Terrill, Shortey Say U. S. Immigration Reform Measures ‘Insane’

immigration1Jerry Bohnen
Contributing Editor

Two men who have led anti-illegal immigration efforts in the Oklahoma legislature come out against immigration reform measures offered by 8 U.S. Senators and President Obama.
“I think it’s insane,” said former Rep. Randy Terrill, author of House Bill 1804 that in part became law in 2007 and banned the state from providing education, health care and other services to illegal immigrants. And he calls it “raw political maneuvering” by those Senators who unveiled their plan this week in Washington, D.C.
Joining Terrill in criticizing the efforts to offer a pathway toward citizenship for an estimated 11 to 12 million illegals in the U.S. is Oklahoma City State Senator Ralph Shortey. “I think the plans are simply rewarding bad behavior.” Shortey, a Republican, predicts it will lead to blanket amnesty for the millions who illegally crossed the border with Mexico.  “This is a fight I will never let go of because my part of the city has been so badly hurt by illegal immigrants—it’s sickening to me.”
Both say before any national immigration reform laws should be considered, the U.S. border with Mexico should be tightened.
“We’d be doubling down on the problem if we offer citizenship to anyone who can make it into the country,” argued Shortey. “We should be up in “Amnesty won’t solve the problem,” stated Terrill. “It will only create a longer term problem for the country.”
Terrill contends the millions of illegals are depressing wage rates and levels and resulting in a population of largely uneducated people who once they are given citizenship, will demand higher wages. The former Moore Representative says while he and others who led the anti-immigration effort in state legislatures across the country have been demonized, he’s still proud of the work he did in targeting illegal immigrants.

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  1. dick grace, 31 January, 2013

    The laws are made for the workers not the illegal and the political class. Following the logic of the dems if there is an outbreak of bank robberies the way to deal with the problem is to legalize bank robbery? When this democrat voter drive is over we will have 30 million new citizens, most on welfare and food stamps and the borders will no longer exist.

  2. The Logician, 04 February, 2013

    Who cares what the crook Terrill has to say. He is a disgraced ex-legislator who was wholly ineffective in the waning days of his ‘service’.


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