November, 2017

Cole: North Korea Belongs on the List

By Congressman Tom Cole In late 1987, a Korean Air flight traveling from Seoul, South Korea to Baghdad, Iraq, was bombed by North… 0

Lankford Issues Federal Fumbles Report

U.S. Senator James Lankford issued his third volume of Federal Fumbles which provides an overview of federal spending on waste and inefficient programs…. 1

A Call for Whistleblowers

Three House members want state employees to let them know of any waste, fraud or abuse within state agencies. State Representatives Kevin Calvey,… 4

Rosino Takes Oath

Paul Rosino has made it official and has taken his oath of office for Senate District 45. He took the oath just before the… 0

McCall Forms Committee to Investigate Health Dept. Mismanagement

House Speaker Charles McCall intends to find out what went wrong with the Oklahoma Department of Health. He has assembled an investigation committee… 2

Inhofe Praises Trump for Action Against North Korea

President Trump’s action Monday to put North Korea on the list of state sponsors of terrorism gained approval from U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe…. 0

Deering to Retire as Executive Director of Department of Veterans Affairs

Governor Fallin Monday announced that retired Maj. Gen. Myles Deering is retiring as executive director of the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs, effective… 0

OCPA: The Mission Creep

By OCPA President Jonathan Small “In good times, I do think that it’s true that government is subject to ‘mission creep,’” my old… 0

Schulz Claims Surprise Over Fallin’s Budget Veto

Senate President Pro Tem Mike Schulz was surprised when he learned of Governor Fallin’s veto of the “cash and cuts” budget on Friday…. 3

Ownbey Not Running for Re-election

Rep. Pat Ownbey won’t be running for re-election for the House District 48 seat next year. The legislator made the announcement on his… 0

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