Chambers Announces Run for House District 46 Seat

Navy veteran and businessman Darin Chambers announced Monday he’s running for the seat soon to be vacated by Rep. Scott Martin at the end of the session. Chambers believes his experience in business and in the Navy will play a role in how he governs, if elected.

“My service in the Navy taught me effective leadership requires integrity,” says Darin Chambers.  “Only a leader with a vision that is well communicated which demonstrates principles, expertise and proven value, can gain the trust required to move a team forward.  That’s the type of leadership I plan to bring the Oklahoma legislature.  We have serious problems that will only be solved by serious leaders who have a fiscally proven record.”

During his time as a general manager for a global services firm, Chambers worked with executives to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing costs.

“I’m proud of my success at controlling costs, reducing waste and increasing efficiency for Fortune 500 companies with projects across Oklahoma, the United States, Europe and Asia,” Chambers says.  “I know what it takes to reverse an economic decline and that is exactly what the State of Oklahoma needs right now.  We have an urgent economic crisis that only a demonstrated record of experience can be trusted to deliver.”

Chambers sold his part of a start-up company which has allowed him time to mentor students and encourage them to pursue further STEM education. He’s also pursuing an Ph.D. at the University of Oklahoma.

He has a wife and two children. Chambers serves as a foster parent for two children.

The House District 46 special primary is July 11. Chambers is running as a Republican.

The special general election is September 12.

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