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Success or Failure? Depends on Who You Talk To

By Jason Doyle Oden Depending on which group you talk to, the just ended Legislative session is considered an overall success or failure…. 0

Fallin Says Session Was a Lot of Hard Work

After the 55th Legislative session concluded on Friday, Governor Fallin noted that she was able to work with the Legislature to come up… 0

Hofmeister Applauds Testing Reform

House Bill 3218 is heading to the Governor for her signature. If it becomes law, it would reduce the number of tests students… 0

Moving Forward with Budget Agreement

By Jason Doyle Oden The budget agreement between Governor Fallin, Senate President Pro Tem Brian Bingman and House Speaker Jeff Hickman makes up… 0

Review Proposed FY 2017 State Budget Here

Governor Fallin’s office has provided a link with a breakdown of the next state budget. Legislative leaders and the Governor’s Office came to… 0

Budget Agreement Reportedly Reached

The Oklahoman‘s Rick Green reports that Legislative leaders and the Governor’s negotiators have come to an agreement over the budget. According to Senator… 0

House Bill Eliminates Several Student Tests

Students may get a break from a few of their tests if legislation passed by the House on Monday gets into law. House… 0

Jackson Visits Oklahoma City, Complete Press Conference Video

By Jason Doyle Oden Rev. Jesse Jackson paid a visit to Oklahoma City last Sunday. He was invited to hear from several people… 0

Senate Committee Pushes Back on Federal School Bathroom Rules

In reaction to the Obama Administration’s guidance letter instructing public schools to accommodate transgender students or risk losing federal funding, the Senate Joint… 0

Nelson Praises AG Opinion for Educational Services for Mentally Ill Students

Rep. Jason Nelson praised an Attorney General’s opinion covering on-site educational services for children receiving treatment for mental illness. He called it a… 0

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