Mullins Returns To Morning Radio


Former KTOK morning show host Reid Mullins returns to morning radio Monday with “The Ride With Reid” on KZLS-1640 AM.

Mullins, a 28 year media veteran, will air from 7-10 a.m.  KZLS has been airing an oldies format for the past few months, and will transition to a full time news-talk format by the end of February, he said.

Mullins hosted the KTOK show for eight years until management relieved him in a downsizing move last August.

The new show on KZLS will bring back the “information and news” paradigm that former KTOK listeners were accustomed to, Mullins said. Guests will include local, state, and national political figures, commentators, and experts in various fields and sectors from agriculture, energy, healthcare, immigration and more.

KZLS is a 10,000 watt station that covers Oklahoma City to Wichita, and Enid to Stillwater.  The station will also stream at to access an even larger audience.

KZLS has a sister station on 99.7 FM “Hank Country” featuring classic country music. Both stations are owned by Champlin Broadcasting of Enid.

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  1. Tuco S., 30 January, 2014

    Hooray! The new morning KTOK guy is a broken record. The record is called “The Red, White and Blue D-Bag: Time to socially moderate ourselves” I think.

  2. Edmond Voter, 30 January, 2014

    Awesome! I’ve missed listening to Reid each morning and will now tune in to this station. Smart Move KZLS!

  3. Mark Mayes, 30 January, 2014

    Awesome!!!… I can hardly wait to hear some real news and true American viewpoints.

  4. Mark E., 30 January, 2014

    I’m very glad to hear that Reid is going to be back on the air. I kept listening to KTOK after he left and missed the interviews that I had become accustomed to hearing. I must say that Reid’s replacement (Rick Roberts) is a pretty strong conservative, from what I can tell, but I like to hear from the “movers & shakers” more than individual callers.

    I checked iHeartRadio for “KZLS” but couldn’t find it, unofrtunately. In my office, AM radio reception is not that great. Guess I’ll just listen to Reid via their website.

  5. Marcia R., 30 January, 2014

    You can stream KZLS by going to their website.

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  7. Jeanie, 30 January, 2014

    I’m there!

  8. scooby214, 30 January, 2014

    You can listen to KZLS on your smartphone or tablet with the TuneIn Radio app. Browse local stations. KZLS 1640 is near the bottom of the list.

  9. W1LDQ, 31 January, 2014

    Awesome news!
    I had given up on KTOK when they replaced Reid.

    Good for Reid…Plus being 7-10 will let him sleep in a bit…He deserves it!
    Now to program my radios to 1640!

    Welcome back to the airwaves Reid!

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