Mitchell Out at KOKC

Scott Mitchell, of Mitchell in the Morning, is out at News Talk 1520 KOKC.

The Lindsey native was the radio station’s morning show host since March 2014. Previously the station carried a nationally syndicated talk show for that time slot.

Consultant Trebor Worthen is an interim replacement for Mitchell.

Mitchell conducted a show focused on state and local issues, often inviting political news makers as well as professional artists, celebrity chefs, members of the media and other people of interest to join his “town hall” style show.

He appreciates the opportunity Tyler Broadcasting gave him during his tenure at KOKC.

“I’m grateful to Ty and Tony (Tyler) for the opportunity to try and recreate my News9 success on KOKC. Kandyce and I are grateful for all the relationships we’ve built on Mitchell in the Morning and look forward to many new opportunities,” said Mitchell in a statement to The McCarville Report.

Mitchell will continue his highly rated TV segments at KWTV-9 in Oklahoma City. Both the Hot Seat and Your Vote Counts provides many weekend news viewers with the latest information on politics and other issues the state faces. Mitchell also plans to continue using the #MitchellTalks brand in future endeavors.

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  1. Don Longfellow, 30 September, 2016

    I sure did not see this coming. Surprised is an under statement. I wish Scott continued success as he continues his KWTV professional broadcasting activities.I will also continue to follow his Twitter account @MitchellTalks. My best to Scott.

  2. Richard McKinney, 03 October, 2016

    Was any reason given for his ouster? His local show as opposed to other stations’ syndicated shows was a nice breath of fresh air compared to the drivel and drab of down hill sliding shows like Glenn Beck. I sure hope Tyler Media isn’t wasting their money by paying that consultant to tell them to put another syndicated show back on in the morning slot. That’ll just cause me to turn the channel again. Having a longer format, local morning show with a local host that is familiar with local issues was a nice niche that the other stations aren’t serving. So many stations are trying to save money by automating and just going to all syndicated shows and automation/computer run programming. What a shame….

  3. Bob, 04 October, 2016

    It’s tough being in the radio business…and remember…it is a BUSINESS. Let’s hope those who are not familiar with the FCC Rules and journalistic ethics don’t bring on their “candidate clients”, without providing the same public forum for their clients opponents.

  4. Bill Murphy, 04 October, 2016

    In the tradition of Reid Mullins, another OKC Radio ‘tell it as it is’ personality has bit the dust.

    While there were times I felt that Scott Mitchell got to much into the ‘scene of Oklahoma City’ with his show, rather tan stick solely to his forte of ‘matter of fact politics’, I seriously doubt we will see the caliber of this show imbibed by another on-the-air persona with the historical awareness and story telling skills of Mr. Mitchell.


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