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GOP Continues To Close Voter Registration Gap

Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax says Democrats continue with the most registered voters, but Republicans are closing the gap.

Historically with an overwhelming advantage, Democrats now face what has been electoral reality for years: Republicans have the momentum.

Oklahoma Voter Registration Statistics avs of June 1, 2012:

Party                          6/1/2012

=======                    =======

Democrat                   942,987          46.45%

Republican                851,759          41.96%

Americans Elect                   6          0.00%

Independent              235,321           11.59%

TOTAL                       2,030,073

Notes about the updated voter registration statistics:

  • Oklahoma’s Primary Election is Tuesday, June 26, 2012.
  • The latest voter registration statistics from the Oklahoma State Election Board reflect a continuing trend that has seen a steady growth in the percentage of Oklahoma voters who are registered Republicans and Independents.
  • The total number of registered voters in Oklahoma has increased by more than 29,000 since January 15, 2012. As of June 1,2012, there are 2,030,073 registered voters in Oklahoma.
  • Democrats continue to be Oklahoma’s largest political party, with 942,987 registered voters, or 46.45% of all voters. That’s a net decrease of 296  voters since January 15, 2012.
  • Registered Republicans now number 851,759 registered voters, or 41.96% of registered voters, a net increase of 23,502 since January 15, 2012.
  • Oklahoma’s newest political party – Americans Elect – led a successful petition drive and was recognized as a political party in March. Americans Elect party now has 6 registered voters.
  • The number of Oklahomans registering as Independent, or no party, is now 235,321, or 11.59% of all registered voters. That is a net increase of 6,251 since January.



Historical voter registration statistics:


  • Thirty years ago, in 1982, Democrats made up 71.4% of registered voters in Oklahoma compared to 26.4% for Republicans and 2.2% for Independents.


  • Ten years ago, in 2002, 53.7% of registered voters were Democrats, compared to 36.3% for Republicans and 10% for Independents.


  • On January 15 of this year, Democrats were 47.1% of voters, Republicans were 41.4% and Independents were 11.5%.



Liberty Movement Turns On Rand Paul?

Business Insider

Senator Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mitt Romney appears to have seriously damaged his credibility  within the Liberty Movement — at  least among its most hardcore activists. The virulent backlash  indicates that the endorsement could have harmful political ramifications  for the Kentucky senator, raising doubts about his ability to unite  his father’s grassroots army with more mainstream elements of the Republican  Party base.

“I think Rand Paul believed he could build from his father’s base,” said Brian  Doherty, a journalist who has been covering the Ron Paul Revolution  since the late 1990s. “But I think he has probably found in the last 24  hours that this might prove more difficult than he expected.”

But Doherty told Business  Insider that he was not completely surprised that Paul opted to endorse  Romney. Unlike his father, Paul  has frequently shown a willingness to work with the GOP Establishment, and  has previously indicated that he planned on getting behind whoever his party  picked as the nominee.

“There are a lot of Ron Paul people who like to think of  themselves as a ragtag rebel army,” Doherty said. “But Rand Paul is clearly  positioning himself to play the part of the loyal opposition in the Republican  Party. Emphasis on loyal.”

What was surprising about the endorsement, Doherty said, was  its timing.

Although Ron  Paul has admitted he is no chance of winning the GOP nomination, he is still  technically running for president and announced earlier this week that he  expects to have 200 bound delegates at the Republican National Convention  this summer. Moreover, his campaign is still encouraging supporters to try to  get elected  as national delegates at state and local party conventions.

“It seems like a gratuitous kick in the face to his  father’s most ardent supporters,” Doherty said, adding that the  endorsement seems to indicate that “Rand Paul might have less  respect for the grassroots movement than he ought to.”

It’s possible, however, that Rand Paul knew he was going to piss  off his father’s die-hard fans — he just didn’t care.

“There’s a lot more to the movement than the hard-core  fanatics,” Doherty said. “There are a lot of people who  voted for Ron Paul [in the primaries] who are not writing angry things about  Rand Paul on the Internet today.”

And Rand Paul’s comments during his endorsement Thursday suggest  that he was at least aware of the people he was betraying:

“My dad has a legion of young followers who are on the  Internet, and they think they rule the Internet,” Paul  told Fox News host Sean Hannity. “Maybe they do and maybe they  don’t.”

Hindsight may show that these remarks underscored some serious  political hubris. Rand Paul’s political clout depends, in part, on his ability  to rally these grassroots Internet activists, and get them to make noise and  moneybombs.

Even if he has decided that he can give up on the most hard-core  fanatics, his support for Romney threatens to hurt his credibility within the broader  Liberty Movement, particularly among those who see Romney’s hawkish foreign  policy positions — and Bush-era national security advisors — as  anathema to the movement’s principles.

Still, Rand Paul’s endorsement does have some obvious political  benefits, at least in the short-term. Already, the endorsement has raised the  Kentucky Senator’s national media profile, and sparked speculation about a  possible VP nod. At Friday’s Conservative Political Action Conference in  Chicago, Sen. Paul came in fourth place in the vice presidential straw poll with  8% of the vote, coming in one point behind House Budget Chair Paul Ryan.

When asked about a possible V.P. run yesterday, Sen.  Paul told CNN “it would be a great honor to be  considered.”

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/ron-paul-fans-angry-over-rand-paul-mitt-romney-endorsement-2012-6#ixzz1xT1VM36h


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