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ALEC: Students Deserve Education Savings Accounts

By Inez Feltscher Director, ALEC Task Force on Education and Workforce Development It is time for Oklahomans to face the facts: two-thirds of… 0

Sooner Survey: 70% Support School Choice

SoonerSurvey is out with its latest measure of public sentiment. It found that 70% of Oklahoma voters support school choice.   This increases to… 2

Task Force Created to Address Alleged Fraud in Swink Public Schools

The Oklahoma State Board of Education will create a special task force because of allegations of misappropriation of funds at Swink Public Schools…. 1

OCPA Impact Opposes Boren’s Tax Plan

The Oklahoma Council of Public Affair’s advocacy arm flexed its muscle and filed a formal protest today challenging the constitutionality of OU President… 1

Education Department’s Red Tape Task Force Gets to Work

The Oklahoma State Department of Education’s Red Tape Task Force began work on its report to help eliminate unnecessary administrative costs and actions…. 0

Balkman Upholds Stadium Dispute Injunction

Cleveland County District Judge Thad Balkman issues a controversial ruling in the OU stadium construction controversy. http://newsok.com/judge-upholds-injunction-in-steel-dispute-but-other-stadium-construction-will-continue/article/5456347 Here’s Judge Balkman’s complete ruling: Plaintiff… 0

Tax Foundation: Boren Taxation Plan Would Produce Highest Tax Rate In Nation

The Tax Foundation has analyzed the David Boren Sales Tax increase proposal and has found it would propel Oklahoma to the highest state… 2

Carnuccio: Boren Tax Increase Isn’t The Answer

OCPA President Michael Carnuccio says OU President David Boren’s tax increase isn’t the answer to teacher salary increases. http://m.newsok.com/ocpa-president-tax-increase-not-the-answer-for-oklahoma-education/article/5455506

Hofmeister: $60 Million For Teacher Pay Hikes

Superintendent Joy Hofmeister wants an additional $60 million for teacher pay hikes. http://www.tulsaworld.com/news/education/state-superintendent-joy-hofmeister-wants-new-education-budget-request-to/article_d950e8a4-b524-59a2-973d-206a8231c987.html

A-F Report Cards Issued With No Confidence

The State Department of Education released the 2015 A-F Report Cards for all public schools. While state law requires it, State Superintendent Joy… 2

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