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Lankford Leads Central American Countries Fact-finding Tour

Congressman Lankford’s Office

Over Labor Day weekend, Congressman James Lankford led a bipartisan group of House Members to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to gain a first-hand perspective of the circumstances facing families in Central America who choose to send their children on the dangerous journey to the United States via the southern border.

“By far, the largest number of illegal immigrants in the United States comes from four countries: Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras,” said Lankford.

“If we can solve the illegal immigration problems from those four nations, we can largely solve illegal immigration in our nation. Over the four-day, fact-finding mission abroad, I met with local government leaders, U.S. government officials, faith leaders and individual citizens. I also took a close look at the facilities, processes and methods these nations use to reunite children with their families when they return.”

For decades American taxpayers have poured aid for security, education and economic development into Central America. Hurricanes, earthquakes and civil wars have ravaged that region since 1980, pushing migrant workers to the United States to provide for their families. Now, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras each raise from 10-18 percent of their total economy from money sent by family members working in the United States, and more than 60 percent of those family members are here illegally.

Mexico currently deports ten times as many people back to Central America compared to the United States. The U.S. government created radio and television spots to let parents know that their children cannot stay in the United States. But if those children reach the United States, less than 10% are actually returned. So, the verbal message sent by our nation does not match the reality on the ground.

“The House’s border security funding proposal passed on August 1st, provides for expedited due process and the immediate return of unaccompanied minor children back to their home countries,” continued Lankford. “We must ensure we solve our border security issues from the beginning of the process to the end. The countries our delegation visited this weekend told us they want their children back. It is our duty to ensure we treat their children with the respect and dignity we expect other nations to show American citizens when on foreign soil. We were able to meet with government leaders in these three Central American nations to reassure them that their children have compassionate care and that we will work for their safe return.

“The United States has a vital interest in this region, and it is essential that we bring solutions to illegal immigration while also maintaining a good international relationship with these nations,” concluded Lankford.

Russell Beat Douglas In Her Home Town

Edmond Sun

Edmond voters added to former state Sen. Steve Russell’s resounding victory Tuesday to win the Republican nomination for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District over Corporation Commissioner Patrice Douglas.

Registered voters in Edmond cast 4,076 ballots for Russell and 2,867 votes for Douglas from the city’s 31 precincts, according to figures released by the Oklahoma State Election Board.

“I think one of the things that intrigued a lot of people is that I could not be put in a single category,” Russell said Friday.

His broad appeal to voters in general included constitutional conservatives and tea partiers as well as mainstream Republicans, veterans, gun owners, seniors and women, Russell said.

All of the grassroots campaign workers were good at persuading people in their individual neighborhoods to support his candidacy, Russell added.

“I think people underestimated that and so to the people of Edmond, I’m very grateful,” he said.

With all 273 of 5th District precincts reporting, Russell received 19,371 votes, or 59.3 percent of the vote to best Douglas, who received 13,315 votes for 40.7 percent of the vote.

Russell will face Democrat state Sen. Al McAffrey, of Oklahoma City, in the Nov. 4 statewide general election. Independent candidates Buddy Ray of Edmond, Tom Boggs of Thailand and Robert Murphey of Norman also will be on Nov. 4 ballot.

With all 273 precincts reporting, McAffrey received 10,411 votes, or 54.3 percent of the vote against Tom Guild, who received 7,959 votes, or 45.8 percent.

Both Douglas and Guild are Edmond residents. However, neither candidate won the Edmond vote. Edmond gave McAffrey 730 votes to Guild’s 688 vote count, according to state Election Board.

These figures do not include provisional ballots and will not be official until provisional ballots are certified, said Oklahoma County Election Board Secretary Doug Sanderson.

Voter turnout in Oklahoma County does not include all of the 5th District, Sanderson said. The total 5th District vote count for Democrats and Republicans was 46,890. Nineteen percent of Oklahoma County Republicans voters cast their ballots. Eleven percent of Democrats voted.

“I think it’s consistent with previous runoffs in Oklahoma County,” Sanderson said.

There are 55,968 registered voters living in the City of Edmond, according to Bryan Dean of the state Election Board. This number includes 33,930 Republicans, 14,154 Democrats and 7,884 Independents.

In the Democratic race for Superintendent of Public Instruction, John Cox of Hulbert defeated Freda Deskin of Edmond in the 5th District with 67,337 votes, or 62.9 percent against Deskin, who received 31,795 votes, or 37.1 percent of the electorate. Cox will face Tulsa Republican Joy Hofmeister in the Nov. 4 statewide elections.

However, Deskin managed to win the vote in Edmond with 740 votes to Cox’s 676 votes in the city, according to the state Election Board.

In the Democratic runoff for U.S. Senate, state Sen. Connie Johnson of Oklahoma City bested Jim Rogers of Midwest City. With all 1,956 precincts reporting, Johnson defeated Rogers with 54,728 votes, or 58 percent of ballots cast. Rogers received 39,649 votes, or 42 percent, according to the Oklahoma State Election Board.

Johnson will face Republican Congressman James Lankford as well as Independent candidate Mark Beard of Oklahoma City in the Nov. 4 statewide elections.

Edmond Democrats contributed to Johnson’s victory over Rogers with 1,117 votes for Johnson against 278 votes for Rogers.

