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Fallin Faces Tough Political Decision

Governor Fallin faces a tough decision that’s likely to haunt her no matter which way she goes:

Doak Draws More Endorsements

Insurance Commissioner John Doak added to a list of campaign supporters with the addition of endorsements from three Oklahoma conservative and insurance related groups.

The Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee (led by long time conservative activist Charlie Meadows), the Sooner Republican Assembly, and the Independent Agents Association of Oklahoma have all voted to endorse Doak’s reelection.

“I am humbled to receive these endorsements,” Doak said.  “The Sooner Republican Assembly is based in Moore, a community we’ve had a long term commitment to assisting since the May 2013 tornado.  The members of OCPAC and Charlie Meadows have been great resources and allies in the fight for conservative values, not just for me but all Oklahoma elected officials for years.  And the Independent Agents are the backbone of our industry throughout the state.”

Tulsa World Endorses Hofmeister

Tulsa World

It’s time for a new Oklahoma Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Janet Barresi, a dentist and the founder of an Oklahoma City charter school, was elected to office on a reform platform in 2010.

We don’t disagree that there are things in Oklahoma’s public school system in need of change. The state needs more rigorous standards, greater accountability, better funding and better results.

But from Day 1 Barresi’s efforts have been the leadership of divisiveness, not the leadership of reform, and the result has been much conflict and few results.

Consistently, she has chosen confrontation over cooperation. She has feuded with teachers, school board members, superintendents, legislators, reporters and anyone who would question her.

Any new public official can be forgiven some missteps, but Barresi’s record is one of repeated errors and an unwillingness to accept responsibility.

The out-of-state testing firm she endorsed to run Oklahoma’s high-stakes testing botched the job last year. Barresi negotiated a settlement, and recommended staying with the firm, which botched the program again this year.

When school superintendents and scholars questioned the validity of her plans for an A-F grading system for schools and districts, she pronounced the experts anti-reform and bulled ahead. The resulting grades created high anxiety, but little useable information for parents.

Earlier this year in what smelled like electioneering, Barresi called for giving every teacher a $2,000 raise, but she wanted to pay for it with an ill-considered plan that experienced education finance experts said would put districts at financial risk and reflected a lack of understanding of basic school finance. It was the sort of thing that school administrators could have explained to her, if she had been willing to listen.

When conservative legislators said Barresi’s third-grade reading mandate was too punitive and took authority away from parents and local school officials, she resisted revision. In a sign that Barresi has lost the confidence of her own party’s leadership, the Legislature overwhelmingly approved the change anyway, which Barresi pronounced “pathetic.”

We could cite other examples, but we prefer to look forward at this point.

We don’t oppose conservative, high-expectation, reformist change for the state education agenda. Indeed, we think that’s precisely what the state desperately needs.

But that reform must lead to results, not just furor. The problem here isn’t philosophy, it’s leadership. Janet Barresi isn’t the right leader for Oklahoma’s public school system.

Not surprisingly, several candidates have stepped forward to oppose Barresi. The best alternative in the Republican primary is Tulsan Joy Hofmeister.

Hofmeister is a parent, a former public school teacher and a businesswoman.

She and her husband have four children who attended Jenks schools from kindergarten through graduation.

She is a career educator. She runs a small business and is trained in international curricula for math and reading. She sonn will complete work on her master’s degree in education policy and law.

But Hofmeister’s most important qualification is in her personality, not her resume.

She is a team-builder. She treats friends and critics with respect and will listen to the input of parents, teachers, administrators, legislators and community leaders — even those to disagree with her.

In short, she is a problem-solver, not a problem-maker. The contrast is obvious.

Janet Barresi has had her chance. She should be shown the door. In the June 24 primary, we hope Republican voters will resolve the issue for the state and nominate Joy Hofmeister.

Senate Candidates File FEC Documents

U. S. Senate candidates have filed the required financial disclosure documents with the Federal Election Commission:

Four Retired Generals Endorse Russell


Steve Russell announced today the endorsements of four retired military generals in his campaign for the Republican nomination for Congress in the 5th District.

Russell is a retired Army lieutenant colonel and former state senator.

Lt. General Richard “Dick” Burpee (former Tinker Air Force Base Commander), Lt. General William Boykin (former commander of the U.S. Army’s elite Delta Force, now with Family Research Council), Major General William P. Bowden (former commander of Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center) and Maj. General Jay Edwards (former commander of the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center) endorsed Russell.

Lt. Gen. Burpee says, “I support Lt. Col. Steve Russell (ret) because I know that he is a tested leader who has been steeled in battle. It takes a proven leader to achieve an objective despite having conflicting forces around you. Our nation is in peril, I believe that Steve has the courage to stand up for our district and be a voice of authority in Washington.”

Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin adds,”It is my great honor to endorse LTC (R) Steve Russell for the US House of Representatives representing the Oklahoma 5th Congressional District. First and foremost, Steve is a warrior who has served his nation honorably for over twenty-one years in the uniform of a US Army Infantry officer. His combat record is distinguished, having led the troops in combat operations in Iraq, including the operation to capture Saddam Hussein. He has also served in the Oklahoma legislature where his leadership has been exemplary. Steve is a true conservative who is rock solid on national security, fiscal constraint/smaller government, and social issues. He is a man of strong faith who is open about his commitment to supporting religious freedom in America. He will serve the nation with honor and will represent the values and interest of the people of Oklahoma.”

Report: Alexander Flashed DA Badge When Arrested

Political consultant Chad Alexander, former chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party, flashed a Cleveland County District Attorney badge when he was arrested recently in Oklahoma City:

Watts Endorses Shannon; Lankford Responds

Former Congressman J. C. Watts today endorsed T. W. Shannon in his bid to win the Republican nomination for the Senate.

The two have long-standing ties. Shannon once worked for Watts.

“I have known T.W. Shannon since he was in college and I sensed right
away he was a young man of character and integrity, with great potential,” said Watts.

“Working closely with him for a number of years, I got to know his
heart, his family, and saw firsthand the kind of values that are rare in young people these days. Like me, his values are grounded in his faith and I have personally witnessed his values in action.

He follows his heart, not the crowd. T.W. is a voice, not an echo. I
couldn’t be more proud of the man he is today, I couldn’t be more proud of the family man that he is and I couldn’t be more excited about his leadership. T.W. is a transformational leader and will fight to give our kids and grandkids an exceptional America, not just an average one.

“We never thought we would see the day that our country would be in
such terrible shape. We are over $17 trillion in debt, we haven’t had a balanced budget in nearly 15 years and the spending is out of control. The institution of marriage is under attack, the right to life is not respected and our most basic freedoms are in jeopardy. We are living in a world of shifting sands and T.W. has a firm foundation to guide us. I know T.W Shannon is the right man to do that and I am proud to support him to be our next U.S.

Shannon said the support of Watts means more to him than words can express.

“I simply cannot put into words how honored I am that J.C. would place
his trust in me to represent him and our fellow Oklahomans in the U.S. Senate,” said Shannon. “J.C. is a national conservative leader with a record of great accomplishment, but even more than that, he is a longtime friend and mentor. We have celebrated great victories together, prayed together and confided in each other when we needed a friend to listen. He is the kind of man I strive to be and he is the kind of leader I hope to be if elected to the U.S. Senate.”

Congressman James Lankford issued this statement following the Watts announcement: “Republican primary endorsements are always difficult for any individual who has served for a long time in Oklahoma politics and who personally knows the candidates.  The Republican field for United States Senate has put a common friend in a difficult position.

“In 2010, I was honored to be endorsed by J.C. Watts in my race for U.S. Congress based on our common ministry background and our passion to see things get done in Washington.  Rep Shannon got his start in politics on J.C. Watts’ staff over a decade ago, later serving on Rep. Tom Cole’s staff, then in the Oklahoma House of Representatives for eight years. I was grateful that J.C. Watts personally informed me of his intentions and reasons for his decision in advance.

“Today I received the support of 12 more State Senators from across Oklahoma, bringing the total number of State Senate endorsements to 16. Having earned their trust to represent Oklahoma in the United States Senate is truly an honor.”

Brogdon Has Hope

Russell Mills
KRMG 740AM Tulsa

Six Republicans will appear on the ballot in June, running to replace retiring US Senator Tom Coburn, but polls and media coverage would lead one to believe only two of them have a realistic chance to win: James Lankford and T.W. Shannon.

[Hear the entire interview HERE]

[Smartphone or tablet users can download the mp3 HERE]

But there’s a third man in the race who hopes to become the dark horse in the race, pulling off what he admits would be a major upset.

Randy Brogdon, a former State Senator from Owasso, is running a grassroots campaign on a shoestring budget.

He says his message resonates with a lot of people in Oklahoma.

“My message sells like hotcakes, the message of liberty, and restoration of our founding principles. People gravitate to that very quickly, and that’s a lot better message than  Shannon saying ‘support me and I’ll protect the corporate welfare programs,’” he told KRMG.

He admits he’s a political outsider, and actually relishes the role.

“I despise politics. I’m a policy guy. I don’t like to hang out with the politicians, I don’t like most of them. I am a grassroots guy,” he said.

He says his goal if he wins is simply stated: “Get government off of our back and out of the way, and the let the marketplace answer these questions.”

He says he’s been shut out of events, for example televised debates, because his poll numbers aren’t high enough.

He argues that his supporters aren’t the type who generally respond to pollsters, and points out that his poll number when he ran for governor (2010) were around 14 percent, but when the ballots were counted, he got nearly 40 percent.

Brogdon hopes that same invisible support network turns out for him in the June 24 primary.

He also hopes those silent backers get more active as election day nears.

“I need people to get actively involved in this campaign,” he said. “There’s four weeks to the primary, that’s a lifetime in politics — but it’s 15 minutes away.”

