January, 2016

Renegar Joins Small District Administrators Calling to End School Consolidation Efforts

By Jason Doyle Oden Rep. Brian Renegar is joined by several small school district administrators pushing back against calls for school consolidation. Renegar… 7

OPEA Encourages Lawmakers to Get Creative for State Employees

The Oklahoma Public Employees Association is asking the Legislature to get creative with the next state budget and keep state employees from feeling… 0

Lankford Calls for Social Security Disability Insurance Reform

Senator James Lankford is calling for a long term fix to the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. Lankford and Senator Joe Manchin… 0

Matthews Looks to ‘Clarify’ Stand Your Ground Law

Senator Kevin Matthews is looking to include new restrictions use of deadly force under the state’s Stand Your Ground law. The Tulsa Democrat… 2

Social Media: Terry Neese On Facebook…

Businesswoman Terry Neese is shown in Des Moines for the Republican debate. She’s a member of Carly Fiorino’s national campaign.

Emergency Fund To Help Earthquake Research

Governor Fallin announced today she has approved the use of nearly $1.4 million from the state emergency fund to bolster the efforts of… 0

Fallin To Propose Teacher Pay Hike

Governor Fallin will propose an increase in teacher pay in her State-of-the-State address, it is reported. http://www.news9.com/story/31082988/fallin-previews-details-of-her-state-of-the-state-address  

Law Enforcement Takes Civil Asset Forfeiture Battle To Legislature

By Jason Doyle Oden The Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police and the Oklahoma Sheriff’s Association are lobbying lawmakers to oppose Senator Kyle… 1

Tulsa Lawmaker Calls for ‘Flashers’ in School Zones

If a Tulsa lawmaker gets his way, every time a driver enters a school zone, he or she will need to turn on… 0

Fallin Entertains Former Governors, Wives

Those taking part in Tuesday evening’s dinner at the Governor’s Mansion pose for a picture. Back row, from left, former Governors George Nigh… 0

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