Video: McCall Shares Thoughts on Rainy Day Fund/Education Funding

It was a relatively slow week for the Legislature, but it was revealed the Rainy Day Fund was temporarily depleted and education advocates called for lawmakers to pass an education budget by the legal deadline of April 1. House Speaker Charles McCall during his weekly press availability outlined his thoughts on those matters.

You can see McCall’s press availability below.

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  1. Mark Irwin, 02 April, 2017

    Education for most of our kids from about 4 years old to the PHD level consume over 50% of our state budget and this doesn’t include the taxes on our property. The vast majority of our members of the Legislature and State Officers have been educated in this system as was I as well. I don’t think we are getting a very good return on those dollars and should really reconsider the whole Prussian system instituted by the the Rockefeller and Carnegie Trusts.


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