Super PACs, Campaigns Spent Thousands On Ads in Oklahoma Ahead of Primary

By Jason Doyle Oden

While the political advertising money is pouring into Republican battle ground states like Florida and Ohio today, records show Oklahoma media outlets managed to get their fair share of advertising dollars before our primary.

According to publicly available figures, it was a Super-PAC against Donald Trump which spent the most money in a media buy in the week ahead of Oklahoma’s March 1 primary.  Club for Growth spent $430,628 for commercials airing on Oklahoma television.

The organization called Stand for Truth spent the second most among Super-PACs. Stand for Truth supports Senator Ted Cruz’ bid for the Republican nomination. The PAC spent $233,375 in Oklahoma to support the winner of Oklahoma’s primary.

The pro-Marco Rubio Super-PAC, Conservative Solutions, spent $166,177 to support the Florida Senator’s bid for the nomination.

Direct spending from the campaigns showed that Cruz outspent Rubio in the week before the primary in Oklahoma. The Cruz campaign purchased $36,080 worth of advertising in Oklahoma, while the Rubio campaign spent $15,815.

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  1. Muthamedia, 09 March, 2016

    Typical politicians, spending OPM.

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