Fallin Appoints Wilham Interim Adjutant General for Oklahoma National Guard

Governor Fallin is moving the Oklahoma National Guard in a different direction by naming Brigadier General Louis Wilham as the interim adjutant general. He is taking over for Major General Robbie Asher.

Fallin wrote a letter to General Joseph Lengyel, chief of the National Guard Bureau, telling him of the decision.

“I have chosen to go a different direction and request that he be separated in order to meet the needs of the Oklahoma National Guard,” wrote Fallin in a letter to Lengyel.

“I appreciate General Asher’s 43 years of military service to our country,” Fallin said.

Wilham was serving as the assistant adjutant general. His new assignment puts him in command of the Oklahoma Army and Air National Guard. He’ll serve as interim Cabinet secretary of the military. He takes over the job on Wednesday.

“General Wilham is an accomplished military leader who is capable of leading the Oklahoma National Guard during this time of transition,” said Fallin.

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