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Cathy Costello’s Campaign Examined

NonDoc examines Cathy Costello’s campaign to be named labor commissioner. http://nondoc.com/2015/09/11/professor-widows-mandate-meaningless/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=facebook_page&utm_medium=NONDOC&utm_content=Professor:%20Widow%27s%20mandate%20%27meaningless%27%20for%20Commissioner%20appointment

Mitchell In The Morning: Glossip

KOKC’s Scott Mitchell, Fox 25′s Phil Cross and The McCarville Report’s Jason Doyle Oden discuss the Glossip execution controversy. http://www.kokcradio.com/mitchell-in-the-morning-podcast/2015/10/01/phil-cross-on-mitm

Attorney General Requests Stay of All Oklahoma Executions

In the wake of the stay of execution of Richard Glossip, Attorney General Scott Pruitt requested an indefinite stay for the rest of… 0

Economic Report Can Be Read Here

The new Oklahoma Economic Report from the State Treasurer’s Office is ready to read. This edition features the state’s premier consumer protection service… 0

Legislature Examines Marriage Initiative

By Jason Doyle Oden The McCarville Report Earlier this month, a legislative study examined the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative. The program is now called… 0

Legislators: Keep Your Eyes On Lake Texoma Settlement Deal

Reps. Tommy Hardin and Dustin Roberts and Senator Josh Brecheen commented  today on the Lake Texoma settlement: “Almost two years after the board… 0

House Committee Moves Forward on Teacher Retention Bill

By Jason Doyle Oden The McCarville Report A plan to help reduce the impact of the national teacher shortage on Oklahoma is taking… 0

Settlement Reached Over Lake Texoma Development

A settlement has been reached between the state of Oklahoma and the Pointe Vista Development over the stalled Lake Texoma Development. Governor Fallin… 3

Tardy Taxpayers Get Opportunity to Get Caught Up Without Penalties

The Oklahoma Tax Commission is giving taxpayers who might be behind on payments to make them up interest and penalty free. The program… 0

Study Focuses on Oklahoma Child Care

An interim study on Tuesday revealed some of the hurdles parents across Oklahoma face when it comes to accessing child care. House Democratic… 0

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