate in her commitment. What sets her apart is that Joy Hofmeister can be effective.
“Joy will be a superintendent for teachers. I believe teachers need an advocate at this critical time in our state’s history as we are witnessing an exodus of educators from the profession.
“We also need a leader who can collaborate at the state Capitol to achieve our goals. Joy has demonstrated an ability to build coalitions, and that is desperately needed if we are to put a renewed focus on education in Oklahoma. Our next state superintendent has to be effective,” Garrett said.
Former Education Secretary Phyllis Hudecki said when Hofmeister served on the state Board of Education, “she studied the issues, gathered input from stakeholders and voted her conscience, even when she had to stand alone.
“She was fearless in doing so, but only after she collaborated with practitioners and stakeholders to understand the real impact of her vote. That is leadership. Joy’s broad scope of experience gives her an understanding of education policy, which is important as we move forward,” said Dr. Hudecki, who served as education secretary for Governor Mary Fallin.
Dr. Floyd Coppedge, education secretary for Governor Frank Keating, said, “I am supporting Joy Hofmeister because I believe she has the skills needed to get the job done. She has the professional, relational and academic experience necessary to lead the state to a standard of excellence that we can all be proud of.
“We share a vision of seeing a cooperative, working relationship between the state Department of Education and educators across the state. The State Department should be a service agency, not a monitoring agency, and I believe Joy is the candidate to achieve this goal,” said Coppedge.

Ferate Leaves Devon, Joins OIPA

capitolpeopleAnthony J. Ferate, public policy director at Devon Energy, is the new vice president of regulatory affairs for the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association.

Ferate announced his move in a posting on Facebook.

New Poll Shows Fallin +24% Over Dorman

polls1A new Battleground poll shows Governor Fallin with a 24 percent lead over Democrat Joe Dorman: http://today.yougov.com/news/2014/09/09/governor-races-headline-results/  

Cox District Repeatedly Cited For Failure To Follow Financial Reporting Regulations


The Peggs school sits near the end of a forelorn stretch of Hickory Road in Peggs, Oklahoma, population 813. Peggs Superintendent John Cox is drawing criticism for taking $141,678 in yearly salary from the Peggs district.

(Editor’s Note: This is in circulation from a site entitled The Waterloo Republic without further identity.)

Democrat John Cox repeatedly failed to remedy multiple audit reports showing his school district to be out of compliance with Oklahoma State Department of Education standards.

These findings were published in the Peggs school district’s annual audit for the 2011 fiscal year. In his citation, CPA Alan Chapman wrote that “the combined financial statements referred to above do not include the general fixed asset account group, which should be included in order to conform with accounting and financial reporting regulations prescribed or permitted by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.”

See It Yourself

Following the release of the report, the district appears to have taken limited or no action to remedy the findings as Chapman incorporated a similar citation in his audits for fiscal years 2012 and 2013.

The reporting of the general fixed asset account group accounts for the property, plant and the equipment owned by the district. Without this accounting the true financial picture becomes skewed.

Deprived of this information, Chapman did not include any accounting of the district’s capital assets such as buildings, land, furniture and equipment or construction in progress leaving local taxpayers unable to quantify the true value of the district’s holdings.

This type of citation isn’t uncommon for small districts such as Peggs some of which appear to show little inclination to come into compliance with the accounting standards.

Few doubt that Cox, who has been employed as the Superintendent of the Peggs school district, for the past 20 years, represents Oklahoma Democrats’ best chance to score a victory on next month’s general election ballot.

The disclosure of the audit findings join an array of concerns which have been raised by leading Republicans and Cox’s general election opponent Joy Hofmeister.

Hofmeister and state legislators Todd Thomsen and Lee Denney are publically questioning Cox’s salary of $141,678 per year; an amount purportedly nearly twice the state average for an administrator and especially questionable considering Peggs appears to employ just 15 faculty members.

State records show Cox receiving just $115,347 per year as recently as 2011.

Those wanting to identify and hold Peggs school board members to account for Cox’s sudden rise in pay shouldn’t attempt to use the Peggs website; the names of school board members are not posted.

State Republican Party Chairman Dave Weston has criticized Cox for the failure of the Peggs website to comply with the 2001 era state law which mandates the placement of meeting agendas and the names of school board members. On October 10th, Cox responded with the defense, “While the site is live, it is still under construction. We will work immediately to get our agendas, etc. up on the site”.

As of October 25th, the site hadn’t been updated.

Records show the current Peggs site was initially registered in 2012. The first recorded content appeared on July 1st of 2013 according to the Web archiving site, The Wayback Machine.

As State Superintendent, Cox would preside over a large Web presence with numerous transparency components including Oklahoma’s OCAS financial accounting system.

Voters will go to the polls on November 4th.

Tulsa World Endorses Fallin

The Tulsa World today endorsed Governor Fallin in her bid for a second term: http://www.tulsaworld.com/opinion/editorials/tulsa-world-editorial-endorsement-for-mary-fallin/article_bd1c3d2f-61d3-5494-9a14-b49f392352cc.html

Krehbiel: Keating, McCurdy Among Top DC Lobbyists

Randy Krehbiel reports in today’s Tulsa World that former Governor Frank Keating and former Congressman Dave McCurdy are now among Washington’s top lobbyists: http://www.tulsaworld.com/news/government/dc-report-frank-keating-dave-mccurdy-make-top-lobbyists-list/article_ec66a150-4b76-593f-80b9-6fd95e56ad11.html


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