Propane Price Discussion Next Week

Reps. Mark McBride and Bobby Cleveland are hosting a discussion about propane gas prices next week.

McBride outlined the event in an email:

I’d like to cordially invite you to an important discussion about an event that is impacting Oklahomans across the state. Because of the sudden rise in propane prices due to a demand shortage, families in the state are starting to feel the strain of keeping warm this winter. With the price currently hovering around $5/gallon, the normal winter heating bills are shooting through the roof for our citizens.

Because I want us to all be informed for our constituents, I have set up an informal discussion with Michael Teague, the Oklahoma Secretary of Energy and Environment. In this discussion, Sec. Teague will focus on the propane price spike issue. Details are below.

Day: Tues., Feb 4

Time: 1 p.m.-2:30 p.m.

Site: Room 432-A, state Capitol building

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