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Fallin Embraces Hofmeister

Governor Fallin today embraced the new Republican nominee for school superintendent, Joy Hofmeister, and said they’ve already started working on an agenda for stronger schools.
Hofmeister was overwhelmingly elected by GOP primary voters over the incumbent Janet Barresi.
This, from Fallin’s campaign website:

Governor Mary Fallin and candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister are working together on an agenda to strengthen Oklahoma public schools and produce better outcomes for Oklahoma students. Mary and Joy know the path forward requires:

  • A commitment to producing strong, Oklahoma-based academic standards to replace Common Core
  • Supporting our teachers by getting more funding for K-12 education
  • Focusing on accountability in spending – additional funds need to go to the classroom!

“Joy Hofmeister is a teacher, small business owner and a mother who cares deeply about public education in Oklahoma, which is why I was proud to appoint her to the Oklahoma State Board of Education. I know Joy will work tirelessly to unite parents, teachers, employers and lawmakers as we work to support and improve our schools. I am proud to support her in her race for superintendent.” – Governor Mary Fallin

Joy Hofmeister“Governor Fallin has always said that improving education is the most important thing we can do to support the long term growth and prosperity of our state. She should be applauded for highlighting the importance of public education, not just in the individual growth of our students, but for Oklahoma’s long term economic well-being. I encourage Oklahomans to get behind Governor Fallin to ensure we have a pro-education governor for the next four years.” – Joy Hofmeister

Sooner Survey: Fallin 44%, Dorman 31%

Pat McFerron
President, Cole Hargrave Snodgrass and Associates, Inc.

Mary Fallin currently holds a 13-point lead over Democratic challenger Joe Dorman (44% Fallin vs. 31% Dorman), despite having seen her numbers fall slightly in the last four months.

The other three candidates who will appear on the ballot garner support from 4% of the voters.

In April, Fallin had a 15-point advantage, 52%-37%. Today, Fallin has a wide lead among men (48% Fallin vs. 26% Dorman) and narrowly leads among women (40% Fallin vs. 35% Dorman).

Republicans are more united behind Fallin (67%

Fallin vs. 9% Dorman) than Democrats are behind

their nominee (24% Fallin vs. 52% Dorman). Among

Democrats with an unfavorable impression

of President Obama – the key swing group in

general elections in Oklahoma – Fallin has a

12-point advantage (42% Fallin vs. 29% Dorman).

Interest areas in this election show voters

have aligned their electoral preferences with their

topics, for the most part. Among the 13% of voters

focused on moral issues, Fallin has a commanding

lead (70% Fallin vs. 12% Dorman). The same can

be said for the 19% whose focus is on efforts to stop

federal intrusion (65% Fallin vs. 10% Dorman). In

contrast, the 28% intent on societal issues like health

and education opt for Dorman (16% Fallin vs. 53%

Dorman) by a better than three-to-one margin.

The second largest voter bloc, those interested

in economic issues like taxes and jobs (22% of

voters) are evenly split (36% Fallin vs. 40% Dorman).

The ideological bases are also aligned with

candidates. Among the 32% of voters who consider

themselves supporters of the Tea Party, Fallin leads

72%-7%. Among the 32% who disagree with the

Tea Party, Dorman has a sizeable lead (11% Fallin

vs. 66% Dorman). Among the 30% neutral toward

the Tea Party, Fallin leads Dorman by a two-toone

measure (46% Fallin vs. 23% Dorman). While

some on the left may try to say those neutral toward

the Tea Party are in play, by almost any standard,

these voters are conservatives. This “middleground”

in Oklahoma opts for the Republican

over the Democrat on a generic ballot by 19 points

(46% Republican vs. 27% Democrat) and are

very negative toward President Obama (18%

favorable vs. 71% unfavorable), with 58% saying

they have a “strongly unfavorable” impression.



Key Facts

• Republicans are

more united than are

Democrats, but are

not as united as they

have been in recent

election cycles.

• Expect Republican

unity to rebound as the

national tide becomes

a referendum on

the President – the

historical trend during

the sixth year of a


• Fallin has a

commanding lead

among the critical

swing groups in


• Fallin leads among


Democrats 42%-29%.

