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Lankford Responds To TV Commercial

Congressman James Lankford today responded to a television commercial from a superpac supporting his Senate opponent Rep. T. W. Shannon.

Said Lankford: “As Oklahomans get to know us more and more, and learn about our solutions to the problems we face as a nation, our poll numbers continue to climb. Now the barrage of negative attacks come late in the campaign to distort the record and try to confuse voters.  Republicans do not like distorted negative attacks on other Republicans. Today’s unfortunate shift is nothing more than a misrepresentation of facts. This type of campaigning is not the tradition of the Senator we are running to replace. The voters of Oklahoma deserve better.”




12 Senators Endorse Lankford

Twelve more state senators endorsed Congressman James Lankford today in his battle to win the Republican nomination for the Senate.

Four Tulsa-area senators previously announced their support.

Today’s endorsees and their statements:

“James Lankford is the conservative-minded individual that we need representing our Oklahoma values in Washington.  With our federal government spiraling out of control, James Lankford along with other like-minded members can help get government back to its core functions and provide future generations with the American dream they deserve.” –Senator Cliff Aldridge, District 42

“The best candidate for U.S. Senate is James Lankford. James stands out from many lawmakers because he deeply studies the issues, weighs what is in the best interest of our state and nation and follows through with solutions. Our nation needs a leader like James Lankford and our state should be proud to have him.” –Senator Patrick Anderson, District 19

“James Lankford is the candidate who will best carry on Tom Coburn’s legacy, while continuing to represent Oklahoma and do the work that so few legislators do to hold the government accountable. Oklahoma needs to elect a U.S. Senator who will continue to stand up for our personal freedoms on our own land. James Lankford is the man who is committed to this task and will show leadership and hard work to make it happen.” –Senator Larry Boggs, District 7

“James Lankford is the best candidate for U.S. Senate, bar none. Bringing effective change to our bloated federal government is not easy, but James’ conservative track record proves finding responsible solutions is possible. Courage and tenacity are what make a good leader, and those qualities are found in James Lankford. Oklahoma is in good hands with James Lankford and I am honored to support him for U.S. Senate. –Senator Corey Brooks, District 43

“I can think of no one better to fill Tom Coburn’s shoes than James Lankford. James stood strong against the agenda of the president and liberals in Washington, leading the charge to rein in spending. He has the experience and tenacity to make a real difference in the Senate and I am proud to support him.” –Senator Brian Crain, District 39

“Conservative leadership makes a difference in the United States Senate and a difference maker is James Lankford. He is the real deal, a strong conservative, principled with family values and that is why I am supporting James Lankford for the United States Senate. He is a man of integrity who we can trust to continue fighting for our Constitutional rights like he has done for the last four years. I am supporting him because I know he will continue to work for our personal freedoms and the Oklahoma way of life.  I would encourage anyone in my district or the state to get to know James personally and to vote for him on June 24.” –Senator Eddie Fields, District 10

“Our nation’s economy is unstable and the future for jobs is uncertain. We must elect James to the U.S. Senate because he works on common sense job-creating solutions, reducing burdensome regulations on business and families and get people back to work. I proud to stand with James Lankford for Senate.” –Senator John Ford, District 29

“James Lankford has proven time and again that he will protect Oklahoma values in Congress. Not only does he represent people in the metropolitan sector of his district, but he also understands and knows how to stand up for the concerns of rural Oklahoma. We need James’ integrity and hard work in the U.S. Senate to carry on the conservative principles of Senator Tom Coburn.” –Senator Ron Justice, District 23

“As a congressman, James Lankford has proven that he will stand up for Oklahoma farmers and ranchers, pushing back against unnecessary regulations that unduly burden Oklahoma families. James will fight for the rights and freedom that are so valuable to people of our district and our state so I gladly endorse him for the U.S. Senate.” –Senator Mike Schulz, District 38

“James Lankford is not a career politician. He is a minister, a father, a concerned citizen and a conservative leader who will do a tremendous job serving Oklahomans in the United States Senate. James genuinely lives by this faith, serves humbly not for his own recognition and embodies the conservative principles of local, limited government. I ask that you join me in supporting James Lankford for U.S. Senate.” –Senator Ron Sharp, District 17

“James Lankford has proven to be a statesman not a politician. He is a man of character and integrity who has been a strong leader and consistent voice for Oklahoma in Washington DC. During his time in Congress, James has continually championed Oklahoma’s conservative values and been a voice for rural Oklahoma. His strong work ethic and relentless pursuit of government accountability are exactly what this country needs.” —Senator Wayne Shaw, District 3

“In Congress, James Lankford has continued to fight for Oklahoma’s conservative values. He worked to reduce the deficit and stopped the creation of new duplicative federal programs, just to name a few accomplishments. If we join together as Oklahomans to send him to the U.S. Senate I am confident he will accomplish even greater things.” –Senator Anthony Sykes, District 24


Linda Murphy: What Will Fallin Do?

murphy2Linda Murphy

Will Governor Fallin heed the strong and clear message that has come from the people of the state of Oklahoma or will she yield to the desires and pressures of national bi-partisan power at her finger tips? Fallin is the chair of the National Governors Association and is backed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

This is the moral dilemma Governor Mary Fallin faces.  Fallin has successfully had the majority of power over K-12th grade public education transferred to her.  Through legislation she has gained control over the State School Board, now entirely appointed by her alone.  This move changes the balance of power established in our State Constitution, which gave the power to the people who elected the state officials, originally serving as members.

