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Pulido Endorses Russell

russellpolidoSteve Russell was endorsed today by fellow combat veteran Major Ed Pulido.

Russell, retired Army lieutenant colonel and former state senator, faces a primary runoff with Corporation Commissioner Patrice Douglas.

Pulido is a combat veteran amputee who serves with several veterans causes including Folds Of Honor Foundation and is the founder of Warriors For Freedom.  He has been awarded with the Bronze Star with Valor, Purple Heart, Meritorious Service Medal, and Joint Service Commendation & Achievement Medals.

“I’ve known Steve Russell for years. He is a man of great character, will, and integrity,” says Pulido.  “When our country needed him, his family sacrificed at home while he sacrificed for our freedom.  He led his troops in combat from the front, earning the unwavering loyalty of his troops.  When our state needed him, Steve Russell answered the call, faithfully serving a full term in the State Senate, passing major reforms, and earning legislative awards as a constitutional conservative.”

Fallin Releases Contested Emails

Governor Fallin today made public 100 pages of emails she previously had refused to release:

Star Parker Featured By GOP Women

The Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women through their Oklahoma’s First Ladies Program is hosting a special dinner,  ”An Evening of Inspiration” with guest Star Parker  on Friday, August 15th, 2014, 7:30 pm at the historic Skirvin Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City.
Star Parker was a single mother living on welfare with 2 small children. She realized the government was providing her food, clothing and shelter and after hearing from conservative leaders and some members of her church she worked hard to make a new life for herself and her children.
She is the founder of C.U.R.E, Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education, a non-profit which focuses on building awareness that a conservative agenda of faith, freedom, and personal responsibility is of the greatest marginal benefit to low-income Americans. C.U.R.E works in the media, in poor communities, and on Capitol Hill to promote social policy that protects unborn life; and market-based public policy that transitions poor Americans from government dependency to economic independence.
Tickets for this dinner are $75/person and table sponsorships are available which will provide scholarships to conservative minorities that would otherwise not be able to attend an event of this quality.
Confirmed special guests include Governor Mary Fallin, Congressman James Lankford, Congressman Jim Bridenstine, State Auditor Gary Jones, Corp. Commissioner Dana Murphy, Sec Veterans Affairs Rita Aragon as well as many State Senators and State Representatives.

To make a reservation visit our website to download the registration form and mail to the PO Box below or email Anita DeToy,,  You can pay online by visiting our event page on

Click on the link below to pay online

Tea Party ‘Blame Game’ Follows Losses

With losing candidates, the Tea Party is preoccupied with the “blame game,” it is being reported:

Democrats Say Women Ignored

Randy Krehbiel
Tulsa World

Call it feminism. Call it women’s rights.

Call it what you will. It doesn’t get much attention in Oklahoma politics.

From health care to reproductive services to financial well-being, Oklahoma women are being ignored, a panel at Friday’s Tulsa County Democratic Party monthly luncheon agreed.

“To women under 30, I want to say, ‘Run as fast as you can,’ ” said state Rep. Jeannie McDaniel, D-Tulsa. “Of course, I don’t do that.”

Several questions to the four panelists concerned abortion rights, but all four said the issues are broader than that.

“It’s not just about choice,” said Tamya Cox of Planned Parenthood. “It’s not just about abortion rights. We have seen a threat on birth control. We have seen a threat on emergency contraception. We have seen a threat on entities that never, ever provide abortions but do provide reproductive health services.”

“It’s about control of women or women’s rights,” said McDaniel.

And not just our reproductive rights … but our rights in general.

“Women’s health in Oklahoma is getting worse. Overall, longevity for women in Oklahoma has gone down. We are at rock-bottom of the 50 states on women’s health issues,” she said.

Income is more often a problem for women, which in turn can be linked to poor health and domestic violence.

“If a woman feels like she has no opportunity outside of that (abusive) relationship, she’s going to keep coming back,” said Kim Schutz of the Tulsa Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

The state government’s resistance to the federal Affordable Care Act also has implications for many women, Cox said.

“Because of the ACA, we have so many women who come into the clinic for basic health services that we never would have otherwise,” she said.

Only 20 of Oklahoma’s 149 legislators are women, which is one of the lowest percentages in the nation.

McDaniel, who first ran for office 10 years ago after retiring from the city of Tulsa, said it is difficult to find women with the time and resources to make a commitment to the Legislature.

“I just think a lot of women are working,” she said. “They have jobs and families. They can’t take 12 years (the maximum years of legislative service allowed with term limits) out of their lives.”

Legislative service requires a flexible schedule and a certain amount of financial freedom. One of the few women in the Legislature with children at home, Rep. Skye McNiel, R-Bristow, decided not to seek re-election this year in part because of the strain of being a mother and a lawmaker.

Men, it seems, hardly ever have that problem.

“I don’t think women are highly regarded in this state,” McDaniel said. “I used to not think that, but I’ve had to change my mind.”

Engle Endorses Douglas

Endorsements continue to fly in the 5th District Republican runoff. Today’s came on behalf of Corporation Commissioner Patrice Douglas, who was endorsed by conservative activist Richard Engle.

Engle is President of BellWest America, co-founder of the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee and Past President of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies.

