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Audit: Sandy Garrett Maintained Office ‘Slush Fund,’ Refuses To Cooperate With Auditor, Tells KTOK Allegations Are ‘Totally Untrue’

KTOK is first out with the story: www.ktok.com.

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Damon Gardenhire, communications director for the State Deptartment of Education, issued the following statement after the release of the investigative report by State Auditor Gary Jones, which found that past agency employees over a period of ten years had operated unauthorized accounts that appeared to have been slush funds:

 “We are troubled and concerned by the State Auditor’s findings about past practices under the previous administration. These things can’t be condoned or tolerated. Last year, we brought our concerns about irregular travel claims by an employee to the State Auditor, which ultimately led to the findings in today’s report. While the issues raised by the State Auditor in today’s report are not within our purview, we urge the appropriate authorities to take action to address any possible wrongdoing from past years.”
Late this afternoon, Garrett told KTOK’s Calvin Wright that the allegations in the audit are “totally untrue.”
She said the interpretation of the account is “a complete misunderstanding.”
She said former Attorney General Drew Edmondson had examined the fund and found it legal.

Romney’s Leading, But….

There Is A Difference….

Pinnell: Oklahoma Democrats Still Don’t Like Obama

Oklahoma Republican Party

The Oklahoma Democratic Party yesterday reminded Oklahoma Democrats to go vote for President Obama. Unfortunately for them, many didn’t take that advice.

President Barack Obama’s victory Tuesday in Oklahoma’s Democratic primary was far less decisive than typical for an incumbent president, losing fifteen counties and costing him an unanimous re-nomination.

“These results prove that even Democrats are dissatisfied with the job President Obama has done,” said Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman Matt Pinnell. “From bailouts, to suffocating regulations and debt, to his Keystone Pipeline decision, this President has failed and it’s time we make a change this November.”

Four other candidates combined for 44 percent of the Democrat vote, including anti-abortion candidate and Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry who received 18 percent of the vote.

Obama lost all 77 counties in Oklahoma in 2008. John McCain’s 65.64% share of the Oklahoma vote was the highest in the nation.
“We were ahead of the curve in 2008, and once again in 2012, Oklahoma is right again: it’s time to make Barack Obama a one term President,” concluded Pinnell.

Oklahoma Among Ron Paul’s Weakest States

Ron Paul, the congressman from neighboring Texas whose Oklahoma coordinator claimed would win the state’s Republican presidential primary, finds Oklahoma today one of his weakest states.

Paul didn’t carry a single county and got only 9.6 percent of the vote in Oklahoma.

Veteran Oklahoma politics-watcher Pat McGuigan, writing for his CapitolBeatOK, said, “Rep. Paul had 26,686 votes, only 9,65 percent of the statewide Republican vote and well out of the running for delegates. In the campaign’s closing weeks, controversy dogged his state organizer, Al Gerhart, whose attacks on other Republicans and on presumed alllies infuriated many of Rep. Paul’s best-known supporters, including several elected officials.”

Only Georgia (4 percent), Ohio (9.3) and Tennessee (9 percent) were worst than Oklahoma among the 10 states with Super Tuesday votes for the Paul campaign.

Paul had respectable percentages in Alaska (24), Vermont (26) and Idaho (18). He placed second in Virginia with 40.5 percent; only he and Romney were on the ballot there.

In a future story, The McCarville Report will examine the Paul campaign and what happened to it in Oklahoma, a state in which he should have been a top finisher and where his strategy, tactics, organization and ground-game plan failed.

All In: The Oklahoma Primary Vote

BARACK OBAMA 64,257 57.07%
JIM ROGERS 15,536 13.80%
BOB ELY 5,320 4.72%
RANDALL TERRY 20,291 18.02%
Total 112,59


RON PAUL 27,508 9.64%
RICK PERRY 1,289 0.45%
RICK SANTORUM 96,536 33.82%
MITT ROMNEY 79,916 28.00%
NEWT GINGRICH 78,463 27.49%
JON HUNTSMAN 746 0.26%
Total 285,407



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