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OCPA: Course Options for Rural Schools

By OCPA President Jonathan Small Scan the academic results of Oklahoma schools, especially such indicators as average ACT scores, and you’ll notice a… 0

OCPA: Distractions and Spending

By OCPA President Jonathan Small When it comes to state funding for public education, Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS) and Tulsa Public Schools… 0

Hunter Heats Up Conflict Over ECU Chapel Cross

The conflict started by Americans United for Separation of Church and State over a cross on the Boswell Memorial Chapel on the campus… 1

Hofmeister Connects Business Interests with Public Education

During a Tulsa Regional Chamber Luncheon this week, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister pleaded that the state needed to invest in… 0

Letter Asks State Agencies for Budget Cutting Scenarios

As lawmakers gather information to fix a budget hole caused by an unconstitutional fee they passed during the regular legislative session, letters have… 0

Fallin, Democrats Close in on Billion-Dollar Revenue Bargain

Multiple sources close to the recent budget negotiations have confirmed that Governor Fallin and House Democrats are nearing agreement on a billion-dollar revenue… 6

Line Item Budget Process Proposed

Seven Oklahoma Senators are working together on legislation to require the Legislature to approve line-item budgets for agencies appropriated more than $100 million… 0

OKC School Board Begins Exploring Funding Lawsuit Against Legislature

The Oklahoma City School Board voted Monday night to begin exploring a lawsuit against the Legislature over funding. The state’s largest district cut… 1

OCPA: Misleading Statements Harmful

By OCPA President Jonathan Small Former House Appropriations and Budget Chair Leslie Osborn recently stated Oklahoma is “50th in the nation in tax… 1

OKC Public School District Considers Lawsuit Against Legislature Over Funding

The Oklahoma City School Board will consider during a meeting on Monday if it will hire a law firm to sue the Legislature, claiming… 0

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