December, 2013

The Facts About E-cigarettes And Big Pharma

Kaye Beach does a masterful job in this scholarly dissertation, which should be required reading…especially in Governor Fallin’s office:

Out With The Old…

Nevada County, Church Battle Over Troop Support Sign

NEVADA COUNTY (CBS13) – A church is in a clash with Nevada County after being told to take down a sign with an… 0

Bizarre Reasons For E-cig Ban

Mike McCarville Documents attempting to explain Governor Fallin’s executive order banning e-cigarettes on state property contain bizarre reasons for the ban. OPINION First,… 6

Prater Praises Shannon For Reform Action

Staff Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater is praising Speaker of the House T.W. Shannon today for working to end last-minute deal-making at… 0

Stuart Earnest Dead At 74

Stuart Earnest Sr., a three-term United States Marshal who later served as an Oklahoma County Commissioner, died Saturday in Oklahoma City, County Commissioner… 2

Editorial: Fallin Attorney ‘Is off base’

Editorial Tulsa World The governor’s general counsel is off base in his claims this week that low pay, understaffing and mandatory overtime at… 0

Tulsa Mayor’s Race: Taylor Spent $4.2 Million

Staff Total spending in the Tulsa mayor’s race exceeded $6 million,  nearly twice the previous record, according to final reports filed with the… 0

Murphey: The Defeat Of The Special Interests

Rep. Jason Murphey Throughout the past few weeks I have described the successful passage of Senate Bill 630 to stop governments such as… 3

2013 Left Over…

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