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Oklahoma’s Education Accountability Plan Receives High Marks

Oklahoma’s accountability plan under the federal government’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was rated as strong according to a report released by the… 1

Murphey: Lottery Funds Just a Drop in Education Funding Bucket

By Rep. Jason Murphey Every so often a member of the local constituency inquires about the impact of Oklahoma lottery proceeds upon common… 1

Solid Financial Performance by Oklahoma Teachers’ Retirement System

A few years ago, the Oklahoma Legislature decided to shore up the Teachers’ Retirement System because it was underfunded. It seems those actions… 0

Russ Calls for an End to Alcohol Fueled Frat Parties

In light of a recent alcohol-related death at Florida State University, Rep. Todd Russ is calling on Oklahoma universities and colleges to stop… 0

House Rules Committee Works on Alternate Revenue Plans

The House Rules Committee passed a bill Tuesday which would expand Indian gaming that should lead to increased state revenue. The Tulsa World’s… 0

OCPA: Just Let Them Learn

By OCPA President Jonathan Small As the results of Oklahoma public school student performance on state assessment tests emerge, the news is sobering…. 1

Budget Agreement Heads to House Floor

The GOP budget agreement passed House and Senate Joint Appropriations and Budget Committees on Tuesday with a House floor vote scheduled for Wednesday…. 0

Fallin, Republican Legislative Leadership Announce Budget Agreement

Governor Fallin and Republican legislative leadership have come to an agreement over the budget on Monday. The announcement was made that Fallin, House… 1

OCPA: The Honesty Gap

By OCPA President Jonathan Small It’s been called the “honesty gap” or the “proficiency gap.” For years, some Oklahoma education leaders have misled… 2

Oklahoma Lands Funding for Gifted and Talented Education Project

The Oklahoma State Department of Education will receive a $2.3 million grant over the next five years to identify and support gifted and… 0

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