December, 2012

Happy New Year!

Plain Talk From ‘Dr. No’

Senator Tom Coburn says raising taxes just means government gets to spend more.

Armed Off-duty Cop Stops Theater Shooter

Miles Zimmerman Dead At 63

Miles Zimmerman, longtime attorney and former district attorney in Pottawatomie and Lincoln Counties, has died at age 63. Zimmerman was an OSBI agent… 0

How’s Gun Control Working For You, Chicago?

Fox News Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy says the city has logged its  500th homicide of the year. McCarthy issued a statement Friday… 0

Miller: Tax-exempt Bonds At Risk In ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Debate

Treasurer’s Office In addition to higher federal taxes, Oklahomans face another threat to their pocketbooks from the fiscal cliff, State Treasurer Ken Miller… 0

Anthony Takes 5th Oath Of Office, Has Longevity Record

Corporation Commissioner Bob Anthony’s fifth consecutive six year term will begin January 14 and he’s shown here with his family after being sworn in… 0

Coffee Talk: Hypocrite David Gregory In Hot Water

^NBC’s David Gregory’s liberal shoes are melting. He’s in hot water because he displayed a 30-round rifle magazine on television. It is against… 3

Utah Offers Gun Training To Teachers

Fox News Classroom teachers could stop school shootings by carrying concealed weapons,  say gun-rights advocates who plan to offer the required training Thursday… 0

Gun Purchase Approval Times Soar In Colorado

Denver Media A spike in requests for background checks on firearms buyers in Colorado has  overwhelmed the system that businesses use to track… 1

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