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Slavonic Endorses Douglas In 5th District Race

Retired Rear Admiral Greg Slavonic today endorsed Republican Patrice Douglas in the Republican runoff for Congress in the 5th District.

In his endorsement, Admiral Slavonic praised Douglas’s business experience, work ethic, and dedication to conservative principles.

“I am proud to endorse conservative Republican Patrice Douglas for Congress in the fifth district,” said Admiral Slavonic. “As Mayor and Chairman of the Corporation Commission, she has a proven record of results, challenging the Obama administration’s intrusive EPA mandates and exposing fraud and abuse in the Obama Phone program. In Congress, Patrice will put Oklahoma’s families and small businesses first as she fights create jobs, repeal Obamacare, reduce spending, and bring commonsense solutions to Washington. Our veterans and our service men and women deserve a U.S. Representative that has the work ethic and business experience to stand up for our conservative principles and Oklahoma values. She displays the character, integrity, ethical behavior and exceptional leadership that Oklahoma needs in Congress.”

Fallin Pushes Petition To Seek Closure Of Sill Facility

Governor Fallin’s campaign is pushing her petition asking the Obama Administration to close the Fort Sill illegal immigrant detention center.

Here’s the campaign’s email:

As you know, the crisis at our Southern border has now spread to Oklahoma. President Obama has chosen — instead of enforcing our laws or protecting our borders — to bus 1,100 illegal alien minors to Fort Sill, just outside of Lawton.

Governor Mary Fallin is standing up to the Obama Administration and demanding they close their facility for illegal immigrants. She’s calling out the administration for saddling taxpayers with the bill to pay for the transportation, education and health care of illegal immigrants, even as Washington ignores the very real needs of American citizens. (Read: NewsOk: Fallin Slams Obama on Immigration).

We need your help. Please click here to sign a petition standing up for the rights of Oklahomans and asking for:

  • No Amnesty
  • Closure of the detention facility at Ft. Sill and similar facilities throughout the country
  • Enforcement of our current Immigration laws

Please join Gov. Fallin by lending your voice to the fight to protect our borders and enforce our laws! Forward this email to your friends and relatives and ask them to do the same.

If you’d like to do even more, please consider getting involved with Governor Fallin’s reelection campaign by volunteering in our campaign.  She’ll continue to put Oklahoma first and defend us against Washington bureaucrats.

Thank you for your help and continued support!

Ashley Hahn
Fallin for Governor Grassroots Coordinator and Political Director

Cole: Boundaries Of Executive Power Must Be Defined

Congressman Tom Cole

As our founding fathers clearly described in Article I of the Constitution, “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States.” Unfortunately, President Barack Obama has shown a consistent pattern of executive overreach throughout his time in office by repeatedly choosing to bypass Congress and unilaterally change laws on his own.

While there have been numerous instances in which the president has gone around Congress to change laws or implement them however he chooses, this unconstitutional behavior has been most obvious through his handling of Obamacare. Since implementation of the law began, the president has unilaterally changed the law more than 20 times. For example, the president twice delayed the business mandate but still required that individuals purchase health plans. Even though I agreed with the relief afforded to businesses, the president did not go through the proper channel.

In response to the recurring overreach related to the president’s signature piece of legislation, Speaker John Boehner recently revealed that he would lead the House in suing the president. Along with this announcement, the Speaker introduced a draft resolution for consideration “Providing authority to initiate litigation for actions by the president inconsistent with his duties under the Constitution of the United States.” This resolution to keep the president accountable to his own law was the topic of Wednesday’s hearing last week in the Rules Committee. As a member of the committee, I am supportive of this course of action by the House because it allows the courts to determine whether the president has acted within the powers designated to the executive branch.

While some have cried for impeachment, I do not believe that is an achievable goal nor is it constitutionally correct since we are not dealing with high crimes or misdemeanors. We are instead dealing with a president who clearly doesn’t understand the appropriate limits of his power. Furthermore, never have senators from either party voted to impeach a president of their own party. To put this in perspective, at least 22 Democrats would have to agree with the 45 Republicans in the Senate for impeachment to even move. That said, impeachment proceedings would clearly not be successful.

Instead, I agree that this lawsuit is the most appropriate venue for keeping the president accountable to the power designated to chief executive, starting with his implementation of the healthcare law. If the courts find that the House is correct in charging the president, which I believe they should, it follows that his previous orders should be nullified, forcing him to consult Congress.

