Lankford Praises Trump for Pulling Back Obama Energy Regulations

President Trump’s Executive Order pulling back Obama Administration energy regulations wins the praise of Senator James Lankford. The order, in effect, repeals several regulatory rules concerning the environment and energy generation. It impacts rules like the Clean Power Plan which was projected to add billions to Americans’ utility bills with minimal impact to air quality.

“Since 2015, I have stated that regulations like the Clean Power Plan assume power for the president that has never been given in law,” said Lankford. “The EPA or the Department of Energy never had the authority to regulate power generation. Regulations like the Clean Power Plan were about pushing a political agenda, not protecting the environment and maintaining affordable and reliable energy resources. We all want clean air and clean water, but we can achieve those goals without restricting small businesses or raising prices on families,” said Lankford.

“I’m glad President Trump continues to take steps to roll back the Obama-era regulations that raise energy cost and are harmful to job creation around the US. This Executive Order continues to restore the power back to three equal branches of government.”

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