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“Right of Conscience” Act Passes Senate Committee

Senate Bill 197 would protect businesses and individuals from having to perform duties or do business with people whose lifestyle is against their… 0

Attorney General’s Office Turns Over Pruitt Documents

The Oklahoma Attorney General’s office said it complied with an Oklahoma County judge’s order to comply with an Open Records Act request from… 0

Trump Rally Set at State Capitol

Supporters of President Trump will hold a rally at the State Capitol on March 4th. The Oklahoman‘s Ben Felder writes the rally is… 0

OCPA Proposes Budget Acts

http://www.ocpathink.org/post/first-steps-on-the-road-to-balancing-oklahomas-state-budget-without-increasing-taxes-on-working-oklahomans First steps on the road to balancing Oklahoma’s state budget without increasing taxes on working Oklahomans  Across Oklahoma, many citizens are undoubtedly… 0

Cole: Military Readiness Requires Time and Money

By Congressman Tom Cole There are a number of initiatives and policy questions to address in the first one hundred days of a… 0

Equalization Board Confirms Major Drop in Appropriations, Revenue Failure

By Jason Doyle Oden The Board of Equalization hit state government and lawmakers with a double whammy in the form of a revenue… 0

Richardson Forms Committee

U.S. Attorney Gary Richardson has announced the formation of his exploratory committee for Governor of Oklahoma. “The current budget crisis in Oklahoma proves… 0

Revenue Failure Likely

Preliminary figures obtained by the Associated Press indicate Oklahoma’s state government is headed toward another revenue failure. The AP (via the Tulsa World)… 0

Standridge’s Education Voucher Bill Survives Senate Ed Committee

Senator Rob Standridge’s Senate Bill 560 made it past the Senate Education Committee on Monday. The Tulsa World’s Barbara Hoberock writes the bill… 0

Bridenstine Calls for North Korea Missiles to be Shot Down

Congressman Jim Bridenstine believes it is time to show America’s strength to North Korea and shoot down its next missile launch. The Tulsa World… 0

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