November, 2014

Editorials: Lauding Policy Institute, Noting Benefit Of Hard Work

Editorials The Oklahoman THE Oklahoma Policy Institute does a marvelous job gathering and analyzing information. Its crunching of numbers on state finances is… 0

Cornett, Tulsan Wed

Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett and Tulsa television sales executive Terri Walker married Wednesday in Tulsa. The city’s new first lady, who met… 0

A Political Thanksgiving

Give thanks for moderate voices and civil discourse.

The New York Times: Irresponsible, Shoddy, Shameful

The New York Times has endangered the life of a police officer and his wife. The Times published this: “Officer Wilson and [blank]… 1

Murphey: For What It Is Worth

Rep. Jason Murphey It’s at this time of year when the House of Representatives benefits from the inclusion of the new members: collectively… 0

OKC Taxpayers Paid Millions To Retirees

Oklahoma City taxpayers have paid millions of dollars to retiring municipal employees:

ODOT Employees Send Offensive Emails On State Time

Arthur Kane | Oklahoma Department of Transportation employees are supposed to keep the roads safe and clear, but some also used state… 0

George Will To Speak At State Chamber Event

The State Chamber of Oklahoma hosts its annual Public Affairs Forum featuring a keynote address by Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist George Will on… 1

Bingman, Hickman Hail Waiver Reinstatement

Senate President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman said Monday that the reinstatement of Oklahoma’s No Child Left Behind waiver ensures the state’s education reform… 1

Lamb Elected Chairman Of GOP Lieutenant Governors Association

Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb was named Chairman to the Republican Lieutenant Governors Association (RLGA) executive committee. Lieutenant Lamb will be succeeding Tate Reeves,… 0

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