September, 2014

State Ranked 11th Most Corrupt

A stufy finds Oklahoma is the 11th most corrupt state in the nation:

Animal Rights Group Targets Inhofe Pigeon Shoot

Tulsa World The head of an animal rights group has asked for an investigation and charges following a fundraiser earlier this month for… 2

Fallin Comments On Obamacare Ruling

Governor’s Office Governor Fallin today released the following statement regarding U.S. District Judge Ronald White’s ruling in favor of a 2012 lawsuit filed by the… 0

Who Is Printing Fake Barresi Signs?

Lots of Republicans are asking today about yard signs with Schools Superintendent Janet Barresi’s name and photo. The signs have been popping up,… 0

Pruitt Hails Obamacare/IRS Ruling

Attorney General Scott Pruitt hailed the state’s victory in its lawsuit challenging the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. In September 2012, Oklahoma… 0

Mark Costello: School Choice Is Beneficial

Labor Commissioner Mark Costello says school choice is beneficial and he explains why that’s important to him, and to parents:

Voter Turnout? Trend Is Disturbing

Despite a larger population, Oklahoma voter registration roles are not keeping pace, number show:

Inhofe Wants Military Protection From Ebola Virus

Roll Call reports that Senator Jim Inhofe is holding up anti-Ebola legislation until the Obama Administration includes protection for those in the military:… 1

Murphey: The Improved Pardon & Parole System

Rep. Jason Murphey (Earlier) I wrote about the national recognition provided to one of Oklahoma’s successful information technology projects. It’s important to note… 0

Politico: Politicians Shift Away From Tax Cut Talk

There’s a shift in this year’s election talk:

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