Clearly, the president needs the boundaries of his power defined, and I think this lawsuit is a step in the right direction.

Al Snipes Named Russell Campaign Honorary Chair

alsLegendary Oklahoma City Republican leader Al Snipes has been named Honorary Chairman of the Steve Russell for Congress campaign.

“Al Snipes is the grandfather of the Republican Party in Oklahoma,” Russell says.  “We are humbled and honored that he has joined our quest to bring true conservative leadership to Washington.”
Al Snipes first registered with the Oklahoma Republican Party in 1948.  He is a World War II veteran, founder of the Oklahoma Young Republicans, served as the Oklahoma County GOP Chairman, and has been instrumental in the success of Oklahoma’s GOP for seven decades.
“I support Steve’s background more than anything else,” says Snipes.  “He’s strong on military issues, his accomplishments are astonishing, and if he can accomplish those things then he can get the job done in Washington.”
Snipes, a former Golden Gloves boxer, was profiled in a book written by his son, Marshall, and Bob Burke.

45 Mayors Endorse Inhofe’s Reelection

Today, Senator Jim Inhofe’s campaign released the endorsements of 45 mayors from cities and towns all over Oklahoma.  Endorsers include Mayor Mick Cornett of Oklahoma City, Mayor Dewey Bartlett of Tulsa, as well as mayors from all five of the state’s defense communities.

“As former mayor of Tulsa, I am honored to have received the support of so many mayors from across our state” said Senator Jim Inhofe.  I know first-hand the challenges of running a city, and I know that often times the federal government makes it even more difficult.  I have spent my time in the Senate trying to streamline harmful regulations, help our cities and towns meet their infrastructure needs, and to be helpful in times of crisis.”

“Senator Jim Inhofe has been a champion for Oklahoma City’s infrastructure needs,” said Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett.  “Inhofe has played an integral role securing funding for the I-40 Crosstown expressway, the Downtown Boulevard, and has fought against unfunded EPA mandates that put a strain on our city’s budget.”

“Since he was mayor of Tulsa, Senator Inhofe has fought to make our city a great place to live and do business” said Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett.  “In the US Senate, Jim has sponsored and passed legislation like the Indian Lands Tax Credit that has directly led to job growth in Tulsa.  As a senior member of the Senate EPW Committee, Jim has improved our city’s roads and bridges and secured funding to maintain and grow the Port of Catoosa.”

“In the wake of last year’s tornadoes, Senator Inhofe and his staff have been very responsive to our community and its needs” said Matt White, Mayor of El Reno. “Jim was the first elected official to tour the damage after the storm, and I appreciate his work to ensure we received disaster assistance in a timely manner.”

Mayor Fred Fitch of Lawton said, “As mayor of a defense community, I appreciate Senator Inhofe’s commitment to our state’s military installations.  Jim understands that our bases not only contribute to our national security, but are significant drivers of our state and local economies.  Nobody works harder than Jim Inhofe to ensure the sustainability and growth of our bases and surrounding communities.  

Mayors Endorsing Sen. Inhofe

Mayor City
Seth Adams
Gary Alfred
Travis Ary
Curtis Baker
Jack Barrett
Dewey Bartlett
Doug Bonebrake
Ray Bowen
Mike Brown
Mike Burdge
Tyler Buttram
Mick Cornett
Greg Cummings
Joe Davis
Martin Dyer
Fred Fitch
Bill Flanagan
Marty Follis
Jack Fry
Daniel Gambill
Tom Gorman
Reg Green
Wes Hardin
Steve Harrison
Karen Hawkins
Gary Hayes
Charles Lamb
Brian Linley
Karl Nail
Homer Nicholson
Kim Peterson
Kevin Pisacka
Hank Ross
Rudy Schultz
Bill Shewey
Lonnie Sims
Ken Smith
Mark Spradlin
Bryan Taylor
Larry Thoma
Craig Thurmond
Jerry Tomlinson
David Webb
Matt White
Eddie Whitworth
Pauls Valley
Sand Springs
Midwest City
Elk City
Del City
Ponca City
Broken Arrow
El Reno

Delegation Urges Obama To Reconsider Use Of Sill Facility

The Oklahoma Congressional Delegation today urged the Obama Administration to reconsider its use of Fort Sill Army Base in Lawton, Okla., as a long-term holding facility for Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC).

