Former Trump Campaign Members form Tomahawk Strategies in OKC

National political consulting firm Tomahawk Strategies LLC has headquartered its operations in Oklahoma City. The firm is determined to create the new standard in campaign management and change the way political consulting operates. The Tomahawk team and its advisors consist of Oklahoma natives (among others) including President Trump’s Former National Field Director Stuart Jolly, Former Deputy Regional Director John Fritz, Former Campaign Manager to Congressman Steve Russell Josh Wagoner, and Former Policy Aid and DC Staffer to Congressman Curt Clawson Cameron Cowger. The mission of Tomahawk Strategies is to elect proven conservative leaders who will stand on principle and defend America’s greatness.

“President Trump is unafraid of going against the establishment elites. During my time serving on his campaign, I learned that successful campaigns rise and fall on the leadership ability to empower others. We are building something incredible with Tomahawk Strategies. I am honored to be working alongside men with such enthusiasm and integrity,” said Jolly, Tomahawk Strategies Principal Advisor.

Fresh off delivering the biggest upset victory in modern American history, the Tomahawk Team Members incorporate start-up business tactics with a lean, data-driven campaign infrastructure. Its methods have been proven to win at every level from local races all the way to the presidential level. Tomahawk Strategies will focus on expanding their reach into Oklahoma by creating hard-hitting campaigns that minimize campaign costs and maximize the overall engagement of voters.

Tomahawk Strategies is looking to change the stigma of political firms engaging in untruthful attacks by building strong relationships with Republican leaders and campaign experts in Oklahoma, honoring Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment to not speak ill of any Republican. Tomahawk’s Team of professionals have a collective 30 years of campaign management experience fighting the political establishment at all levels.

“We are truly setting a new standard in campaigns – new strategies, new methodologies, new systems, and most importantly a new vision. Just as President Trump took decisive action against those who threaten American values across the globe, we will be the campaign team that takes decisive action through hard-hitting campaigns, striking with precision and force against the liberal machine,” said Fritz, who is a Principal and CEO.

Tomahawk Strategies has dramatically expanded the services available from typical political consulting shops to now include over 40 individual services relating to campaign management, creative branding, fundraising campaigns, digital content development, direct mail, public relations, data analytics, and field operations services.

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