Business woman Stephanie Bice of the Edmond area was elected state senator for District 22 Tuesday night. With all 27 precincts reporting, Bice defeated challenger Mark Thomas of Yukon. Registered voters gave Bice 2,693 votes, or 53.1 percent, against Thomas’s 2,381 votes, or 46.9 percent, according to the Oklahoma State Election Board.

Bice commanded a 699 lead in District 22’s six Edmond precincts against the 446 votes received by Thomas in Edmond.

Inhofe Dove Hunt Scheduled September 5

Oklahoma Energy Today

Oklahoma U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe’s preparing to pull out the shotgun again. Not to take aim and pepper some Democratic colleagues in the Senate but at dove in southwestern Oklahoma.

It’s time for his annual Oklahoma Dove Hunt Weekend held at the Quartz Mountain Lodge and Resort where he invites political friends and allies to shoot dove and also raise campaign money.

It’ll be held Saturday, September 5 and for those who’d like to take part in the hunt, it’ll cost a cool $1,000. PACs will have to fork over $2,500.

So what’s this have to do with energy? Plenty because Inhofe’s a senior member of the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and is also seeking re-election.


Russell Wins 5th District Runoff

Steve Russell defeated Patrice Douglas in the race for the Republican nomination for Congress in the 5th District.

Russell won 59-41 percent.


Russell Won Absentee, Early Voting Ballots

Early voting results have Steve Russell with a 13 percent lead over opponent Patrice Douglas, the lead fueled n part by Russell’s strong showing in absentee and early voting ballots.

Russell won absentees 1,188 to 946 and early voting ballots 308 to 221.

Douglas Says Lankford Approved Photo Use

Patrice Douglas said today that Congressman James Lankford gave prior approval for use of his photo with her on a campaign mailer.

The controversy over the photo erupted when the mailer first appeared and Lankford said he had not endorsed Douglas. The mailer shows Lankford and Douglas standing together. The word “endorsement” is not used, although that’s the clear implication.

The controversy has grown in intensity in the past 24 hours and Douglas responded today by posting this statement on her Facebook page:

My opponent is creating questions about a mailer I approved and sent through my campaign. It included the names of supporters who have supported Congressman Lankford and have also joined on to support me.

Let me assure you that this mailer was not sent without first corresponding personally with James. He is a friend and I would not jeopardize my integrity or his friendship.

The picture on the mailer was taken at my corporation commission swearing-in ceremony. James led the prayer at the ceremony.

I released this mailer – not as an endorsement by James – only after first consulting with him. My opponent did a robocall that implied heavily he and James were working together – with three different references in the call. This left me in the position of (1) staying quiet and leaving an incomplete or false impression or (2) speaking out to give a full picture of the working relationships at play. After that, my opponent ran television ads with my picture superimposed on a prison – which directly attacked my integrity.

The mailer I approved is completely true – from the authenticity of the picture to the lists of those supporting me. We intentionally did not use the word “endorse.” James did not want to endorse any candidate. My intention was to show a working relationship with James – as we have had – and to show how many people who trusted him are now backing me in this campaign. I believe the mailer was necessary to stop the deception of my opponent.

I am a public servant who serves with integrity. I have shown up to vote in more than 99% of my cases. I will serve with a strong work ethic and a sense of responsibility to this 5th district. Thank you.

Audio: Cornett Endorses Douglas In Dark Money Robocall

Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett today endorsed former Edmond Mayor Patrice Douglas in a robocall paid for by the dark money group Foundation for Economic Prosperity.

Cornett, who once sought the 5th District seat himself, described Douglas as a conservative who understands what the district needs.

The Foundation, headed by consultant Trey Richardson, has been a player in this year’s elections. In the U. S. Senate race, it paid for television commercials attacking T. W. Shannon in his race with Congressman James Lankford.

The Foundation also paid for voter turnout materials on behalf of Douglas.



Huckabee Endorses Russell

Former Arkansas Governor and Fox News host Mike Huckabee has endorsed Steve Russell in the 5th District runoff.

“Lt. Col. Steve Russell is a man of honor, of service to the American people, and integrity so needed for this hour in our nation’s history,” says Governor Huckabee. ”America is beset with problems resulting from the failures of leadership from the President, from our elected representatives, and from the government bureaucracy.”

Russell has appeared on his national news program, Huckabee, several times as a foreign policy expert.

“Mike Huckabee and I are very much cut from the same cloth,” says Russell.  “He was a leader fighting against federal government overreach as Governor of Arkansas and now he keeps the nation informed on the most critical issues of the day.  Governor Huckabee has earned his title as a champion of conservative values and it is an honor to have his endorsement.”

5th District Race Blows Up Over Douglas Mailer


Social media…television news…radio…telephone…the political buzz this weekend is over a broadside sent to voters by the Patrice Douglas campaign.

The item, featuring on its front a photo of Douglas with Congressman James Lankford, clearly implies an endorsement by Lankford although that is not stated.

The implication sent Douglas’ opponent, Steve Russell, and his supporters into angry overdrive.

It also sent Lankford into motion, issuing a statement disavowing any endorsement.

It appears the controversy may be the closing conversation in what has become a contentious race ending with Tuesday’s runoff vote.

The Oklahoman Endorses Patrice Douglas

The Oklahoman today endorsed Patrice Douglas in the 5th District runoff while also praising Steve Russell:


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