Prater Praises Shannon For Reform Action


Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater is praising Speaker of the House T.W. Shannon today for working to end last-minute deal-making at the Capitol.

Prater led the investigation and convictions of former Rep. Randy Terrill and Senator Debbie Leftwich on complaints of bribery at the Capitol. The
convictions involved Terrill offering Leftwich a job in exchange for her
agreement to not file for re-election.

The Democrat prosecutor today on Facebook took note of the reforms enacted after Shannon, a Republican, took over last year following the scandal.

“The legislative reforms proposed after the Terrill and Leftwich investigations are working to reduce last-minute language and last-minute deal-making,” Prater wrote on Facebook.

His comments come following an article, written over the weekend by Rep. Jason Murphey, who outlined those reforms in a column on The McCarville

“Congratulations to Speaker Shannon for enacting the Calendar Committee and to Rep. Pam Peterson and Rep. Dennis Johnson for enforcing the House Rules,” Prater wrote.

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