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How Is This To Be Explained?

How is this to be explained? http://www.oklahoman.com/article/5495270?access=27415f6d7e5db1e18fcf98910eda1fad

Court Decision Could Increase Workers’ Comp Insurance Rates

According to Insurance Commissioner John Doak, workers’ compensation insurance rates could increase due to a decision by the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Doak said… 0

Concerns for Foster Care System Improvements Rise as DHS Budget Cuts Loom

The Tulsa World’s Ginnie Graham reports concerns are on the rise about the impact budget cuts will have on the State Department of… 0

Governor Vetoes Vaccination Bill

Governor Fallin vetoed a bill Friday that she felt could lead to fewer vaccinations in the state at a time when vaccinations are… 0

Governor Signs Criminal Justice Reform Bills

Four of the criminal justice reform measures Governor Fallin requested in her State of the State address were signed into law by her… 0

OCPA: An Open Letter to Governor Fallin

An Open Letter to Governor Mary Fallin From David R. Brown, M.D., Chairman, Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs and Jonathan Small, President, Oklahoma… 0

Murphey: How To Review State Finances

By Rep. Jason Murphey Every so often, I field this question from those who are interested in state government: “How can I see… 1

OK Policy Launches Budget Public Education Campaign

The Oklahoma Policy Institute is using humor and multimedia to launch an education campaign concerning the state budget. The think tank teamed up… 0

DUI Reduction Legislation Receives Governor’s Signature

Governor Fallin signed a bill into law which is meant to keep drunk drivers from repeating the offense in different jurisdictions. House Bill… 1

State Chamber Supports Medicaid Rebalancing Plan

The head of the State Chamber is throwing his support behind a plan to shore up Medicaid in Oklahoma over the next few… 0

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