Lankford Responds To TV Commercial

Congressman James Lankford today responded to a television commercial from a superpac supporting his Senate opponent Rep. T. W. Shannon.

Said Lankford: “As Oklahomans get to know us more and more, and learn about our solutions to the problems we face as a nation, our poll numbers continue to climb. Now the barrage of negative attacks come late in the campaign to distort the record and try to confuse voters.  Republicans do not like distorted negative attacks on other Republicans. Today’s unfortunate shift is nothing more than a misrepresentation of facts. This type of campaigning is not the tradition of the Senator we are running to replace. The voters of Oklahoma deserve better.”




12 Senators Endorse Lankford

Twelve more state senators endorsed Congressman James Lankford today in his battle to win the Republican nomination for the Senate.

Four Tulsa-area senators previously announced their support.

Today’s endorsees and their statements:

“James Lankford is the conservative-minded individual that we need representing our Oklahoma values in Washington.  With our federal government spiraling out of control, James Lankford along with other like-minded members can help get government back to its core functions and provide future generations with the American dream they deserve.” –Senator Cliff Aldridge, District 42

“The best candidate for U.S. Senate is James Lankford. James stands out from many lawmakers because he deeply studies the issues, weighs what is in the best interest of our state and nation and follows through with solutions. Our nation needs a leader like James Lankford and our state should be proud to have him.” –Senator Patrick Anderson, District 19

“James Lankford is the candidate who will best carry on Tom Coburn’s legacy, while continuing to represent Oklahoma and do the work that so few legislators do to hold the government accountable. Oklahoma needs to elect a U.S. Senator who will continue to stand up for our personal freedoms on our own land. James Lankford is the man who is committed to this task and will show leadership and hard work to make it happen.” –Senator Larry Boggs, District 7

“James Lankford is the best candidate for U.S. Senate, bar none. Bringing effective change to our bloated federal government is not easy, but James’ conservative track record proves finding responsible solutions is possible. Courage and tenacity are what make a good leader, and those qualities are found in James Lankford. Oklahoma is in good hands with James Lankford and I am honored to support him for U.S. Senate. –Senator Corey Brooks, District 43

“I can think of no one better to fill Tom Coburn’s shoes than James Lankford. James stood strong against the agenda of the president and liberals in Washington, leading the charge to rein in spending. He has the experience and tenacity to make a real difference in the Senate and I am proud to support him.” –Senator Brian Crain, District 39

“Conservative leadership makes a difference in the United States Senate and a difference maker is James Lankford. He is the real deal, a strong conservative, principled with family values and that is why I am supporting James Lankford for the United States Senate. He is a man of integrity who we can trust to continue fighting for our Constitutional rights like he has done for the last four years. I am supporting him because I know he will continue to work for our personal freedoms and the Oklahoma way of life.  I would encourage anyone in my district or the state to get to know James personally and to vote for him on June 24.” –Senator Eddie Fields, District 10

“Our nation’s economy is unstable and the future for jobs is uncertain. We must elect James to the U.S. Senate because he works on common sense job-creating solutions, reducing burdensome regulations on business and families and get people back to work. I proud to stand with James Lankford for Senate.” –Senator John Ford, District 29

“James Lankford has proven time and again that he will protect Oklahoma values in Congress. Not only does he represent people in the metropolitan sector of his district, but he also understands and knows how to stand up for the concerns of rural Oklahoma. We need James’ integrity and hard work in the U.S. Senate to carry on the conservative principles of Senator Tom Coburn.” –Senator Ron Justice, District 23

“As a congressman, James Lankford has proven that he will stand up for Oklahoma farmers and ranchers, pushing back against unnecessary regulations that unduly burden Oklahoma families. James will fight for the rights and freedom that are so valuable to people of our district and our state so I gladly endorse him for the U.S. Senate.” –Senator Mike Schulz, District 38

“James Lankford is not a career politician. He is a minister, a father, a concerned citizen and a conservative leader who will do a tremendous job serving Oklahomans in the United States Senate. James genuinely lives by this faith, serves humbly not for his own recognition and embodies the conservative principles of local, limited government. I ask that you join me in supporting James Lankford for U.S. Senate.” –Senator Ron Sharp, District 17

“James Lankford has proven to be a statesman not a politician. He is a man of character and integrity who has been a strong leader and consistent voice for Oklahoma in Washington DC. During his time in Congress, James has continually championed Oklahoma’s conservative values and been a voice for rural Oklahoma. His strong work ethic and relentless pursuit of government accountability are exactly what this country needs.” —Senator Wayne Shaw, District 3

“In Congress, James Lankford has continued to fight for Oklahoma’s conservative values. He worked to reduce the deficit and stopped the creation of new duplicative federal programs, just to name a few accomplishments. If we join together as Oklahomans to send him to the U.S. Senate I am confident he will accomplish even greater things.” –Senator Anthony Sykes, District 24



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