Shannon Scolds Calvey, Says Stay Away From Me

T. W. Shannon

Former Rep. Kevin Calvey’s rhetoric over the “Personhood’ bill in the House prompted a stern reply from House Speaker Designate T.W.  Shannon, R-Lawton, who was so upset by Calvey’s threats he fired off an email to Calvey. Shannon  didn’t want to talk about his email, but a copy provided to The  Oklahoman showed he wrote that Calvey “not only disrespected this institution, but you have also  demonstrated an utter lack of professionalism and integrity. Your credibility  has been damaged to the point that I respectfully request that you do not lobby  my office, and you remove me from your correspondence list.”

Calvey and the leader of Oklahomans For Life, Tony Lauinger of Tulsa, backtracked on Calvey’s comments after many House Republicans expressed their displeasure with what he said.

“The pro-life community in Oklahoma  is stunned and dismayed by the behavior of the House  Republican caucus on Senate Bill 1433,” said Calvey, vice chairman of Oklahomans  for Life. “For those of us who are Republican, some of us worked very, very  hard to bring the Republican Party in Oklahoma into the majority in the  Legislature. We did this because we are pro-life. We are Republicans because  we’re pro-life, not the other way around. So it is extremely disconcerting then  to see how it is House Republicans who are taking secret votes to kill Senate  Bill 1433.”

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  1. Jake, 27 April, 2012

    What is T.W. mad about? That he got called out for assisting in the shut down of a major pro-life bill? The vote to adjourn WAS a vote against the personhood bill.

    However, I’m more shocked that Tony Lauinger apologized for Kevin’s statement. What is there to apologize about? Or does Oklahomans for Life not believe in holding legislators accountable?

  2. Rebecca Hamilton Gets It, 10 September, 2012

    […] in the same manner they had held Democrats accountable in the past, House leadership became verbally abusive with pro-life activists.They carried this so far that a prominent pro-life activist who had spent decades in the trenches […]


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