Fallin also has tremendous new additional power through the office of
Educational Quality and Accountability, which her Secretary of Education now oversees.  This level of power over education in the hands of one person, the Governor, did not exist until Mary Fallin came into office.

Fallin has until June 7th to sign HB 3399, which will then become law and return Oklahoma public education to true Local and State Control from the NGA-National Governors Association’s Common Core State Standards, which went into law in 2010. The statewide student testing under Common Core State Standards is controlled by the Federal Government which funded the test item development.

The State Board of Education approved a contract for Common Core aligned testing scheduled to start this fall, 2014-2015 school year.  The test vendor is Measured Progress, which works directly with PARCC, Partnership for Assessment of College and Careers, one of two federally funded testing consortia.

In December, Governor Fallin held a press conference where she signed an
Executive Order declaring that the Federal Government will have no authority over Oklahoma education but unless she signs HB 3399 and puts the law in place to STOP the Federal tests the curriculum Oklahoma students study and learn will be in the hands of the Federal Department of Education.

HB 3399 passed the Oklahoma State Legislature by a huge majority 102 legislators voting for it while only 27 voted against it. In the House of Representatives the vote was 71 to 18 in and in the Senate it was 31 to 10.  Oklahoma House Speaker Hickman’s office has reported that the Governor has until June 7th to sign the bill.

Oklahomans statewide are urging the Governor to sign HB 3399 and set our
Children FREE from the control of the Federal Government!

Linda Murphy served as Education Advisor to Governor Frank Keating and Deputy Commissioner Workforce Education and Training under Commissioner of Labor Brenda Reneau.

Holmes: Deskin ‘Will lie about anything’

Ivan Holmes continues his attacks on Freda Deskin in the race for the Democratic nomination for school superintendent with a broadside in which Holmes says Deskin is a liar.

Here is the Holmes news release:

Dr. Ivan Holmes caught Dr. Freda Deskin in another lie regarding a message she sent out seeking support from Oklahoma Veterans and their families.

In the message, Deskin states “My Dad was away fighting in World War II when I was born.”  Deskin was born in June of 1948, three years after the war ended in 1945. “As I stated before, this lady will lie about anything to get a vote or an award.  Every veteran in Oklahoma, including her own Campaign Treasurer General Jay Edwards, should admonish her for lying to Veterans for political and personal gain,” stated Holmes.

Holmes said Deskin is a habitual liar who will say or do anything for personal gain.  “Why lie about her father’s military service and the date she was born?  Why lie about being a NASA Astronaut?  Why lie about your marriage and divorce?  Why lie about your foreclosures?  Why lie about being a Superintendent or Principal when you’re not even certified?  Why lie about your education credentials? Why lie about taking contributions from ALEC members?  Why lie about being for collective bargaining for teachers and then write an article despising unions?  Why lie about hiring an employee who plead guilty to a felony?” said Holmes.

“I guess what amazes me the most is that no one in the mainstream media seems to care if she lies or cheats.  I firmly believe if the role was reversed and Dr. John Cox, Dr. Jack Herron or I lied about our background, credentials, campaign donations and expenditures, etc., our photos would be draped across the front page questioning our integrity, character and fitness for office,” Holmes said.

Holmes said enough information has been brought forward by the other candidates in this race to warrant an investigation into Deskin’s background and business dealings.  “As a retired Journalism Professor, I have never seen our profession so poorly informed about a candidate or lacking for investigative reporters.  All you have to do is follow the money,” said Holmes.  Holmes is referring to Deskin’s 501 C3 non-profit organization she formed along with Lou Kerr that received taxpayer dollars through the Centennial Commission.  “Where in America can one person sit on all Commissions, Boards and Funds that not only distribute but receive taxpayer dollars as well?  Is that not a conflict of interest?  Why does Deskin refuse to open those records on how much was received and how it was spent? 

Since Holmes’ last press conference, Deskin remains adamant not to open the records of her charter school, ASTEC, and provide a personnel report, credentials of her teachers and staff, names of virtual online students and grant monies.

Friday: ‘Shannon splits OKC leaders, bags Tulsa’

Friday’s take on the Senate race:

Will Fallin Kill Common Core?

Will Governor Fallin kill Common Core?

Fallin Inks 2% Gross Production Tax

Five weeks ago, The McCarville Report brought word that Governor Fallin and legislative leaders had agreed to a 2% gross production tax.

