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McCall Reflects on House Work as Legislative Deadline Passes

House Speaker Charles McCall celebrated the House finishing work ahead of this week’s legislative deadline. In the video below he outlines to the… 0

School/Construction Zone Cell Phone Ban Failed to Pass Senate

A bill that would have banned the use of cell phones in school zones and highway construction zones met defeat on Thursday. The… 1

Stanislawski Proposes Fuel Tax for Teacher Raises

Senator Gary Stanislawski would like to see an increase in fuel taxes to help pay for teacher pay raises. The Oklahoman’s Dale Denwalt… 3

Video: Funding Varies from School to School

Mitchell Talk‘s host Scott Mitchell explored how schools are funded in Oklahoma and found that per student funding isn’t evenly spread among schools and… 3

Brooks-Jimenez Announces Intention to Run for Shortey’s Senate Seat

The seat currently held by beleaguered Senator Ralph Shortey is expected to be vacant soon, and the candidates are beginning to announce their… 1

Funds Supplanted Education Funding for First Time in Oklahoma Lottery History

For the first time in its history, the education lottery funds were found to supplant instead of enhancing education funding. The Tulsa World… 3

February General Revenue Deposits Appear Larger Than They Really Are

Numbers can be deceiving at times. And so, it is the case for the February receipts in the General Revenue Fund (GRF). On… 0

Fallin Names Keating to OU Board of Regents

Governor Fallin announced the appointment of former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating to the University of Oklahoma (OU) Board of Regents. Keating will succeed… 0

Education Advocates Pressure Legislature to Pass Budget by April 1

In 2003, the Legislature passed a law to compel future lawmakers to approve an education budget by April 1. The Oklahoman‘s Ben Felder… 0

Video: Pledge of Allegiance Bill Passes House

The House sent a measure to establish a daily routine of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools to the Senate on… 0

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