March, 2016

Liz McNeill’s Under The Dome

On today’s Under the Dome Rep. Charles McCall will address tax credits and incentives, and Rep. Dennis Casey will address the budget.

Forbes: Civil Asset Forfeiture ‘Derailed’ By Sykes

Forbes Magazine has its take on the status of civil asset forfeiture reform in Oklahoma.

OCPA’s Capitol Conversations

Trent England discusses legislation with the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs staff.

OPEA Calls For Increased Action by Lawmakers

The Oklahoma Public Employees Association is calling on lawmakers to open up the appropriations process and to begin taking steps now to blunt… 0

SoonerCare Cuts Bring Criticism and Financial Concerns

The Oklahoma Healthcare Authority announced it would be cutting SoonerCare (the state’s Medicaid program) provider rates by a quarter starting on June 1,… 0

Pollard Explains Convention Delegate Process

Oklahoma Republican Party In anticipation of the Republican Party’s National Convention to be held in Cleveland, Ohio, in July, the Oklahoma Republican Party… 0

Education Officials Begin Putting Education Standards in Place

By Jason Doyle Oden Monday was the deadline for the Legislature to put its stamp of approval on the new Oklahoma Education Standards… 0

Video: Hickman Chides Senate Over Education Standards Resolution

Today was the final day the Legislature could make changes to the new Oklahoma Education Standards which take the place of Common Core… 0

Liz McNeill’s Under The Dome

Liz McNeill covers House Speaker Jeff Hickman’s news conference.

New Man-Made Earthquake Map Adds to State Efforts to Reduce Seismic Activity

  Compiled by Jason Doyle Oden For the first time the United States Geological Survey has released a map of man-made earthquakes showing… 0

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