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Trump Looks Past Fallin for Interior Secretary, Taps Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers

The Oklahoman‘s Chris Casteel writes sources in the Beltway say President-elect Trump will ask Washington State Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers to lead the… 0

Fallin Forms Occupational Licensing Task Force

Governor Fallin wants to review the state’s occupational licensing to see if it is causing barriers for people to get to work. She… 1

Fallin Heads to Middle East

Governor Fallin is in the Middle East this week. The Tulsa World’s Barbara Hoberock writes Fallin was invited with other governors to visit… 0

Murphey: Explaining Each Vote

By Rep. Jason Murphey Consider the following statement one might hear if they stay around the capitol very long: “If there is one… 0

Small: Public Higher Ed is Delusional

By OCPA President Jonathan Small When Oklahoma voters trounced University of Oklahoma President David Boren’s tax increase at the polls on Nov. 8,… 8

Fallin Believes OPEC Cuts Will Benefit Oklahoma

Governor Fallin joins the chorus of oil and gas supporters who are applauding the oil production cut agreement reached by OPEC. “The news… 0

Fallin Explains Position as Trump Transition Vice Chair

The Governor’s Office is explaining what the appointment of Governor Fallin as vice-chair for President-elect Trump’s transition team means for state government and the… 0

Oil and Gas Industry Excited About Potential Fallin Appointment

Governor Fallin was only named a Vice-Chair of the Trump Transition team, but it raised the level of interest for the Oklahoma Oil… 0

Thompson Worries About Future of Public Safety as OHP Tightens Budget

Department of Public Safety Commissioner Mike Thompson is asking the public to encourage lawmakers to help fund his department to keep Highway Patrol… 2

Inhofe Confident Congress Will Approve State/Tribal Water Agreement

It’s been a few weeks since Governor Fallin, the Chickasaw Nation and the Choctaw Nation announced an agreement to settle a lawsuit over… 0

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