Cole: Defense Spending Bill Protects Tinker AWACs Detachment

Congressman Tom Cole has secured funding to maintain the AWACs detachment at Tinker Air Force Base:

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  1. Tuco S., 31 May, 2014

    save them 7 airplanes Tom! but how are we going to balance this budget?

  2. Steve Dickson, 01 June, 2014

    We are never going to balance the budget. There are too many people who make too much money with the creation of massive debt. Legitimate defense items – and I believe AWACS are in that category – are used to cover for those that are not legitimate. Most of Congress sells out – they agree to back far flung military operations in return for getting legitimate things passed.

    You cannot have a giant, world policing military and have limited government at the same time. There is a huge difference between “defense” and what we have now – but lots and lots of money is made by connected people with the current state of affairs.


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