On Friday, Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that Defense Sec. Chuck Hagel approved a request from HHS to extend and expand the Department of Defense’s (DOD) commitment to house UAC on military bases. The agreement calls for the DOD to house up-to an additional 5,000 UAC in addition to the ongoing support for 3,600 children approved in May. The agreement also commits DOD facilities to be used through January 31, 2015.

“First and foremost, the Oklahoma delegation is proud of Fort Sill and the community for rising to the occasion to assist the children that are in the crosshairs of this unfortunate crisis. There is significant concern the contract with Fort Sill is turning into a commitment beyond what was originally proposed by the Administration and will soon begin to impede on the base’s vital responsibility to house and train new recruits,” said Sen. Jim Inhofe, ranking member of Senate Armed Services Committee. “During my visit in June to meet the children and tour UAC housing, I warned local leaders that I fully expected the Obama Administration to push its limits with the use of Fort Sill. The Obama Administration’s lack of organization and the President’s failure to send a strong signal that he will secure the border will only increase demand of our military installations. While our military bases have been used before to temporarily aid migrants and refugees, we now have an Administration that is asking our military to do more with less resources than ever before.  President Obama needs to stop putting the onus on our military to manage his crisis, and he needs to prioritize solutions that will quickly reunite these children with their families in their home country.”

“Since we learned of the Administration’s plan to use military installations for housing unaccompanied illegal minors, I have continually voiced my strong opposition to it,” said Rep. Tom Cole (4-OK). “While the flood of these juveniles has caused an apparent crisis, it is one of the president’s own making due to a policy failure stemming from his unwillingness to enforce existing immigration law. Rather than acknowledge the problem at hand, the president has chosen to process individuals and allow them to stay in the United States, causing even more juveniles to make the journey. Not only is this surge causing a strain on the facilities and personnel of our military, but processing and detaining these juveniles on military installations does not and will not lead to a solution to the crisis. It instead incentivizes even more to come. I remain strongly opposed to use of our military bases for housing illegals, and most certainly do not support any time extension for HHS use of these facilities. Regardless of their origin, the treatment of all illegal immigrant children should be the same, meaning deportation should be immediate and mandatory.”

“The border crisis is a result of Administration policies and failure to enforce the law,” said Rep. Jim Bridenstine (OK-1), member of the House Armed Services Committee.  “The surge of illegal entries at the southern border of the United States has resulted in children suffering and threatens our national security and national sovereignty.  The compassionate thing to do is to deter people from making, or sending their children, on this dangerous journey.

“The request to extend use of DOD facilities for housing UAC is a very real threat to U.S. military readiness.  Ft. Sill is the primary artillery training center for troops before deployment.  The barracks are needed in October to prepare them for housing our warfighters in this critical training mission.  Secretary Hagel should not extend or expand the use of Ft. Sill as a UAC camp.”

“The Administration’s decision to hold the unaccompanied minors at Fort Sill in the first place was irresponsible,” said Rep. Markwayne Mullin (OK-2). “Fort Sill is not designed for this purpose, and turning the facility into a longer-term solution for housing these minors is extremely concerning. We need to be looking for real solutions not temporary fixes.”

“Military bases such as Fort Sill have stepped up to temporarily house thousands of unaccompanied minors arriving from Central America. However, the Obama Administration cannot continue to rely on such facilities as a long-term solution to illegal immigration,” said Rep. Frank Lucas (OK-3). “If the president is serious about putting an end to this humanitarian crisis, he can start by securing our border and enforcing our country’s immigration laws.”

“This is a problem of the President’s own creation,” said Rep. James Lankford (OK-5). “The task of safely and humanely housing thousands of unaccompanied alien children is a classic example of the President trying to manage a problem, rather than solve a problem. President Obama already has sufficient legal authority from Congress to quickly reunite these children with their families in their home country. 

“The law is clear; a child is not considered ‘unaccompanied’ unless they do not have a parent in the United States. The vast majority of these children already have at least one parent illegally in the United States. This is not an issue of human trafficking. This is an issue of ignoring the law and attempting to jump ahead of other immigrants who have waited patiently to legally enter the United States. The quality facilities provided to these children at Ft. Sill are ideal for the Administration to stall the enforcement of existing law and further the President’s pro-amnesty agenda. As a father, I remain grateful to the hard-working contract personnel who are responsible for these children while in HHS custody in Oklahoma. But I continue to implore President Obama to enforce the law immediately and stop encouraging children to travel thousands of dangerous miles, only to face a delayed return home.”

