Sowell: ‘The poisonous practice of irresponsible smears’

Excerpted From A Syndicated Column
By Thomas Sowell
Investor’s Business Daily

But the poisonous practice of irresponsible smears is an issue that is bigger than Gingrich, Romney or any other candidate of either party.

There have long been reports of people who decline to be nominated for federal judicial appointments because that means going before the Senate Judiciary Committee to have lies about their past spread nationwide, and the good reputation built up over a lifetime destroyed by politicians who could not care less about the truth.

The same practices may well have something to do with the public’s dissatisfaction with the current crop of candidates in this year’s primaries — and in previous years’ primaries. Character assassination is just another form of voter fraud.

There is no law against it, so it is up to the voters, not only in Florida but in other states, to punish it at the ballot box — the only place where punishment is likely to stop the practice.

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  1. Forrest Country, 31 January, 2012

    It is a shame that we have come to expect “dirt” of our politicians. The more power and “honor” we bestow on them the more likely they are to succumb to the temptations placed within their grasp by evil-minded selfish people.

    When will it stop? When it is no longer acceptable — by reasons of lawsuits for slander / libel, we know the character of the individual, and/or we hold ourselves to a higher level of personal character (not believing gossip). I look forward to that day!


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