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Gaddie To ABC: Coburn’s ‘Close as you can get’ To Endorsement Helped Lankford

Here’s ABC News with its post-election report:


Gaddie notes to ABC:
Coburn’s “close-as-you-can-get”

McCarville: As The Dust Settles


Mike McCarville

The votes have been counted; Primary Election 2014 is history and the dust is settling.

As usual, voters supplied the surprises, handing Congressman James Lankford an impressive, easy win over six others, including former House Speaker T. W Shannon, and pulling the rug from under Schools Superintendent Janet Barresi, who finished third in her three-way race.

While lots of national attention focused on the Lankford-Shannon race, most of the local chatter focused on the Joy Hofmeister victory in the schools superintendent race, and Barresi’s crash. Most had expected a runoff between Hofmeister and Barresi, but few anticipated a clear Hofmeister win and only a few asked if Barresi could possibly finish third behind Hofmeister and Brian Kelly, who didn’t wage much of a campaign.

In that race, and in the Lankford race, there are those who will search for answers: What happened, and why?

In Barresi’s case, it appears a series of decisions, Common Core, A-F, and her own personality conspired to bring her down. Her management style seemed to offend many, but her defenders race to point out she’s simply an aggressive manager who doesn’t suffer fools gladly and believes in her own agenda.

In Lankford’s case, there’s no question the outspoken defense of him by outgoing Senator Tom Coburn over negative commercials was a huge help, especially in northeastern Oklahoma and the Tulsa area.

While Coburn said that he wouldn’t  endorse in the Senate primary, he made it clear he would comment on negative advertisements and he did so. He did it twice, once for each candidate. But the tone wasn’t exactly the same, and it was his first comments, on behalf of Lankford, that drew the most attention. Some say Coburn did more than endorse Lankford with his comments. He leveled a blistering attack against the groups supporting Shannon while praising Lankford as one of the “most honest, thoughtful and sincere men I have met in my time in Washington.” By association, some believe, Shannon took a hit as did the superpac backing him.

As surprising as Lankford’s clear, substantial victory was, former Senator Randy Brogdon’s dismal finish was not. Many speculated Brogdon’s heart wasn’t in it and his lackluster campaign showed it. His failure to show even a modicum of competiveness in the race reflects also on those identified as Tea Party supporters in Oklahoma. They frequented social media sites, insisting the polls were wrong and the media was against Brogdon and he’d finish much stronger than indicated. A few even speculated he’d run a close second, not be relegated to a footnote as he is.

In the 5th District race, former Senator Steve Russell and Corporation Commissioner Patrice Douglas now face each other in a runoff. Russell finished first with Douglas following by about 1,100 votes.

Former House Speaker Todd Hiett won the Corporation Commission race, besting Cliff Branan by about 4.5 percent.

The congressional races, aside from the 5th District, were non-contests with the incumbents winning easily. In the 4th District, Congressman Tom Cole trounced a Tea Party favorite and controversial GOP county chair Anna Flatt, 84.4 to 15.5 percent.

Governor Fallin and Insurance Commissioner John Doak danced to easy victories, blitzing opponents as if they weren’t even there.

GOP turnout was about 264,700, topping the 249,000 total in the 2010 primary turnout; Democrat turnout was pathetic given the party’s previous dominance of Oklahoma politics.








All Election Results Here

Results of all elections can be found by following this link:

Hofmeister Ousts Barresi With Clear Victory

Schools Superintendent Janet Barresi was ousted in today’s voting by challenger Joy Hofmeister, who ran over Barresi and a third candidate to secure the win.

Barresi actually ran third in the three-way race.

1,638 of 1,956 Precincts Reporting
JOY HOFMEISTER ✓ 57.2% 114,689
BRIAN S. KELLY 22.29% 44,703

Russell, Douglas Head To Runoff

Steve Russell and Patrice Douglas now enter a runoff for the Republican nomination for Congress in the 5th District. Here are the final, unofficial, results:

273 of 273 Precincts Reporting
STEVE RUSSELL 26.57% 14,597
PATRICE DOUGLAS 24.47% 13,440
CLARK JOLLEY 16.79% 9,226
MIKE TURNER 14.12% 7,757
SHANE DAVID JETT 12.78% 7,019
HARVEY SPARKS 5.27% 2,895

Lankford Rolls To Primary Victory


Congressman James Lankford rolled to an outright primary victory today over popular Rep. T. W. Shannon and five other candidates.

Lankford’s win is historic; he’s the first Oklahoma City Senate candidate to win the GOP nomination.

With votes still being counted, Lankford has an insurmountable lead; it is so large The Associated Press has declared him the winner.

1,477 of 1,956 Precincts Reporting
JAMES LANKFORD 56.1% 102,869
T. W. SHANNON 35.55% 65,189
RANDY BROGDON 4.49% 8,235
KEVIN CROW 1.19% 2,185
ANDY CRAIG 1.01% 1,853
ERIC C. McCRAY 0.94% 1,718
JASON WEGER 0.72% 1,329


Early vote returns indicate Congressman James Lankford could win today’s U. S. Senate primary outright. He is leading Rep. T. W. Shannon.

If Shannon is to rally his vote total, it will have to come soon; he is running out of numbers to close the gap. He has gained only about 1 percent in the last 60,000 votes counted.

Track the vote totals here:

1,323 of 1,956 Precincts Reporting
JAMES LANKFORD 56.08% 90,754
T. W. SHANNON 35.5% 57,451
RANDY BROGDON 4.43% 7,170
KEVIN CROW 1.25% 2,016
ANDY CRAIG 1.04% 1,678
ERIC C. McCRAY 0.95% 1,539
JASON WEGER 0.75% 1,210
1,126 of 1,956 Precincts Reporting
JAMES LANKFORD 55.17% 72,671
T. W. SHANNON 36.17% 47,638
RANDY BROGDON 4.53% 5,970
KEVIN CROW 1.29% 1,698
ANDY CRAIG 1.06% 1,392
ERIC C. McCRAY 0.98% 1,292
JASON WEGER 0.8% 1,050
633 of 1956 Precincts Reporting
JAMES LANKFORD 55.31% 42094
T. W. SHANNON 35.72% 27186
RANDY BROGDON 4.67% 3555
KEVIN CROW 1.31% 999
ANDY CRAIG 1.14% 871
ERIC C. McCRAY 0.97% 740
JASON WEGER 0.88% 666


68 of 1956 Precincts Reporting
JAMES LANKFORD 57.62% 12713
T. W. SHANNON 33.17% 7318
RANDY BROGDON 4.83% 1065
ANDY CRAIG 1.28% 282
KEVIN CROW 1.28% 282
ERIC C. McCRAY 0.92% 202
JASON WEGER 0.91% 201

Douglas Leads Russell In 5th District

14 of 273 Precincts Reporting
STEVE RUSSELL 24.81% 1410
MIKE TURNER 15.85% 901
CLARK JOLLEY 15.82% 899

Hofmeister Leads School Super Race; Barresi 3rd

210 of 1956 Precincts Reporting
JOY HOFMEISTER 55.12% 17292
BRIAN S. KELLY 22.95% 7199

Video: Inhofe Kicks Off General Election Campaign

Senate Jim Inhofe wasted no time kicking off his general election campaign. Today, he began airing this television commercial:


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