Blog: Shadid ‘Is courting the atheist vote’

Friendly Atheist

Dr. Ed Shadid, a current Oklahoma City councilman, is running for mayor and has a bit of an uphill climb ahead of him since he’s running against the incumbent, popular Mayor Mick Cornett‎.

Dr. Ed Shadid


It’s worth noting, though, that Shadid is courting the atheist vote. According to a now-deleted Tweet, Chas Stewart of the Oklahoma Atheists Godcast mentioned that Shadid attended one of his group’s events.


You don’t see that happening often, especially in a state like Oklahoma. It doesn’t mean Shadid is an atheist himself, but so far, his visit doesn’t seem to have hurt him. Progress!

Now if only Shadid would stop talking about how he wants to raise property taxes and taking pictures with children wearing shirts with the words “Penis” and “Vagina” on them, he might have a better chance of winning this thing:

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  1. KingJames, 07 October, 2013

    Really? this guy is standing with kids who have sexual organ definitions on their shirt, What group or school is responsible for this, particulalry in light of kids who have been removed from school for waering shirts with far less explicit print on them.

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  3. Lucas, 03 December, 2013

    Why should the question of him being an atheist or religious matter to his public office? Each are voting citizens like any other group.


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