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“The Flying Pig” Bill Moves Forward

An effort to make it easier to eradicate the feral hog population in Oklahoma cleared a legislative hurdle when the House passed House… 0

Rainy Day Fund Use Concerns House Members

Members who sit on the House Appropriations and Budget committee aired their concerns over the depleted funds in the state’s Rainy Day Fund…. 0

Special Election Set for Shortey, Martin Legislative Seats

Governor Fallin Monday ordered special elections to fill the vacancies in Oklahoma Senate District 44, caused by the immediate resignation of Ralph Shortey,… 0

Murphey: Service Taxes Could Disrupt Oklahoma Real Estate Market

By Rep. Jason Murphey Over the past few months Oklahomans have been hearing about the attempt to enact a new tax on “services.”… 0

Edmondson Serious about Run for Governor in 2018

It appears the decision has all been but made by former Attorney General Drew Edmondson to run for Governor on behalf of Democrats… 0

Med Malpractice Reform Could Unintentionally Expose Doctors to More Lawsuits

Senate Bill 762 passed the Senate last week, but now some feel it could increase a doctor’s chances of being in a medical… 0

Faught’s Defense of Anti-Abortion Measure Catches Attention of Washington Post

As the Oklahoma House debated House Bill 1549, Rep. George Faught said that “God can bring beauty from the ashes,” referring to pregnancies… 0

McCall Reflects on House Work as Legislative Deadline Passes

House Speaker Charles McCall celebrated the House finishing work ahead of this week’s legislative deadline. In the video below he outlines to the… 0

School/Construction Zone Cell Phone Ban Failed to Pass Senate

A bill that would have banned the use of cell phones in school zones and highway construction zones met defeat on Thursday. The… 1

Bill to Allow Extended Horizontal Drilling Passes Senate

One of the bills to make it past this week’s legislative deadline is Senate Bill 669 which would allow oil and gas producers… 1

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