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Lankford Holds Hearing Covering Federal Agency Overreach

Senator James Lankford continued his campaign to alert the Obama Administration about its overreach and wants answers from agencies using regulatory guidance as… 0

State Board of Education Reallocates Revenue Failure Funds

More than $3 million has been returned to the Public School Activities Fund by the State Board of Education. The funds were part… 0

Student Assessments Show Improvement as New Standards Take Hold in Oklahoma

A mixed bag of gains and setbacks for Oklahoma students as assessment reports for 2015-2016 are now complete. Improvement was seen in reading… 0

Hofmeister Urges Prudence As Money Returns To Schools

Even as money cut from schools last fiscal year begins to flow back, Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister urges districts to use… 0

Left Over Money Sent Back to State Agencies

More than $150 million is going back to state agencies and the books are closed on Fiscal Year 2016 for the State of… 0

Fallin Launches Digital Classroom Initiative

Governor Fallin has launched an effort to increase the high-speed broadband Internet and digital learning opportunities in Oklahoma Schools. It is called the… 0

In School Districts With Recent Misconduct, Transparency Compliance Is Mixed

By Jay Chilton Center for Imvestigative Journalism Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs Most Oklahoma school districts are not in compliance with the statutory… 0

OPEA Calls Fallin’s Decision Against a Special Session “The Right Move”

The Oklahoma Public Employees Association calls Governor Fallin’s decision not to call a special session the right move. Fallin considered using a special… 0

Fallin Decides Against Special Session to Redistribute $140.8 Million

Governor Fallin has backed off her proposal to call a special session to take $140.8 million left over from last fiscal year’s revenue… 0

Morrissette Wants to Scrap Budget and Start Over

Rep. Richard Morrissette feels a special session might be in order, however, he has a differing agenda than the one suggested by Governor… 0

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