• Fallin leads among

those “neutral” toward

the Tea Party 46%


Governor Election Survey Question

1. If the election for Governor were held today, would you be voting for:


Mary Fallin, the Republican……………………………….. 44%

Joe Dorman, the Democrat………………………………… 31%

Richard Prawdzienski, an Independent……………… 1%

Joe Sills, an Independent……………………………………. 1%

Kimberly Willis, an Independent…………………………. 2%

Undecided (vol.)………………………………………………… 22%

Audio: Cleta Cleans The IRS Clock, Says It Is ‘Rotten, corrupt’

Washington attorney Cleta Mitchell of Norman tells Congress the Internal Revenue Service is a plague that must be eliminated. Then she really cuts loose: CletaMitchellRAW

Change Of Leadership At Film Office

ajillJill Simpson is departing as the Director of the Oklahoma Film and Music Office, a position she has held for 10 years, it was announced Tuesday.  Her final day in the post will be August 1.

The OK Film & Music Office reported Simpson’s departure was to accept a position in academics.
“We can likely all agree that it has been a challenging and sometimes tumultuous decade, but it has also been a period of significant progress and growth for our Oklahoma industries. The progress has been hard won for all of us,” she said Tuesday in a prepared statement.  ”I am very proud of what we have accomplished together in further developing our incentives program and the work that it generates. While comparatively small, we now have a rebate that is very popular and well-utilized by the industry. It is proving to be a benefit to not only the film industry, but our musical talent as well. There is much work still to be done, but with the recent ten-year rebate extension, there is now a strong foundation on which to build.”
“Simply put, The Actor Factory would not exist if not for the efforts of Jill Simpson,” said a statement on The Actor Factory’s Facebook page. “We appreciate everything she has done for the Oklahoma film industry and for the resumes of Oklahoma actors and crew, and we know she is the reason our state’s film incentives last through 2024. We wish her well in her new endeavor but we want to express our appreciation for the fine service she performed over the past 10 years.”
Chris Freihofer, Director of The Actor Factory and owner of Freihofer Casting said “We all owe our film industry careers in Oklahoma over the past 10 years to the efforts of Jill and her staff.  It is no accident Freihofer Casting has been in business for 10 years and The Actor Factory for 5.  We are here because the industry is here and the industry is here because of Jill’s work.  We owe a big debt of gratitude to her.”
Oklahoma native Tava Maloy Sofsky will take over the position of Director of the Oklahoma Film & Music Office.
A producer with a diverse film and commercial background, Sofsky has worked with many notable filmmakers and executives including: Michelangelo Antonioni, John Badham, Antonio Banderas, Martin Campbell, Doug Claybourne, Bill Cosby, Chris Columbus, Francis Ford Coppola, Woody Harrelson, Anthony Hopkins, Laurie McDonald, Walter Parkes, Wesley Snipes, Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone and Robin Williams.  Among her credits are: The Mask of Zorro, The Fast and the Furious and Beyond Borders.  She also brings with her valuable connections to the music industry.  Her brother, Zac Maloy, is an award-winning songwriter in Nashville.
“Tava brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the agency,” said Deby Snodgrass, Cabinet Secretary and Executive Director of the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department. “She has the experience needed to carry on the work of Jill Simpson who, over the course of her ten-year tenure, has grown the film and music industries into viable economic generators for the state.”
Oklahoma’s film industry achieved an 800% growth rate over an eight year period from FY05 to FY13.  In fiscal year 2013, it contributed $35.15 million in direct dollars to Oklahoma’s economy, which resulted in an economic impact of $88.9 million.
Commenting on her new role, Sofsky stated, “Being an Oklahoma native, in addition to many years of working in the film industry, has brought me full circle.  It will be an honor to join to Oklahoma Film & Music Office and it is my privilege to carry the baton from Jill Simpson.”
Sofsky assumes her role as Director of the Oklahoma Film & Music Office August 4.

Sill Secrecy Frustrates Lawton Mayor

Lawton’s mayor says government secrecy about the illegal immigrant juveniles being held at Ft. Sill is frustrating:

Lawsuit Challenges Production Tax Change

A lawsuit challenges the new law setting the state’s gross production tax:

Newberry Gets CSG Scholarship

Senator Dan Newberry is one of 48 state lawmakers from across the country to be selected by the Council of State Governments (CSG) as a Henry Toll Fellow for the class of 2014.

The Toll Fellowship Program is one of the nation’s foremost leadership development programs for state officials. According to CSG, a nine-member panel of leaders reviewed a record number of applications to select this year’s class of Toll Fellows.

“The Toll Fellowship has cultivated a number of top legislative leaders, and will provide officials with the tools to encourage job growth and advance individual liberty,” said Newberry, R-Tulsa. “I look forward to joining officials from across the country to examine how we can be more effective leaders and public servants.”

Each year, the Toll Fellowship brings together 48 of the nation’s top rising officials from all three branches of state government for a six-day program of extensive education and training. Four current governors, four lieutenant governors and six members of Congress are Toll Fellows alumni.

