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Lateral Drilling Bill Squeaks Through House

Senate Bill 867 allows for longer drilling laterals in non-shale formations. The measure won just enough votes to make it out of the… 0

Young Announces Rescheduled Town Hall for May 30

State Rep. George E. Young, Sr., has rescheduled his “town hall” meeting in Oklahoma City for the evening of May 30. The event… 0

Fallin Adds Hesse to Canadian County Bench

Governor Fallin Wednesday announced the appointment of Paul Hesse as Canadian County district judge. He is replacing Gary E. Miller, who retired. Hesse’s… 0

Budget Deal Surfaces

As the countdown to the end of the regular legislative session moves from days to hours, a budget for the next fiscal year… 0

Cole Takes Stance Against Medical Research Cuts in Trump Budget

Congressman Tom Cole is ready to defend medial research funding despite the billions in cuts suggested by President Trump’s budget proposal. Vox’s Julia… 1

Lankford Calls Trump Budget “A Start”

Senator James Lankford calls President Trump’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year “a start.” “The White House’s proposed FY2018 budget is the… 0

Video: Inhofe Queries National Intelligence Director on Manchester Attack, N. Korea

Senator Jim Inhofe got the chance to ask about worldwide threats to the U.S. during Tuesday’s Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing with Director… 0

Fallin Signs Civil Rights Complaint Bill

Governor Fallin signed House Bill 1478 into law allowing people who file Civil Rights complaints with the Attorney General’s Office to remain anonymous…. 0

Russell Announces Desire to Chair Oversight and Government Reform Committee

Oklahoma Congressman Steve Russell is looking to succeed Congressman Jason Chaffetz as the chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Chaffetz announced… 0

Oklahoma Congressmen Introduce Bill to Remove Blood Heritage Restrictions on Oklahoma Tribes

Four Oklahoma Congressmen are working together to help remove a blood heritage requirement for Native American lands to be passed down to heirs…. 0

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