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Russell Amendment Becomes Battlefront In Culture War

Congressman Steve Russell’s amendment to a bill is drawing lots of attention. http://newsok.com/russell-amendment-to-defense-bill-becomes-battlefront-in-culture-war/article/5501077  

Cole: Out of Touch

Out of Touch By Congressman Tom Cole Our veterans, who have served during times of war and peace, have made tremendous sacrifices for… 0

Lankford Proposes DOD Grant Reform, Combine DOD/VA Purchasing Power

Two more ideas from Senator James Lankford’s “Federal Fumbles” report have surfaced as amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act. Lankford introduced the… 0

Cole Praise Move to Control Zika Mosquitoes

Congressman Tom Cole praised the move by the House to remove a duplicative program which hinders mosquito control in the wake of the… 0

Lankford Takes Stance on Guantanamo Bay

Senator James Lankford spoke with Fox News Channel’s Bret Baier after a report aired on the possibility of a transfer of Guantanamo Bay… 0

Lankford Suggestion to Block New Department of Labor Rules Passes Senate

Another proposal from Senator James Lankford’s “Federal Fumbles” report passed through the Senate on Tuesday. H.J. Res. 88 disapproves a fiduciary rule created… 0

Lankford Proposes Federal Grant Transparency Reforms

Senator James Lankford wants to shine light on the federal grant process. To do so, he’s introduced S. 2972, the Grant Reform and… 0

Confronting the Zika Virus

Confronting the Zika Virus By Congressman Tom Cole Contrary to some of the overheated rhetoric coming out of the White House and the… 0

Cole Receives Fiscal Hero Award

The Campaign to Fix the Debt named Congressman Tom Cole as one if its Fiscal Heroes. “Rep. Cole has worked through a variety… 0

Lankford Report Gives Rise to HUD Legislation

The Senate approved this week an amendment to the Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act (H.R. 2577) to curb… 0

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