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Murphey: Lawmakers Don’t Understand Tax Policy Impacts

By Rep. Jason Murphey As I think back over the recently concluded legislative session, I recall an especially notable moment during one of… 0

OCPA: A Tale of Two Sectors

By OCPA President Jonathan Small Sector One is in a slump, due to declining prices. Its income has fallen significantly – by nearly… 0

Former Rep. Beznoska Died Over the Weekend

Former Rep. Gordon Beznoska died over the weekend. At the time of his election in 1970, he was the youngest person to be… 0

Richardson to Challenge Three Revenue Bills as Unconstitutional

Republican candidate for Governor Gary Richardson is planning to sue the state over last-minute revenue raising laws which passed during last week of… 0

State Chamber Launches OK2030 Campaign

The State Chamber of Research Foundation has launched the website OK2030.org to provide an online platform for its strategic vision plan for the… 0

New DUI Law Challenged

The state’s new DUI law is being challenged by a group of attorneys who filed a lawsuit with the Oklahoma Supreme Court on… 1

OK CIO Set to Testify at Senate Homeland Security Committee Hearing

Oklahoma Chief Information Officer Bo Reese is scheduled to go before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Wednesday morning. He’s… 0

Canadian County GOP Hosts Senate District 45 Forum Tuesday Night

Republican voters in Senate District 45 will get the chance to hear Tuesday night from four of the seven candidates vying for the… 0

Oklahoma State Health Department Charging County Health Departments for Data

The State Health Department has begun charging some county health departments for the data they have been using and county commissioners are questioning… 0

OCPA: Lessons from Big-Spending Illinois

By OCPA President Jonathan Small   Oklahoma just completed, with much gnashing of teeth and moaning, a budget year with a shortfall of… 0

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