July, 2016

OCPAC Lists Favored, Unfavored

From John Michener, President of the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee (OCPAC): On July 13 members of OCPAC debated and then voted on… 0

There’s A Hot Runoff In Edmond

A Republican runoff in a Senate district is gathering attention. http://newsok.com/close-gop-primary-vote-has-heated-up-runoff-in-edmond/article/5511808

HD85 Runoff Will Select GOP Nominee

A runoff will select the House District 85 Republican nominee as the GOP seeks to reclaim the seat lost to a Democrat two… 0

Poll: Trump Leads Clinton Here, But…

A new poll shows Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton in Oklahoma, but it’s not all good news for The Donald. http://newsok.com/trump-leads-in-state-poll-finds-but-neither-candidate-is-popular/article/5511779

OCPAC Honors Loveless

The Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee (OCPAC) has honored Senator Kyle Loveless for his relentless pursuit of reform of the state’s civil asset… 0

Barrington Endorses Kidd in Primary for Senate District 31

Outgoing Senator Don Barrington is throwing his support behind Chris Kidd in the Republican runoff for Senate District 31. “Chris Kidd is a… 0

Mike Cantrell: The Death Of Civility

By Mike Cantrell In The Journal Record The election vitriol has become so intense that a high percentage of voters will either not… 1

Biggs Honored by Sheriff’s Association

For the first time, a member of the Legislature has been given the Oklahoma Sheriff’s Association Presidents Award. Rep. Scott Biggs received the… 0

Lankford Helps Lead Effort to Recognize 60th Anniversary of National Motto

Senator James Lankford helped to lead the recognition of the 60th Anniversary for adoption of the National Motto, “In God We Trust.” President… 0

Cole Raises Alarm Over Zika Funding

Congressman Tom Cole is raising the alarm as four diagnosed cases of Zika in Florida were caused by domestic mosquitoes. He’s also pushing… 0

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