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January General Revenue Fund Collections Take Another Hit from Cheap Oil

By Jason Doyle Oden Another expected miss for General Revenue Fund (GRF) collections in January. This time, collections missed the estimate by 17.2… 0

More Calls For Action On Earthquakes From Morrissette

More charges from Rep. Richard Morrissette that Governor Fallin and the Oklahoma Corporation Commission did not act fast enough in response to earthquakes… 1

Equal Pay Measure Takes Next Step in House

A measure to help bridge the gender pay gap has passed its first hurdle in the House.  Rep. Jason Dunnington’s House Bill 2929… 1

Subcommittee Moves Extension of Well Plugging Fund

House Bill 2303 funds the state’s oil/gas well plugging fund for another five years and won approval in the House Appropriations and Budget… 0

Social Media: Senator David Holt In New Hampshire

Senator David Holt, writing on Facebook from New Hampshire: I want the best possible future for George and Maggie, and yes, part of… 0

Salary Freeze? What Salary Freeze?

By Randy Ellis The Oklahoman Thousands of Oklahoma state employees were given raises last year, despite dire warnings of an approaching budget shortfall… 1

Social Media: Chuck Strohm On Facebook…

What an incredible honor to be recognized by OCPAC as the conservative freshman House member of the year! Others who were recognized this… 0

Wesselhoft: No Tobacco Tax, $3,000 Teacher Pay Raise Promise ‘Irresponsible’

Rep. Paul Wesselhoft tells The McCarville Report that a tobacco tax, as proposed by Governor Fallin, will not pass and it is irresponsible… 2

Civil Asset Forfeiture: Another Voice Opposed

Blogger Charles Phipps has written a compelling argument against civil asset forfeiture. http://www.charlesmphipps.net/civil-asset-forfeiture-policing-for-profit/

House Democrats Applaud Treat’s Decision

House Democrats applauded the decision Thursday to shelve legislation that would have scrapped pre-kindergarten education in Oklahoma. Senate Bill 1324 by Sen. Greg… 0

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