“This program has a long-established record of providing its participants with the skills they need to more productively address the issues faced by their respective states,” said Newberry. “I am humbled and grateful to have been chosen for this unique opportunity.”

Jones Releases DOC Performance Audit

Auditor’s Office

State Auditor Gary Jones has released a Performance Audit Report of the Department of Corrections (DOC).

Governor Mary Fallin requested the audit following the resignation of former DOC Director Justin Jones.

“The audit includes 10 recommendations to help DOC reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and better manage its inmate population,” Jones said. “You can’t overlook the fact its funding is down while the number of inmates it houses is up.”

The audit also includes four prospective areas for further study including the impact of factors beyond DOC control, alternative funding support for a new Offender Management System, and additional analysis of medical trends.

“As the population continues to age, medical costs will continue to rise,” Jones said. “From 2010 to 2013, DOC spent $135 million for healthcare costs including medical and mental health treatment, medical supplies and equipment. More than 11 percent of all expenditures by DOC goes to healthcare.”

The audit covered a five year span from fiscal year 2008 through fiscal year 2013. Financial data used in the report included FY10-FY13.

“We recommend DOC’s governing board continue its effort to increase its financial oversight of the agency including obtaining additional financial reports from its chief financial officer,” Jones said. “We believe an audit committee would be beneficial  in assisting the board to ensure accountability and provide financial oversight.”

Increased involvement by the DOC board points to governance issues the State Auditor believes will better safeguard the expenditure of state funds and lead to improved management of limited resources.

The full audit report is available online at the State Auditor’s website:

Policy Institute To Honor Bellmon Legacy

Oklahoma Policy Institute will honor Governor Henry Bellmon with the 2014 Good Sense/Good Cents Award, followed by a panel discussion on the Bellmon legacy. The event will be Monday August 4th, 1-3 pm, at the Lorton Performance Center on the University of Tulsa Campus. It is free and open to the public.

The Good Sense/Good Cents award will be presented to Gov. Bellmon’s daughters Ann Denney and Pat Hoerth by Tulsa Mayor Dewey F. Bartlett Jr., whose father, Dewey F. Bartlett Sr., succeeded Henry Bellmon as Governor and served concurrently with him in the United States Senate. The  annual award is given by Oklahoma Policy Institute to civic leaders who have demonstrated respectful political dialogue and sound fiscal stewardship. The inaugural recipients of the award in 2013 were Mayors Robert LaFortune of Tulsa and Melvin Moran of Seminole.

“There is no one whose life and legacy more clearly exemplifies a commitment to respectful political dialogue, sound fiscal stewardship, and concern for the less fortunate than Henry Bellmon,” said David Blatt, Executive Director of Oklahoma Policy Institute. “This event  reminds Oklahomans of Bellmon’s long and distinguished career of public service, and the important lessons that Gov. Bellmon’s legacy still provides for us today.”

The panel discussion, titled “Statesmanship: The Legacy of Henry Bellmon,” will involve top advisors and political leaders from the Bellmon era who will discuss his impact on state and national politics and policy. Andrew Tevington, Sandy Garrett, Robert Fulton, Lee Paden, and Penny Williams will be the panelists, and Wayne Greene will serve as moderator.

A lifelong resident of Billings, Bellmon was a Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps in World War II and was awarded a Legion of Merit and Silver Star for his service. After serving one term in the Oklahoma House of Representatives and two years as Republican State Chairman, Bellmon was elected as Oklahoma’s first Republican Governor in 1962. He served as Governor from 1963-1967 before winning election to two terms as a United States Senator from 1969-1981. He served a second term as Governor from 1987-1991, where his accomplishments included overseeing passage of the landmark education reform legislation HB 1017. He died in 2009 at the age of 88.

The award and panel discussion will take place as part of OK Policy’s annual Summer Policy Institute, a 4-day program that brings together 50 top students from across Oklahoma for an intensive immersion in state policy issues.

“We think it’s especially important that Oklahoma’s young leaders of tomorrow have this opportunity to become acquainted with one of the seminal figures in Oklahoma’s political history, ” Blatt said. “At a time of hyper-partisanship and widespread cynicism about politics and government, understanding the values and approach that Henry Bellmon brought to politics is more relevant than ever.”

Oklahoma Policy Institute is a non-partisan Tulsa-based think-tank that works to promote fair and adequate funding of public services and expanded economic opportunity through data-driven policy analysis.

Refreshments will be served following the panel discussion.

For more information, contact OK Policy at 918-794-3944 or

Mullin Makes ‘Beautiful’ List

Rep. Markwayne Mullin has been named one of The Hill’s “50 Most Beautiful People” for 2014:


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