Small: No Such Thing As ‘Revenue shortfall’

Jonathan Small, CPA
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

The most recent fiscal year ended on June 30, and the data show that for state government revenues and spending, it’s a time of all-time highs.

Preston Doerflinger, Oklahoma’s Secretary of Finance, Administration, and Information Technology, confirmed this week that the general revenue fund maintained levels from the prior year and exceeded them slightly.

This confirms that, when comparing revenues to the prior year, even when one looks only at the general revenue fund, the claims of a shortfall for government are false.

This is remarkable, considering that hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans experienced increased payroll taxes and federal income taxes, increased health insurance premiums due to Obamacare, new taxes and fees created by Obamacare, cost increases for state and local government, and periods of depressed consumer demand. This is also remarkable considering that state corporate tax collections experienced a long-predicted massive decline because of President Obama’s insistence that tax burdens increase during negotiations at the end of 2012.

Beginning last summer, there was a strong and coordinated campaign by tax consumers and other big-government advocates for massive tax increases on oil and gas production in Oklahoma.

Claims of significantly declining gross production taxes and predictions of declines were cited as a justification for the proposed massive tax increase. Given these dire predictions, a review of gross production tax collections for the general revenue fund is appropriate.

According to Secretary Doerflinger and state records, gross production tax collections for the general revenue fund (without a single statutory change or tax increase) grew $111 million over the prior year, even after the state paid back portions of its interest-free loan from the private sector.

But it’s not just the general revenue fund that has seen growth. According to Secretary Doerflinger and State Treasurer Ken Miller, total state tax collections have set another record. In fact, Miller reported in his recent summary of FY-2014: “Gross receipts to the treasury, a good snapshot of our state’s productivity, incomes, and consumption, are higher than ever before …. In fact, collections have been higher than the same month of the prior year in 45 of the past 51 months, which indicates a steady economic expansion.”

Indeed, even though the state over the last decade eliminated death taxes and cut the top personal income tax rate by 25 percent while increasing the standard deduction and adding a child tax credit for many Oklahomans, even state personal income tax collections are still growing.

According to Miller, “a general reduction in corporate income tax payments moderated a stronger showing in personal income tax collections.”

But it’s not just total state tax collections that have seen growth. Miller recently noted, after comparing appropriations made by the legislature in each of the last two legislative sessions, that state appropriations grew over the prior year. According to records at the Oklahoma House of Representatives, state appropriations made by the legislature for the upcoming fiscal year set a record high.

In summary, based on state records, reports from revenue officials, and actions of state lawmakers, state government is not experiencing a shortfall.

- See more at:

Law Change Sparks Concealed Carry Applications

Tulsa World

Traffic on the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation’s online application system for handgun licenses has more than tripled since media reports about an upcoming change in law, the agency said Friday afternoon.

The OSBI in a news release said 394 people have began applications online since the news reports Tuesday, compared to 130 people during the same three-day span a week ago.

Oklahoma Self-Defense Act gun safety course certifications are a first step toward obtaining a license to conceal or open carry firearms.

Jessica Brown, the OSBI’s public information officer, said the numbers released do not reflect how many applications have been submitted because not all are completed. Some people are browsing, too, she said.

On Nov. 1, a new law stipulates SDA certifications will expire after three years, where previously they had no term limits. The measure means certifications dated Nov. 1, 2011, or earlier will expire at the deadline.

Editorial: The Accounting ‘Shortfall’

The Oklahoman

Accounting “shortfall”

At the end of the fiscal year on June 30, tax collections going to the state’s General Revenue Fund increased by only 0.03 percent compared with the prior year. The total came in at 4.8 percent below estimates. Yet gross collections to the state treasury actually increased $469.3 million year-over-year. How did state officials turn a $469 million increase into flat growth? By diverting more and more money away from the General Revenue Fund, which is the main funding source for the appropriations budget drafted by lawmakers. The amount earmarked for specific uses outside the budget process increased by $102 million. Thanks to earmarks, lawmakers faced a $188 million “shortfall” in a time of record tax collections. The shortfall existed only on paper. It was the product of legislative machinations, not an economic downturn. June’s final revenue numbers are another reminder of the vital need to amend state budgeting methods.

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