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Jackson Receives Promotion with State Chamber

Former Rep. Mike Jackson received a promotion last week from his current employer, the State Chamber of Oklahoma. He’s now serving as the… 0

OKC School Board Begins Exploring Funding Lawsuit Against Legislature

The Oklahoma City School Board voted Monday night to begin exploring a lawsuit against the Legislature over funding. The state’s largest district cut… 0

Murphey: Stifling Spending Reform to Favor Tax Increases

By Rep. Jason Murphey Over the past weeks, readers of these articles have read about just a few of the tactics utilized by… 0

OCPA: Misleading Statements Harmful

By OCPA President Jonathan Small Former House Appropriations and Budget Chair Leslie Osborn recently stated Oklahoma is “50th in the nation in tax… 0

House Democrats Bring Back “Restoring Oklahoma” Plan as Solution to Budget Hole

The House Democratic Caucus met Thursday to discuss potential revenue measures for consideration should the Governor call for a special session. State Rep…. 0

OKC Public School District Considers Lawsuit Against Legislature Over Funding

The Oklahoma City School Board will consider during a meeting on Monday if it will hire a law firm to sue the Legislature, claiming… 0

Munson Appointed to Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women

Rep. Cyndi Munson was appointed earlier this month by Speaker of the House Charles McCall to serve on the Oklahoma Commission on the… 1

Fallin Admits Special Session Will Be Necessary

Governor Fallin said Wednesday that a special session will be necessary in light of a recent Oklahoma Supreme Court decision to throw out… 1

Echols Co-Owns Health Care Company Facing Several Jail Death Related Lawsuits

A jail health services company partially owned by Rep. Jon Echols is facing several lawsuits related to jail deaths. The Oklahoman’s Brianna Bailey… 0

July GRF Receipts Meet Estimates

General Revenue Fund (GRF) collections in July were equal to the monthly estimate, while outpacing the prior year collections by 10.7 percent for… 0

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