Today, the governor signed that agxreement into law a permanent, lowered tax rate that will continue a drilling incentive program for oil and natural gas companies operating in Oklahoma, her office said.

House Bill 2562 provides an incentive on oil and natural gas production from all new wells drilled after July 1, 2015. Under that incentive, all production from all new wells will be taxed at 2 percent for 36 months. After the first 36 months, a gross production tax rate of 7 percent applies. The initially lower rate is designed to encourage increased drilling and energy production in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce estimates that 25% of all Oklahoma jobs are supported directly or indirectly by the energy industry.

“The energy industry is the leading driver of economic growth and job creation in Oklahoma,” said Fallin. “Approximately one in four Oklahomans have a job and a salary because of our energy producers. They are part of the fabric of this state and we rely on them, not just for continued growth and prosperity, but to support everything from our charity organizations to our sports teams.”

HB 2562 will replace gross production tax incentives that are set to expire next year. Under the current program, the tax rate for horizontal wells is 1 percent for the first 48 months of production. That rate would have risen to 7 percent without the passage of HB 2562, representing a massive tax increase that would have eliminated Oklahoma jobs and driven investment out of the state.

“The new 2 percent tax rate is fair to the state and sends a clear message to energy producers worldwide: Oklahoma is the place for energy production and investment.” said Fallin. “We want to be a leader in this field not just today but for decades to come.”

“The new policy will also secure state revenue for priorities like education, while continuing to encourage drilling, investment and job creation in Oklahoma. My thanks go out to our lawmakers as well as the energy industry, who collaborated together successfully on this important piece of legislation.

Secretary of Finance, Administration and Information Technology Preston L. Doerflinger said HB 2562 was the result of successful talks between the oil and gas industry, legislative leaders and the governor.

“The compromise we reached adequately addresses the revenue issues caused by the previous policy while still supporting oil and gas producers,” Doerflinger said. “It’s a win-win result for energy producers and the state, and I’m proud that industry and government were able to collaborate and agree on a deal that serves everyone well.”

OCPA Praises Defined Contribution Plan For New State Employees

The change to a defined contribution plan for new state employees is a huge step in trying to address the state’s $11 billion in pension debt, says the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs.

Inman: ‘Disappointing session’

The leader of House Democrats, Rep. Scott Inman of Del City, says the 2014 session of the Legislature was a disappointment:

House Minority Leader Scott Inman on Tuesday said the most recent legislative session was a disappointment.

Lawmakers adjourned a week early last Friday after passing a $7.1 billion state budget.

“On the whole, we think it was a pretty disappointing session, marked by not only bad legislation, but also marked by some real ugly infighting between the governor and House Republicans,” Inman said.

Toward the end of session, Gov. Mary Fallin vetoed 15 House bills, telling lawmakers to quit wasting time and focus on big issues.

The Legislature overrode one of those vetoes and revived a number of bills in different legislation.

Inman, D-Del City, said a measure allowing new state employees to have a defined contribution system, such as a 401(k), as opposed to a defined benefit system, a traditional pension, was the worst piece of legislation passed.

He said the measure will provide less of an incentive for people to work for the state and will result in those who work for the state retiring into poverty or near poverty.

Supporters of the measure said it was necessary to make state employment more attractive to those who want a retirement system that is portable. They also said it would assist in reducing the state retirement systems’ unfunded liability.

Inman said that failure to find a funding solution to complete the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum in Oklahoma City was a disappointment. The measure was mothballed last year after lawmakers balked at additional dollars.

Inman said one of the best measures to come out of the session was a plan to increase the pay of some state workers, many of whom have not had a raise in years.

Inman said he was glad the state was moving forward with a

$120 million bond issue to fix the crumbing state Capitol, which is plagued by structural, plumbing and electrical problems.

“I think when they crack this nut open, they are going to find there are a lot more problems in the state Capitol than what they originally anticipated,” Inman said.

While Inman was disappointed in the session, Senate President Pro Tem Brian Bingman cited accomplishments, calling the session productive and challenging.

Accomplishments included a tax cut, a balanced budget, the plan to fix the Capitol and pay raises for some employees, Bingman, R-Sapulpa, said on Friday.

Gun Rights Advocate Backs Shannon

Don Spencer, Vice-President and Legislative Director of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association (OK2A)*, has endorsed T.W. Shannon for U.S. Senate.

“As a representative in the state House and then as House Speaker, T.W. Shannon has been a tireless advocate for gun ownership rights in Oklahoma,” Spencer said. “I know T.W. personally. He’s a man of principle and I know he can be counted on to fight for the rights of gun owners. When it comes to Second Amendment issues, T.W. has demonstrated on many occasions that he is willing to stand up and make the tough decisions. That’s the kind of leadership we need in Washington and I’m proud to endorse T.W. for U.S. Senate.”


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