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Handful of House Staffers Get Pay Raise

The Oklahoma House has given 14 of its employees a pay raise since January 1, 2018, totaling nearly $127,000. The Tulsa World’s Barbara… 0

Cornett Praises Step Up Oklahoma, Doesn’t Support Tax Increases

Oklahoma City Mayor and Republican gubernatorial candidate Mick Cornett praises the civic mindedness of the Step Up Oklahoma group, but stops short of… 0

Powell Calls for Incentive Reductions, Agency Consolidation

Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Chris Powell believes the Legislature has yet to put a serious effort into prioritizing spending in state government. He spoke… 0

Lankford Hopes Work on DACA, Immigration Reform Can Proceed after Shutdown

Legislation, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and immigration reform, on which U.S. Senator James Lankford has been working was at the center of… 0

Teacher Pay, Education Funding Cited as Primary Reasons Oklahoma Teachers Leave the Classroom

The two main reasons why Oklahoma teachers are leaving the classroom in a new survey are the same as we’ve heard anecdotally for… 1

OCPA: Celebrate Medicaid Diversity

By OCPA President Jonathan Small Is diversity a good thing? Last week, the Trump administration embraced diversity in how states run medical welfare… 0

Cole: Shutdowns Never Work

By Congressman Tom Cole At 11:59 PM EST on January 19, 2018, the United States Senate refused to take up a spending bill… 0

Legislators Consider Income Tax Changes in Step Up Oklahoma Plan

The Step Up Oklahoma Plan continues to dominate talks at the Capitol including how to restructure the individual income tax code while protecting… 2

Report Indicates Oklahoma Among Most Affected States in Federal Government Shutdown

A WalletHub report indicates Oklahoma is one of the top ten states affected by the federal government shutdown. The personal-finance website ranks Oklahoma… 0

Lepak Files “Strong Governor” Legislation

More elements of the Step Up Oklahoma plan are surfacing in legislation filed last week. Rep. Mark Lepak filed four measures which re-structures… 1

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