“I have determined that Patrice Douglas is the best choice for Congress in the 5th District,” Richard Engle said. “And, after careful examination I have observed that Commissioner Douglas is best suited to this office because she has a well-rounded level of experience accompanied by a well-developed conservative ideology on the issues.  The 5th District needs a conservative Congress member who is able to apply our ideals to the issues of greatest import to this District, that person is Patrice Douglas.”

“We simply must have someone who can take the lead in opposing federal overreach on environmental issues, who will advance issues vital to the energy industry that our economy depends on, who can lead on the repeal of Dodd/Frank as well as Obamacare, and can effectively advocate on all the issues vital to the creation and continuation of small business.”

Turner Endorses Douglas

Former 5th  District congressional candidate Mike Turner today endorsed Corporation Commission Patrice Douglas in her primary runoff with Steve Russell.

In a letter to his constituents, the State House member said he is “dedicated to protecting Oklahoma families and small business owners from Obama’s intrusive regulations and executive orders. That is why I am supporting the true conservative in this race, Conservative Republican Patrice Douglas. Patrice has the necessary background to fight for what’s best for Oklahoma’s 5th District. As mayor of Edmond, she fought against the Obama administrations intrusive regulations, kept taxes low and always balanced the budget. As Corporation Commissioner, she fought the Obama administration’s EPA mandates that hurt the booming energy business in Oklahoma and worked to stop millions of dollars worth of fraud and abuse in the Obama phone program.”

Suspicion Confirmed…

Is there a secret group of liberal journalists working in concert to promote the Obama agenda?

Why Coburn Is So Popular…

The Oklahoman

WATCHING Sen. Tom Coburn interact during a town hall meeting this week, it was easy to understand why he’s so well liked in Oklahoma. And he offered a template for what a good politician should be.

Coburn’s town hall Monday night at Oklahoma City Community College started on time. Attendees weren’t made to wait 10 or 15 minutes or longer for things to get under way, which is so common with politicians. The program was advertised to begin at 6. It did.

Coburn was direct. There were no prepared remarks, only a few opening comments, including an explanation for why he’s leaving the Senate with two years remaining on his second term. “It really didn’t have anything to do with my health,” said Coburn, who is fighting prostate cancer. “I think I can have a greater influence outside the Senate than I can inside.”

He had a sense of humor. One man who mentioned his own health issue during his question told Coburn he hoped that 25 years from now, the two could still be talking politics. “I don’t. I hope I’m on the other side,” Coburn said. “Don’t you hurt already?”

Regarding pensions for elected officials, he said his pension will be about $28,000 per year. “And my life expectancy isn’t all that great, so it’s a good deal (for taxpayers),” he said.

One man, in introducing his question, said he doesn’t always agree with Coburn, R-Muskogee. “Neither does my wife,” Coburn replied. “I’ve got a mother-in-law who’s never voted for me.”

Coburn answered the questions asked of him. He didn’t do any two-stepping. A few examples:

“I don’t believe marijuana should be legalized for anything. … People in Oklahoma who really want marijuana legalized, Colorado is open. Go there.”

What about the U.S. House of Representatives suing President Obama? “I think it’s absolutely appropriate.”

What about the government’s ability to collect metadata? “We’ve had all this talk about how terrible the NSA is. The NSA has kept us free. … I’m glad we have an NSA and a CIA. Have they made mistakes? Yes. Have they been intentional? In most cases, no. Are your rights 99.999 percent protected? Yes.”

Social Security and Medicare? “We have to do reform, and the reform principle is ‘everybody shares’ (in the sacrifice). … I think it’s cowardice that Congress won’t fix it.”

How to manage $17.5 trillion of national debt and $122 trillion in unfunded liabilities? “I think you can talk and say ‘sacrifice is what’s needed if we’re going to get out of this.’ How is it we’re not addressing that right now?”

Coburn also said the media have overblown just how gridlocked things are in Washington. He gets along well with Democrats in the Senate, he said (Coburn and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, polar opposites ideologically, recently teamed up on a bill), and suggested most members agree on about 95 percent of what they want to see happen. “It’s the 5 percent we get hung up on that causes us to divide.”

But there’s also this problem. “The one thing you said,” Coburn told a questioner, “is what is completely lacking in Washington, and that’s common sense.”

It’s hard not to like that sort of candor. Oklahomans should enjoy it while they can.

Gary Jones Endorses Russell

Auditor & Inspector Gary Jones today endorsed Steve Russell in his bid to win the Republican runoff for Congress in the 5th District.

“Col. Steve Russell is the proven principled conservative leader we need in Washington fighting for our Oklahoma families,” says Gary Jones.  “Steve is committed to solving the tough problems facing our nation, like securing our borders and getting control of our national debt. Steve’s knowledge of the Constitution, foreign policy, and his proven leadership skills are desperately needed in these uncertain times.”

Steve Russell considers the endorsement to be a great honor

“Gary Jones is the gold standard for responsible government,” said Russell.  “We have worked together since I first set foot in politics.  He encouraged me to run for office and I will always admire his resolve to fight for fiscal transparency and accountability.  Gary Jones and I see eye-to-eye on the importance of eliminating fraud and waste in government.”

“The future of our kids and grandkids is in the hands of our national leaders,” Jones continued.  “Steve Russell has served our country with honor on the battlefield and in the Oklahoma State Senate.  Steve will make us proud serving Oklahomans in the United States Congress.”

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