October, 2017

Budget Deal Fails, Tempers Flare

The House took up the GOP budget plan Wednesday, and it failed to get the 74 votes needed for passage. Republicans and Democrats… 0

Ethics Commission Set to Hold Hearing on “Cooling Off” Period Rule

The Oklahoma Ethics Commission will hold an informal hearing on its proposed “cooling off” period amendment which would restrict elected officials and state… 0

Video: Russell Discusses Niger

As the U.S. military investigates the killing of four soldiers in Niger, Congressman Steve Russell was asked about the attack by BBC News. You… 0

Inman Steps Away from Governor’s Campaign, Plans to Resign Legislature

House Minority Leader Scott Inman is quitting his run at becoming governor of Oklahoma and plans to resign from the Legislature soon. This… 1

Lankford Supports FISA Reauthorization

U.S. Senator James Lankford joined the majority of Senate Intelligence Committee members in supporting the reauthorization of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence… 0

Hern Signs Term Limit Amendment Pledge

First Congressional District candidate Kevin Hern has signed the Term Limits Amendment pledge. The pledge supports term limits for all members of Congress…. 1

Huge Crowd Rallies at Capitol for Health Care Funding

As lawmakers began to consider a GOP budget fix plan, Oklahomans crowded the Capitol on Tuesday. The Red Dirt Report’s Heide Brandes writes… 1

Budget Agreement Heads to House Floor

The GOP budget agreement passed House and Senate Joint Appropriations and Budget Committees on Tuesday with a House floor vote scheduled for Wednesday…. 0

OK Supreme Court Rules Convenience Stores Could Be Liable If Selling Beer to Intoxicated Customers

The same rule of law that applies to a bartender serving an intoxicated person, also applies to convenience store clerks selling beer to… 0

OK Supreme Court Throws Out Electric Car Tax

Republican gubernatorial candidate Gary Richardson challenged the Legislature’s decision to place a fee on electric car and hybrid cars in Oklahoma. The Tulsa… 2

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