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Murphey: Legislative Malaise

By Rep. Jason Murphey Last week I wrote of the impending new legislative leadership. These new leaders will take office in the House… 0

Cole: Restoring the American Dream

Restoring the American Dream By: Congressman Tom Cole   One of the greatest aspirations we have in this nation is the concept of… 0

Dems Planned Trump Rally Protests

According to emails released during the Wikileaks DNC email disclosure, the Democratic National Committee itself was complicit in planning those anti-Trump protests.  Emails… 0

CNN (!) Poll Shows Trump Jump

CNN The bounce is back. Donald Trump comes out of his convention ahead of Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House,… 0

Reserve Officers Honor Lankford

Senator James Lankford today received the Oklahoma Reserve Officers Association’s Minuteman of the Year Award. This award is presented annually to a “citizen… 0

Baker Named Democratic Party Interim Executive Director, Johnson Calls It White Supremacy at Work

By Jason Doyle Oden The Oklahoma Democratic Party has a new interim Executive Director, but the appointment doesn’t please all Democratic leaders. The… 2

Social Media: Picking Trump

Former Rep. Cleta (Deatherage) Mitchell of Norman, longtime Washington attorney, writing on Facebook: Re the GOP presidential race: I’m going to now say… 2

Treat Consulting Payments Questioned

An Oklahoma legislator’s receipt of consulting fees has raised questions. http://newsok.com/oklahoma-senators-opponents-say-consulting-payments-to-candidate-from-pac-are-unfair/article/5510645

Women’s Group Adds Four

Oklahoma Women’s Coalition welcomes four members to its Board of Directors this month. Among the new board members are Cori Loomis (Oklahoma City),… 0

Fallin: Trump Can Unite

In her speech to the Republican National Convention, Governor Fallin said Donald Trump can unite the country. http://newsok.com/fallin-says-trump-can-unite-a-divided-and-fearful-country/article/5510606

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