Fallin Proposes Massive Taxation With 164 New Levies

The Oklahoman‘s Randy Ellis has uncovered a story that will dominate the Legislature, as it appears Governor Fallin wants to tax everything that isn’t nailed down.


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  1. Teacher, 08 February, 2017

    I thought she was a conservative republican – and republicans believe in smaller government and less taxes! Did she change her party registration?

  2. Mark Irwin, 08 February, 2017

    The Republicans have proven themselves to be more of a scourge on the land than the Democrats were ever able to be. I believe we should toss both of these parties into the dustbin of history. At a minimum we should elect more Democrats as a bulwark to the hubris of the GOP. Remember the days of the conservative/slightly leaning minority Republican Party. It is not that anymore, history teaches us that hubris always leads to folly.


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