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Video: Senate Candidates Debate In Enid

Randy Brogdon joined T. W. Shannon and James Lankford and other Senate candidates in a forum in Enid tonight:

Lankford Says Shannon Trying To Force A Runoff

Congressman James Lankford says in an email tonight that T. W. Shannon is “trying to force us into a runoff with a negative campaign backed by millions from D. C.”

He writes: “I’ll make this short. I need your help protecting Dr. Tom Coburn’s seat from the Democrats.

“Even though every public survey shows me with a lead, my opponent is trying to force us into a runoff with a negative campaign backed by millions from D.C. and out-of-state groups. A runoff will endanger our chances of keeping Dr. Tom Coburn’s seat in the U.S. Senate, and could prevent Republicans from taking the Senate and repealing Obamacare.

“I’m asking you to donate anything you can in the next 7 hours.

“We must boost the number of ads that we run to ensure Oklahoma voters aren’t tricked by out-of-state groups with D.C. morals and special interest agendas.

“I need to raise another $55,000 before MIDNIGHT.

“But, I need your help. Please consider giving $500, $250, or anything you can. Every dollar matters right now.

“You can donate from your phone or tablet here, and your computer here.

“Donating takes less than two minutes.

Your contribution and the two minutes it takes to give can save this seat.


Roll Call: Who’s On First In The 5th District?

Roll Call takes a look at the race for Congress in the 5th District:

Burpee Defends Russell; Russell Responds To Comments

Retired General Dick Burpee says he’s heard all he wants to hear about attacks on retired Army Lt. Colonel Steve Russell, and here’s the telephone message that’s going out:

“This is retired 3-star General Dick Burpee. I am calling to set the record straight on Retired Lt. Col. Steve Russell. The attacks on Russell are from a misguided young man with little experience. His blatant lies and dishonorable conduct are unfortunate during these tough times and if you’re like me, you’re tired of such political nonsense. We need real constitutional conservative leaders like Steve Russell to help solve our national problems. I hope you’ll stand with me in voting for Steve Russell on June the 24th.”

Hiett, Branan Draw Endorsements

Corporation Commission candidates Todd Hiett and Cliff Branan drew endorsements today from some state leaders.

House Speaker Jeff Hickman: Todd Hiett and I share a common bond as we both know what it is like to sit in the Speaker Chair on the floor of the Oklahoma House. What I most admire about Todd is his willingness to bring people together and focus on a common goal.  When he was Oklahoma House Speaker he ran one of the most ethically guided Speakerships in state history, and that was in the face of Republicans taking a majority after decades of control by Democrats. Todd really was the first figurehead in the “people’s house” for Republicans in the modern era and immediately he went to work pushing through the largest tax-cut in Oklahoma history.  I hope to follow admirably in his footsteps and I urge all of my fellow conservatives to support Todd Hiett for Corporation Commissioner on Tuesday, June 24th.”

The Branan for Oklahoma campaign announced the endorsements of former Corporation Commissioners Jeff Cloud and Ed Apple and multiple senators.

“As a Corporation Commissioner I tasked my staff each day to enhance, enrich, and enable the people of Oklahoma,” said former Commissioner Ed Apple.  “Cliff Branan has the judgment and experience to do just that, and I enthusiastically endorse his candidacy.”  Apple was appointed to the Corporation Commission in 1995 by Governor Frank Keating and elected to a full-term in 1996.

“I have known Cliff Branan since we attended college together,” said former Corporation Commissioner Jeff Cloud.  “I trust Cliff, he understands the issues, and nobody will work harder for Oklahomans at the Corporation Commission than Cliff Branan.  I ask my fellow Oklahomans to join me in voting for Cliff Branan June 24th.”  Cloud was first elected to the Commission in 2002, when Apple retired from the Commission.  Cloud was reelected in 2008.

Rick Brinkley (R-Owasso) represented multiple state Senators who have endorsed Branan’s candidacy, saying “Cliff Branan has demonstrated strong conservative leadership in the state Senate and has fought to ensure Oklahoma’s economic engine could continue providing jobs to the people of Oklahoma.  Cliff understands the government that governs best, governs least.

Additional Senatorial Endorsements

Sen. Greg Treat (R-Oklahoma City)

Sen. Rick Brinkley (R-Owasso)

Sen. Kyle Loveless (R-Oklahoma City)

Sen. Bryce Marlatt (R-Woodward)

Sen. Mike Schulz (R-Altus)

Sen. Frank Simpson (R-Ardmore)

Sen. Rob Standridge (R-Norman)

Sen. Anthony Sykes (R-Moore)

Sen. John Ford (R-Bartlesville)

2nd District Congressman Markwayne Mullin announced his endorsement of Todd Hiett.

“Todd Hiett is a dairy farmer who was literally thrust into politics when the government tried to take away his farm. As a businessman myself who entered politics because I was tired of all of the regulation and red-tape, I respect and admire Todd’s commitment to fighting back against government overreach. We need a strong leader like Todd on the Oklahoma Corporation Commission who has been tested and successful in numerous fights against out-of-control unelected bureaucrats, and government entities. I have relied onTodd for advice and counsel countless times and I count him as a close friend. He and Bridget are as Oklahoma strong as they come and I urge all of my fellow conservatives to support Todd Hiett for Corporation Commissioner on Tuesday, June 24th.”

The Oklahoma Farm Bureau has endorsed Hiett.

Video: Pro-Lankford Group’s New Commercial

A dark money group backing Congressman James Lankford in the Senate race today began airing a new commercial:

Video: Ted Cruz In New Shannon Commercial

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is featured in a new television commercial supporting T. W. Shannon.

