Four Retired Generals Endorse Russell


Steve Russell announced today the endorsements of four retired military generals in his campaign for the Republican nomination for Congress in the 5th District.

Russell is a retired Army lieutenant colonel and former state senator.

Lt. General Richard “Dick” Burpee (former Tinker Air Force Base Commander), Lt. General William Boykin (former commander of the U.S. Army’s elite Delta Force, now with Family Research Council), Major General William P. Bowden (former commander of Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center) and Maj. General Jay Edwards (former commander of the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center) endorsed Russell.

Lt. Gen. Burpee says, “I support Lt. Col. Steve Russell (ret) because I know that he is a tested leader who has been steeled in battle. It takes a proven leader to achieve an objective despite having conflicting forces around you. Our nation is in peril, I believe that Steve has the courage to stand up for our district and be a voice of authority in Washington.”

Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin adds,”It is my great honor to endorse LTC (R) Steve Russell for the US House of Representatives representing the Oklahoma 5th Congressional District. First and foremost, Steve is a warrior who has served his nation honorably for over twenty-one years in the uniform of a US Army Infantry officer. His combat record is distinguished, having led the troops in combat operations in Iraq, including the operation to capture Saddam Hussein. He has also served in the Oklahoma legislature where his leadership has been exemplary. Steve is a true conservative who is rock solid on national security, fiscal constraint/smaller government, and social issues. He is a man of strong faith who is open about his commitment to supporting religious freedom in America. He will serve the nation with honor and will represent the values and interest of the people of Oklahoma.”

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  1. KyleJohnston122, 30 May, 2014

    Steve Russell is a boss. Plain and simple. How can people willingly run against someone like this?? Blows my mind. I’m 100% behind you Steve! Keep leading from the front!!

  2. Steve Dickson, 31 May, 2014

    If you are committed to fully funding out current interventionist foreign policy, beloved of Woodrow “make the world safe for democracy” Wilson, then there is no way I would vote for you. If you recognize that warfare is the other side of the coin (along with welfare) and you recognize a massive military precludes a small government, then I can support that.

    You cannot have limited government with a massive military. Pick one.

  3. Steve Russell, 01 June, 2014


    Small government. Woodrow Wilson was also one of the most destructive Presidents we’ve had toward American Liberty and sovereignty with the Federal Reserve Act and the League of Nations.


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