Lankford On Trump’s Address

Senator James Lankford today released the following statement on President Trump’s address to a Joint Session of Congress:

“Tonight, President Trump gave a moving speech to the nation in a Joint Session of Congress that hit on the heart of the issues facing all Americans. His focus on bringing a very divided nation together to build a more united States of America was an important message after a divisive election. We can disagree strongly, but we must remain civil in how we engage in our neighborhoods and communities – especially with those who think differently, look differently, and act differently from us. Our common bond as Americans must unite us more than it divides us. Our almost 250 year American experiment must continue to grow as we nurture the oldest democracy in the world.

“The President reminded all Americans that each of us plays an important and unique role in the future of this country. To unleash our national potential, Congress and the President must work together to improve the economy, lift the regulatory burden, secure our nation’s borders, and defend our country from those who seek to harm us. True regulatory reform can unleash business productivity, and lift unnecessary restrictions on families and manufacturing plants, so that the private sector can revive the economy. Oklahoma has experienced the pain of Obamacare’s increased health care costs and decreased access. I am grateful President Trump reiterated his commitment to ensure health care is more affordable and more accessible for everyday Americans. We also cannot forget that America faces very real threats every day and each of us must remain committed to national security.”

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