Holmes: Deskin ‘Will lie about anything’

Ivan Holmes continues his attacks on Freda Deskin in the race for the Democratic nomination for school superintendent with a broadside in which Holmes says Deskin is a liar.

Here is the Holmes news release:

Dr. Ivan Holmes caught Dr. Freda Deskin in another lie regarding a message she sent out seeking support from Oklahoma Veterans and their families.

In the message, Deskin states “My Dad was away fighting in World War II when I was born.”  Deskin was born in June of 1948, three years after the war ended in 1945. “As I stated before, this lady will lie about anything to get a vote or an award.  Every veteran in Oklahoma, including her own Campaign Treasurer General Jay Edwards, should admonish her for lying to Veterans for political and personal gain,” stated Holmes.

Holmes said Deskin is a habitual liar who will say or do anything for personal gain.  “Why lie about her father’s military service and the date she was born?  Why lie about being a NASA Astronaut?  Why lie about your marriage and divorce?  Why lie about your foreclosures?  Why lie about being a Superintendent or Principal when you’re not even certified?  Why lie about your education credentials? Why lie about taking contributions from ALEC members?  Why lie about being for collective bargaining for teachers and then write an article despising unions?  Why lie about hiring an employee who plead guilty to a felony?” said Holmes.

“I guess what amazes me the most is that no one in the mainstream media seems to care if she lies or cheats.  I firmly believe if the role was reversed and Dr. John Cox, Dr. Jack Herron or I lied about our background, credentials, campaign donations and expenditures, etc., our photos would be draped across the front page questioning our integrity, character and fitness for office,” Holmes said.

Holmes said enough information has been brought forward by the other candidates in this race to warrant an investigation into Deskin’s background and business dealings.  “As a retired Journalism Professor, I have never seen our profession so poorly informed about a candidate or lacking for investigative reporters.  All you have to do is follow the money,” said Holmes.  Holmes is referring to Deskin’s 501 C3 non-profit organization she formed along with Lou Kerr that received taxpayer dollars through the Centennial Commission.  “Where in America can one person sit on all Commissions, Boards and Funds that not only distribute but receive taxpayer dollars as well?  Is that not a conflict of interest?  Why does Deskin refuse to open those records on how much was received and how it was spent? 

Since Holmes’ last press conference, Deskin remains adamant not to open the records of her charter school, ASTEC, and provide a personnel report, credentials of her teachers and staff, names of virtual online students and grant monies.

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