October, 2012

In Storm’s Aftermath, What About Election Day?

The after-effects of the storm, which is being called a once-in-a-lifetime event, are unknown. Most of the East Coast, including swing states like… 0

Gallup: Romney Charges Ahead, 52-45%, In Exit Polling

John Nolte Breibart Very early on, before this campaign started in earnest, live or die, I publicly cast my lot with Gallup and… 0

Jones Finds Fault With ODE Event

Auditor & Inspector Gary Jones finds fault with how an Oklahoma Department of Education event was conducted.

Cole: Benghazi Attackers Were Known Early

Congressman Tom Cole As information continues to emerge about the September 11 terrorist attack in Libya, evidence has grown stronger that the Obama… 0

Media As Obama Watchdog? Forget It

The media as watchdog? When it comes to asking President Obama tough questions, forget it.

So Much For Civility…

Madonna touts Obama during New Orleans concert, draws boos and walk-outs.

One End Doesn’t Measure Up…The Other Does

Why Romney Will Win…

Every pollster worth his salt knows that if an undecided voter hasn’t opted for Obama yet, after all these years, this voter will… 1

The Gadfly: The Lamestream Media’s Steady Decline

Mike McCarville It is of some consequence that the lamestream media has increased its selective reporting as Election Day nears. The media’s infatuation… 1

Mullin Fundraising Outpaces Wallace

Businessman Markwayne Mullin outraised his Democratic opponent, Rob Wallace, two-to-one during the most recent FEC reporting¬† period, with a total of $160,030, in… 0

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