Turner Family Funds SuperPac Backing Congressional Race

turnerChris Casteel The Oklahoman State Rep. Mike Turner, who has put $625,000 of his own money into his Oklahoma congressional race, is being backed by a political action committee that has received $135,000 from other Turners.

The Democracy Values Fund — a recently-established super PAC — received $125,000 from a trust held by Michele G. Turner and $10,000 from Jack E. Turner, of southwest Oklahoma City, an executive with Beckham Operating, according to a report filed with the Federal Election Commission.

An attorney for the PAC said Thursday he did not know what relation Michele Turner had, if any, to the candidate.

Democracy Values Fund reported Thursday that it has spent $121,000 — mostly for advertising — on behalf of Turner’s campaign. Turner, 27, serves in the state House and owns an interest in the family business, S.M.J. Corp. , which includes Turner Bros. Trucking, Turner Bros. Crane and Rigging and Beckham Operating. He is one of six Republicans running for the nomination to replace Rep. James Lankford, R-Oklahoma City, who is running for the U.S. Senate.

Turner’s self funding gave him the biggest campaign war chest in the race. Corporation Commissioner Patrice Douglas reported raising $559,000 through June 4. Only Douglas has been able to come close to matching the money Turner and the Democracy Values PAC have spent on advertising. The primary is June 24.

Hardball: Hofmeister Wants Federal Probe Of Barresi, Barresi Responds

Republican Joy Hofmeister today called for a federal investigation into incumbent State Superintendent Janet Barresi.

Hofmeister said today she will provide emails showing that Barresi had full knowledge of the privacy violations of Department of Education student records and refused to do anything about it until after intense pressure from state board members, the media, and legislators.

Hofmeister also charged that Barresi’s staff admits that her own campaign benefited from her use of private student records. This includes the records of special education students receiving the Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship through the State Department of Education.

Parents of special needs students recently revealed that they learned their child’s name had been made public because Barresi’s campaign reached out to them.

“Janet Barresi has repeatedly violated the privacy of Oklahoma school children. She has posted their private academic records and personal information on the State Department of Education website. There are multiple state and federal laws prohibiting this sort of behavior,” Hofmeister said.

“These are egregious failures of which Janet Barresi is desperate to conceal while she continues to use her personal fortune to smear my name,” Hofmeister said.

“Barresi’s conduct is a pattern of abuse that I witnessed during my appointment to the State Board of Education and is one of the reasons why I am compelled to run against her. Superintendent Barresi’s gross violations of state and federal privacy laws need to be fully investigated.”

Barresi responded:

“This is yet another example of Joy Hofmeister trying to use taxpayer resources for her own campaign advancement.  There is nothing new in these allegations — she has been trying to trump these issues for months.  It is not surprising that Hofmeister is making wild allegations given that she has been identified as the focus of an inquiry by Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater regarding illegal campaign activity. At the same time, previously secret e-mails show that the Hofmestier campaign illegally used school resources for fundraising efforts. I believe Oklahoma voters will see through Hofmeister’s transparent effort to divert attention from her very real legal problems, which could include criminal prosecution.
“The Department acknowledged that staff made mistakes, as will happen when 284 employees are working to implement needed education reforms, but that has been rectified and handled with transparency as Ms. Hofmeister’s own release proves.  Hofmeister claims this is why she quit the state board and is running for office. If that were true, why did she wait until five days before an election to call for the investigation?  Certainly, to now run to ask for the help of Barack Obama appointees shows her desperation and proves this is a campaign stunt with absolutely no merit.”

Shannon, Lankford Polish Selling Points In ‘Debate’


Randy Krehbiel
Tulsa World

U.S. Senate candidates T.W. Shannon and James Lankford sharpened their selling points — and their bullet points — for a nearly statewide audience Wednesday night during a head-to-head debate televised in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

The two leading candidates to succeed U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn did their best to polish the images they have projected over the past six months.

Shannon hammered away at what he portrayed as a weak-kneed Congress that is unable to control spending or a president run amok.

“There are differences between Rep. Lankford and I,” said Shannon. “That particularly pertains to the most important issue facing our country, and that’s the debt.

“We continue to have politicians in Congress — Republican and Democrat — who continue to increase our debt,” said Shannon, by implication including Lankford, Oklahoma’s 5th District Congressman. “It has to stop.”

Lankford continued to present himself as the more experienced and savvy of the two. He said his 3½ years in the House of Representatives, all of it as a member of the Budget Committee, has taught him that balancing the budget is not as easy as some people think.

“This is a difficult, complicated issue,” Lankford said. “It requires real thought. It requires the ability to take a long look and say, ‘How do we work ourselves out of this hole? Take it a step at a time, but actually do something that works.’ “

For those who have followed the campaigns, the debate — which originated at Griffin Communications Media Center in Tulsa and was broadcast by KOTV, Channel 6 and KWTV, Channel 9 in Oklahoma City — revealed little new about Lankford and Shannon.

Shannon, finishing his fourth term in the Oklahoma House of Representatives representing a Lawton district, played up his experience as speaker during the 2013 session.

He repeated his call for repealing the federal minimum wage, eliminating or phasing out most federal medical care programs, and doing away with the Environmental Protection Agency and all federal involvement in education.

He and Lankford both seemed vaguely amenable to the idea of doing away with most federal employment laws, in fact.

Attacks, while indirect, were sometimes quite pointed.

“Ultimately,” Shannon said, “the greatest (internal) threat are politicians who continue to go to Washington and vote for more debt and vote for more spending.”

With him as speaker, Shannon said the state had balanced its budget and Congress should do the same.

Lankford, after hearing substantially the same thing several times, said, “Every — every — speaker of the (Oklahoma) House has balanced the state budget. It’s constitutionally required.”

Five other candidates are in the GOP primary, but Lankford and Shannon seem to be far clear of the field heading into Tuesday’s primary.


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