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Jason Jackson Seeks Tulsa County Sheriff Post

Jason Jackson, 18-year veteran Police Sergeant, announced his bid to seek the Republican nomination in the Tulsa County Sheriff special election. “I have been… 0

Lankford To Introduce Bill Eliminating Renewable Energy Tax Credit

Senator James Lankford is expected to introduce a bill on Wednesday to phase out the renewable energy tax credit. Specifically, the measure would… 0

Social Media: T. W. Shannon On Facebook…

It’s a sad day in the history of our State when a liberal Supreme Court can superimpose their political agenda over the will… 0

Gallup: Party Views Of Government Purpose At Odds

Gallup Democrats and Republicans have almost precisely opposite views of the purpose of government in today’s society. Fifty-seven percent of Democrats tend to… 0

Sparks, Floyd File Real ID Bill

Senate Democrats Senator John Sparks, D-Norman, and Senator Kay Floyd, D-Oklahoma City, filed legislation Tuesday to resolve Oklahoma’s ongoing non-compliance with the Real… 0

Fallin Wants Commandments State Question

Governor Fallin wants legislators to move swiftly in the Ten Commandments controversy and ask voters their opinion in a state question. http://www.tulsaworld.com/homepagelatest/fallin-urgers-lawmakers-to-act-swiftly-on-ten-commandments-amendment/article_9ae978f6-3269-5795-97d9-cb8bbb12430f.html  

Monument Moved To OCPA Headquarters

The Oklahoman Workmen using a heavy-duty crane and cutting tools Monday night were removing a Ten Commandments monument from outside the Oklahoma Capitol… 1

Istook: Obama, Gun Control Hysteria

 By Ernest Istook The White House says its “executive action” on guns will bypass Congress, raising serious Constitutional and Second Amendment questions. Gun… 0

Group Seeks Smart Meter Moratorium

The Tulsa 9.12 Project is requesting that Attorney General Scott Pruitt establish a moratorium on future installations of Smart Meters. Ronda Vuillemont-Smith, President… 1

Congressional Delegation Wants Real ID Answers

Oklahoma’s congressional delegation wants answers about the “Real ID” controversy. http://www.tulsaworld.com/news/government/state-congressional-delegation-asks-for-real-id-clarification/article_02df577a-038a-5ba0-9c28-0e6502b2f8d9.html#.VhPeqJQTnX0.facebook http://www.tulsaworld.com/real-id-act-letter-from-oklahoma-congressmen-to-homeland-security/pdf_d83a4ed7-ef07-5155-a2c1-39b3d9cac450.html  

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