January, 2016

Inhofe In Iowa For Rubio

Senator Jim Inhofe is in the state of his birth, Iowa, to campaign for Marco Rubio. http://m.newsok.com/inhofe-heading-to-his-first-home-state-to-help-rubio/article/5475942  

Opinion: Trump Beats Clinton

M. Scott Mahaskey on Politico: Of all the dumb things that have been said about Trump by people who were too slow to… 0

Social Media: Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Needs Public Support

Norma Sapp on Facebook: Since this is Liberty Oklahoma…time to work on something close to home. Senator Loveless’ bill to reform civil asset… 0

‘The Establishment’ As The Universal Enemy

It’s heard a lot: “The Establishment.” What is it? Why do ultra-right Democrats and Republicans trot it out to demean candidates and officials… 0

Opinion: Civil Asset Forfeiture Must Go

By Tom Giovanetti Special to the Star-Telegram Should a criminal be able to keep a car used to traffic drugs or the profits… 0

Voter Registration Deadline Approaches

As Oklahoma‚Äôs Presidential Preferential Primary approaches, the time to register to vote is running out. Voters have until Friday, February 5 to be… 0

Inman Proposes Pro-Family Legislation

House Minority Leader Scott Inman has introduced three measures to help promote family in Oklahoma. House Bills 2897, 2900, and 2895 are the… 0

Bingman Appoints OU Economist to Incentive Evaluation Commission

Senate President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman makes an appointment to the Incentive Evaluation Commission, an entity he helped to create last year. Bingman… 0

Gaddie Featured On The Verdict

Political scientist, author and commentator Keith Gaddie is Sunday’s guest on The Verdict. The show airs on Cox Channels 3 and 703 in… 0

State Board of Education Lifts Restrictions on Funding, Approves New Academic Standards

The State Board of Education relaxed some restrictions on funds allotted to four specific programs giving local district a little more financial flexibility… 0

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