Newt Gingrich On Trump’s Genius

Newt Gingrich, in a speech to the National Defense University about President-elect Donald Trump:

quoteHere’s elegance in campaigning. The Trump teamĀ  thinks they have a shot at winning Wisconsin. The Democrats don’t think Trump has a shot at winning Wisconsin. They are certain that Trump can’t win Wisconsin. Trump wants to emphasize, for southwestern Wisconsin why the Trump supporters should turn out. Then Republican National Committee Chairman, now Chief of Staff to the President elect, Reince Priebus, who’s from Wisconsin, knows if they go into Milwaukee, that will send Democrats the signal they think Wisconsin’s in play, and Hillary will go into Milwaukee. If it’s a head to head fight, she has a fair chance of winning.

Instead they go to Minneapolis. You can go back and Google this. They go to Minneapolis, and every news center says, this is really stupid. They’re not going to carry Minnesota. Why are they wasting their time going to Minnesota? Well, it turns out Twin Cities television covers southwestern Wisconsin. They were in Wisconsin from Minnesota, so no Democrat noticed they were competing, and they carried Wisconsin, which nobody expected three days out, four days out, except Priebus, and Senator Johnson, and Speaker Paul Ryan, and Governor Scott Walker, and, of course, Donald Trump. Again, it’s an example, when you watch the surface activity, there’s a lot more going on here. A lot of it’s very thought out in ways that I think we don’t understand and we’re not ready for.quote

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